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05/29/2020 01:57 PM 

I'm very particular with my words.

The Obvious Rules:   1. I don't tolerate Drama and believe in leaving your personal issues at the door.   2. I am not interested in making friends or talking about real life with you, I like to keep things private please accept that.3. I am always in character, if you do not like my portrayal then find another Pagan Min or write him the way you would; don't complain, you're only hurting yourself, not me.4. I reply when I feel like it, bombard me or pressure me and I will remove you.5. I multiship and I do polyamorous roleplay relationships because this is roleplay and it does not hurt anyone.6. What Pagan says or does does not reflect me as the writer. What I do: One liners and semi Para- Specifically for stream roleplays; I often spend more time doing stream roleplays than private.   Para- I write semi para specifically for in character greetings.   Multi para and Novella- I happen to write like this more often, however I always expect others to be patient with me as I respond to everyone when I feel like it.   Mixed- Now mixed is something that I enjoy a lot more because it is merely something I do with other writers who can keep up with me and who have a different writing style than myself. In regards to the verses that I write within: I write in far cry with a crossover mix of saints row and The Evil Within merely because I have friends within these verses and I do not care what others think as I am doing merely what makes me happy and that is the only thing I happen to care about- is my own personal happiness.  What I do not do:  Tolerate Bullying, Gossip, Rumors, Lying, Drama: If you do this, then I see you as toxic and problematic and I truly do not need you on my list as I do not tolerate your behavior and I will tell you so as well as explain to you why I am removing you from my friends list because unlike many on here, i prefer to explain my grievences instead of just leaving others to assume.   Discord, kik, line etc: I do not use those and neither would I ever give you it if I did.   ero/smut: If you think that I am into that, goodbye, you may leave right here.   write with minors, If you are under the age of eighteen I cannot write with you as it goes against my personal morals.    

ᴄɪɴᴅᴇʀᴇᴅ ꜱʜᴀᴅᴏᴡꜱ

05/27/2020 12:34 PM 

➳ mun info

[ reflet / ♂ / 20 / actual reptile ]hi, you can call me reflet. im a huge nerd that makes a lot of art and plays a lot of video games. i mostly draw/paint fanart and play on my kinda awkward and shy. i talk kind of oddly too im not sure how to describe it.other things i like is to do crafts, cook, and tend to my uhyeah

No Justice x No Peace

05/26/2020 04:20 PM 

Welcome to my profile!
Current mood:  hungry

Ahoy There!I’m glad to see you’ve decided to return. If we haven’t met yet..Shoot me a message,let's role play. ^_^WARNING!! 21+ Only  Important Information:  Real Life: Roleplay does not crossover to real life/without an exception. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Ships: This is a multiple ship account, if you don’t like that then change my mind. Replies: I get to them when I want to. Greetings: I add a lot of people that I really want to talk to, I’ll get to sending greetings eventually however if you want to speed up our roleplaying process just send me a message or leave me a comment. Edits: You must comment on all my pictures if you love me. ❤️Thank you for visiting.XOXO



05/26/2020 06:51 PM 

Ryoba Aishi

RYOBA AISHI // YANDERE-CHAN (1980) -    -    -"It'll be very easy to make your death look like a suicide... don't ever cross me again." -    -    -Ryoba is the main Yandere protagonist in the 1980s version. She is also Ayano's mother in the present mode.~BASICS~First name: RyobaLast name: AishiNicknames: Ryo, Mysterious Girl. Age: 17(1980's mode) // 40(Present mode)Gender: FemaleSpecies: Human?Relationship Status: In Love with MC(1980s mode) // Married to Ayano's Father(Present mode)-   -   -~PERSONALITY~Personality: Ryoba is portrayed as "Lovesick", much like her daughter, and develops an unhealthy obsession for her Senpai. On the surface, she's seen as a cheerful, outgoing and friendly girl who loves to laugh, but there's one man who is aware of her true colours. And he made the mistake to confront her, which resulted his career to be completely destroyed. Ryoba is very smart. She's manipulative, and knows when to use the right emotion for her acting. According to the detective who confronted her, he claims that she often uses "manipulation, intimidation, and often even violence to sabotage the boy's love life. She's wasn't above that kind of behavior, so the possibility of murder didn't seem too far off."He also says, "I'll never forget her face that day. She was smiling, but her eyes were blank; empty, soulless, like a doll's eyes. She looked like she didn't have a single once of humanity in her entire body." Ryoba can easily make herself seem just as innocent, destroying her enemy's future with it. Do not try to cross her