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ʟᴏʀᴅ ᴢᴇᴀʟɪᴀɴ ☾

05/29/2020 04:36 AM 

Guidelines. Follow them.

RULES  - No OOC drama. -Yes, I use foul language frequently. If you don't like that, find someone else to roleplay with.-If I see real life, unnecessary drama within your stream more than once, I will delete you.-Muse is not nice, just so we're on the same page.-I have a Discord, you can add me there if you'd like so, please ask for it or maybe I might post it within stream every now and then.- "I" the "mun" am friendly OOC, but sometimes I will bounce back and forth without warning if we are chatting through Discord. Please let me know if that confuses/bothers you so we can be on the same page at all times.-I will not change my muse for you, don't ask.-Don't edit our muses together without my consent unless we are already good friends then do whatever the hell you want.- Make your posts readable and comparable in length to my own. Don't leave me with -nothing- to respond to.-Rps are in messages only. Comments may be used for disucssing/chatting.-Basic ass ending but let's seriously just have some fun.


05/29/2020 07:18 PM 

Rules and Warnings. Please read loves.

Rule I: Be respectful out of character. In character I know some of you are sick minded heathens, but let's keep it civil in OOC. Thank you. Rule II: Discussions must be made first before any IC posts are made. Please request anything that you might want before we go into story mode. Rule III: Begging will get you nowhere. Threats,Bullying, That kind of thing will be laughed at and posted for my and other's amusement. I've RP'd and played online videos games for a long time now, anything you can call me or say to me in some negative way had been said. You're old hat, go find someone who gives a sh*tWARNING: Certain things are okay here, *Wink*....but know that Lux is a succubus, should activities happen please be aware that she will eat your heart, literally. DO NOT fall in love with her, she will eat your heart the moment "Love is True". You have been warned. 


05/29/2020 02:20 PM 

Highly Informative Factors About Mmogah

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One Hell of a Maid

05/29/2020 01:51 PM 

Sweetest of Hearts

Name: Haruhiko Middle Initial: MLast Name: GiriolmAge: unknown looks to be young in the early twentiesTattoos: along the underside chest and left hipPersonality: Sweet, caring, brave, determined, shy, and loyalGood Traits: remains loyal to those she trusts,  will not stand by when someone is in need she will go to help them, will take any harm from someone, hardly ever shows anger, protective of anyone and everyone good or bad.Bad Traits: tends to ramble, easy to scare or startle, will not say no unless it's horrible, runs into danger despite the level it is. Species: neko succubus 


05/29/2020 06:19 PM 

Damon's Profile

Damon is a demonic character Mel accidentally got cursed with when she agreed to do something she didn't expect to work. A ritual. A satanic, demonic ritual. She expected everything to be fake, but it turned out to be the opposite. Full name: Damon Oz'HelgonNickname(s): Dame, Weirdo, Hell-kidAge: 290-296Gender: Male Orientation: PansexualBirthday: March 13thSpecies: Demon EntityOccupation: Soul Protector / Haunter —Personality: Damon is cynical and sarcastic, especially around acquaintances. He's practically a classic Tsundere. He loves being a critic and picking arguments, annoying those around him. He's bold, aggressive, but can also be shy around people he finds to have good personalities. Damon is also decisive and reliable. Around those he cares for dearly, Damon can be unexpectedly sweet and generous, always putting their needs before his own. He's confident, passionate and loves the company of friends and family. He doesn't trust easily, meaning he really dislikes strangers. Likes: Apple and Cinnamon pie, lemon tea, night city views, sleeping, dancing, pranksDislikes: Priests, stupidity, olives, pickles, acquaintances—Abilities: Damon possesses an incredible power to create/manipulate/shape fire. He can burn almost anything, he can heat up parts of objects or the bodies of creatures, and the whole object itself leaving only a pile of ashes. He can can absorb fire, while removing it from the source, into his body and use it in various ways.He can also manipulate the heat, increasing it or decrease it, using the ability for combat, pranks or just food/liquid.—Appearance: Physical build: Damon is a demon, and because he's a demonic spirit, he has the ability to take any physical shape and/or form. His main form is thin and muscular, which shows how much he normally works out in a day. His skin is also clear and smooth.

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