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04/15/2013 12:06 PM 


1. I am Nagato, I am a professional RPer and have been doing so since before dial up was cool.  I know the game, so play it correctly with me.2. No erotic RP unless I know you and we have something special.  I am not a sex crazed RP lunatic that gets his jollies off of RP fucking.3. No Drama, any of that shit, you're gone.4. No RL profiles5. No Pity card playing attention whores6.  I am a very respectable person, so please be respectful towards me, and you will receive it back ten fold from me. Please treat the people I consider my friends with respect as well.  Much appreciated.7. I do 18+ Multi Para, Novella, and Poema 8. Naruto Verse, crossovers are accepted9.   I do make chatzys quite often, I find it fun to meet new people.  If you go to them, don't be a trolling asshole that has a low self esteem and has to bring yourself up by taking everyone else down to your low pitiful level. Stupidity is a virus, so please don't spread it like one.  10. Have fun, that's what RP is about.

朽木 白哉

04/14/2013 04:16 PM 

My Gap Between RL and RP Life.

So as many are well aware, I needn't explain. Even so I shall for those who do not, new friends to make at opportune moments and such. Alright, my entry date into JobCorps was 8/21/12 and still I am a Student-Employee at the program. They are relatively strict with their sites and filters and as such, do not permit me to access this site regularly as I would like. I give myself an average of three more months before I complete since I am currently on the Workbase Learning Phase of my training. Once I complete that it will cover a good chunk of my chapter work and whatever I have left I will wing by. I also have FrontSummit and MICROS programs to complete online, while not necessarily a requirement, they are beneficial to reward certifications which always look exceedingly well on my future resumes. Anyways, please know and understand this now, why I am not here every day, only on Saturdays and Sundays. I take the town runs and they are as follows:Saturday - 1pm Town Run to 8:30'ish for pick up.Sunday - 11am Town Run to 6:30'ish for pick up.The reason for the difference is obvious, these are the schedules I must work with and Sundays are school nights so naturally I am required to return to the campus before curfew. It is my sincerest hopes that those among my new friends come to understand and be patient with my busy life, and my gratitude forever with those who support me.Update; 4/6/13As I'm sure many are aware, for the past two weeks, as well as today, the Wifi at the mall has been faltering and the lack of it's fixing is boiling the bliss of my patience. There is no excuse. My vocation in JobCorps is hospitality and one thing I've learned is that any dissatisfied customer has every right to complain about problems, and this shall be no exception. Before I part from the mall tonight, I will take it up to them and they damnedd best be sure they resolve it by tomorrow.Anyways, that aside. I am weeks out of my WorkBase Learning Phase and at last I have gotten mine; A Completion Date. Two more months my friends, and I will be done with JobCorps in June 11, 2013. I wasn't kidding when I expressed that I was done bullshitting, and in just two days speared all eight of my remaining long exams than waiting out the pace of the week. All that remains now are my certification programs to complete for MICROS and FrontSummit, as well as Driver's Ed classes, and I will be free to do as I please. The wait is almost over, and my sincerest appreciations to all who have awaited my completion of this program since August 21, 2012. Soon enough, I will have my life to call my own. So bear with it a little longer, I shall be out before long!


04/14/2013 02:44 PM 

Lazy streak, still unbroken;
Current mood:  lazy

[starters!!][date, edit, 04/14/2013. wow, that's kinda old.]1. [A short story in the day and the life of...  ]There were probably a few contradictory things that he said and done. Maybe his pride and his knowledge that he isn't so interesting enough for any of his friends to come by-to not believe in himself that much, unless it was perfectly normal. He never wanted to get up and go to them first, it was better for them to do that, which backfired, he never went any where anymore with anyone, he was on a really long lazy streak. Now he was lying around in the yard, at his vacation home, at the water front, wishing Ichigo would come back home. He sort of planned to go out again, but then again Ichigo had to go out and go to work and stuff, the date slipped his mind, he couldn't remember the plan anymore.2. [back to the races]It was night time now, out at the safe house again, in a mid western city, the weather was getting a bit better, just a light fog but it will clear soon, the town was kind of busy, a lot of people were out at town square viewing the fireworks, someone had bought enough fire works to last a very, very long time... Sousuke was dressed in some plain clothes, white shirt, collar up turned, brown jacket, with a two way radio in his pocket still going off with some idle chatter between other contacts, volume down. He also had some black gloves on. His pants, plain black pants, brown boots, he was racing today, he just disliked the cold, needed to warm up.The voice on his radio chimed in, telling Sousuke that he's leaving, with that it was the end of the group and the races for now, he grabbed the radio out and he called back saying he hopes to talk soon, and then he turned it off. He closed the door to the garage, and he put his key away in his pockets.  He hasn't been driving around, because he was avoiding some one, now that some one was gone, he can cut those ties and wander around again.Oh, well, he wasn't missing out. That's right. This wasn't going to keep him down. He had things to do still, not just whims or chance, he wasn't lost at all. He had to get back in shape. Maintain the boats.Thinking to himself still, he went to the car and opened the door again, he put the key back in and turned the music on, left the window rolled down. This was the 'limousine' he had, it was actually a dodge challenger r/t '71, with orange checkers on the rear wing, bad ass hemi sticker on the hood. May not look like much but he put a lot of work into it, not just the appearance, the performance as well, it was all professional, 4 star! Even after all that work it's still not the fastest, unfulfilling, but he was like most of his experiments, hollow, he could not be satisfied... it could still go faster, if he could just get some better parts...It was all actually strange really, had any one else been there, that's probably what they would have said. His new life since Fake Karakura town ended up with him in a nice big waterfront estate, new experiences and new priorities, weird material things-; things that he didn't need.He got inside the drivers seat properly and strapped in, shutting the door... brought the car around to town square and stopped at the gas pumps, unbuckles, getting out he turned his head and looked across the car.An explosion, brilliant light of blueish green shone up in the sky, the fire works shot up and fanned out in all directions before slowly dying and creeping down, leaving some smoke, another explosion, pops, screams, Sousuke watched and put the gas in the car...He just stood there blocking one of the pumps... but it was okay, he didn't see any one else here, he got the gas for his car before finally moving, parking elsewhere, music and engine off. He ran back up and payed for it, and then back to his car, he climbed up on it, he perched on the hood of the car and sighed out, it was a celebration of Chinese new years. It was the north american bros who were the ones insisted to have fire works... Even though it was all excitement and noise out here, he could fall asleep, he was tapped out, it was emotionally exhausting caring for and cutting people off and trying to find a sense of ground.3. [Contradicting complications...]It has already been decided, since he did what he has been meaning to avoid doing, all this time, he quit and about returned to his old self. Here he was again at the old facility... Ever since he made a turn for the better, people have been giving him the benefit of the doubt. Last year was the last time he's been up to anything, back when he met some of his older friends. Had he been the same way he was then, he'd be moved by their kindness; why are you being so kind to me, your kindness is wasted on me...Those feelings were long gone, it was almost insignificant, now there was something else, something new, it was strong and ever patient, though still he doubted and complained just a little. Sousuke has easily broken his promise to be there, never quit, and leave the little thing out of it; the Hogyouku that is. Since he started thinking about it he could hear it, feel it's ever present voice down to the core, his chest ached, the scars from the last time he subjugated the hogyouku. It wasn't any where near this vicinity...  he felt tempted by it, yet compelled to hold true to himself, even though his anchor had left him, what was the point anymore? In the end he was always alone, doing something for himself. He gave, because he needed to do something for himself.Standing up now, he was in a suburban part of town, parking lot... in front of his own car, black Dodge Charger srt8 super bee, now with a hand on his shirt where his scar is, it still ached, the alarm ringing loudly, he finally moved, pulling out the keys from his pockets he disarmed the alarm on the car, glanced at the dent and then looked up, usually he did that when he got riled up; hit it and dent it on the hood, it wasn't anything he couldn't repair.Dressed in casual wear, his shirt was plain gray, on top of that was a smoky blue shirt, he had a two way radio on him in one of his pockets, it didn't have the range of those bigger ones, so he left it off. He had dark blue jeans as well, dark brown belt, plain white socks, brown and black shoes.He was going to hold off on misbehaving long enough to just wait and see--; he hated to admit it but he was waiting on a friend. He looked down and slipped a hand back into his pocket, putting his keys away for now, he only needed to disarm it because when he hit it earlier he set the alarm off, of course he was mad, how could he not?... He grew attached to this life though, these connections, these possessions, were of some value still, he pulled his own weight and did his own work to get where he was. It became second nature to him...It was funny though, how no one seemed to suspect him, it kind of made it easy to start over again, if it was any one else though they'd remember what he did and near instantly jump to the conclusion, and they'd be right too, that it was all his doing. It always looked like the hollow was a coincidence, and it wasn't him, he was just there to protect his interests, his comrades, his property, his hide out. He was the one housing it...4. [Forbidden. ]Another peaceful day at Ocean view, the sound of the ships horn ever present in the distance in the back, along with the steady static of the radio. Sousuke observed things like that, he was ready to call it quits, he had to, his radio in his hand, it was the last one, the other one got lost some how long time ago, he wandered around a bit on foot for a while, the stars in the sky, the moon, shining through the thin layer of clouds up above, it almost looked a bit unusual, he reached the cab and pulled open the door and checked with ghost, "What's the news? It better not be all spam." He called in on radio, right away someone picked his call up and answered "Owh, Sous, T was here today."Sousuke checked the time, it was too late to see T he must have turned in by now. "Alright, that's unfortunate, well... Tell the bros I'm going to take a leave.""That is not allowed," Ghost said jokingly, he must have really missed Sous, he just shook his head."I tried to improve some of my performance, but I'm just getting the same old lag, as usual. I was planning on staying in Stock and Street performance, but..." He continued, he knew Ghost was teasing, he also knew he would rather just pick on him, even though every one used to pick on him."That is forbidden as well. Don't forget to pick up a Nissan while it's on sale, nissan is where it's at!" Ghost said, he could just hear him smiling, he sank into his seat."You know I can't afford it, even if it is on sale bro. that's why I'm sticking to stock, anyways, I gotta go." He wished Ghost would remember that and know by now, he's not like that anymore, he spent everything last October, it's been a year since his truly greedy days. He's just lucky to be able to win the draw and afford a couple of old cars to add to his own collection."Oh, my bad..."There was a pause as Sousuke waited to hear that he was going to tell the bros in his clan, he really was serious, he had family and friends on this side, now that every one is back. Every one except for work, no one was back in the races yet, it was still too quiet. Putting the radio down in the pocket he got out of the car, time to go now. There was no point in being here anymore. With that, the static noise came to an stop, transmission ended. It was true, Sousuke was one of the original assistant leaders of his clan, not a lot of people knew that. He was pretty dedicated to his position, it was also true that he was always on and off about it, sometimes he'd go away for an extended leave that went from several months, to just a few weeks. This was slightly different than before, he was just going on another leave, he sensed this one was probably going to last longer than a few months. After a moment of walking he finally made it to Quorious's, he complained about the stupid humans as he walked up to the market place, neon "Open" sign buzzing as he walked under it, inside, he bought himself a pack of cigarettes and a can of Pepsi, he went back out and he cracked open the can and took a swig of it slowly. People walked back and forth, still busy at this hour, he observed, no one seemed to care where he stood either, they just ignored him and walked right around him. Soon he realized someone was trying to flag him down, he raised his left brow and didn't want to wave back at all. Why, what for, and not to mention, how rude of them? He fixed the collar of his shirt and made a note of that, he looked away, he was sure that it was clear that he was off duty so there was no point in flagging him down. He didn't even have his cab, he walked the whole way.  


04/12/2016 02:21 AM 


1.) No drama. I won't tolerate it. You will be deleted.2.) No excessive foul language. Once in a while is okay and understandable, but not every time you open your mouth. Again, I will not tolerate it and you will face deletion.3.) Please use proper spelling and grammar to the best of your ability. "U" and "R" are not words. They are letters. I do not respond to text-talk. If you made it through grade school, you can write properly.4.) I'm not here to be a number. Talk to me or I will delete you5.) I have a life in the real world. I have a full-time job and a family. 9 times out of 10, I am on mobile and only for a few minutes at a time. PATIENCE is a must.6.) Nina is happily married to the love of her life. Erotic story-lines are NOT going to happen unless you are her husband. Don't expect any displays of affection beyond a hug or possible kiss on the cheek. 7.) If you have an issue with me and/or my character, act like an adult and discuss it with me privately. I'm a reasonable and flexible person. I'm respectful of others and I expect the same level of respect from those I write with. DO NOT rip into me on statuses or in any other public venue. 8.) I have been RPing this character for 9+ years. I'm not going anywhere. 9.) DO NOT make demands that I change things for you. I've been through that once & I will not do it again. I am willing to discuss changes, but you have to be polite, respectful and willing to meet me in the middle.

~*sησω Fℓoωєr*~

04/13/2013 07:25 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

{1} This is not a hentai page. Only serious roleplayers. {2} I will work with all types of rps. If you are new and need help building up to para and multi-para I can work with you. I will not discriminate against you because you are not that good yet. Not everyone is gifted with detail, some have to learn and I understand that. I can work with you. {3} I am not here to hook up with your character. XiaoYu will only hook up with Jin but only after we have had a serious roleplay. {4} Do not bore me with your drama. This is rp not real life. No one cares who you are with on here or who said what. Its rp, get over it and move on. {5} No God-moding {6} Use spell check, I know we all make mistakes but at least try. {7} I don't believe in the add you send the starter bs. You add me though then you better send me a greeting or your ass is gone. If I add you I will send the greeting. {8} You have a week to make some sort of contact, then a week after that to either send a starter or reply to mine. If not then you will be deleted. {9} I don't like mains. Those are for RPG only. I will only have a main Jin, end of story. {10} I am not here to fuck your character, if that is all you want then delete my ass now. You are not getting between XiaoYu's legs just cause you think you can. {11} If you don't like my rules then delete me. Won't hurt me none.{12} To all those little girls with their fake rp lovers, I ain't after your man honey. I could careless. I want a story line not some man-whore, okay? {13} We must discuss a storyline FIRST! If I tell you to send one without discussing it first it is because I am bored and want to be spontaneous. {14} Messages are for roleplay, comments are for ooc.

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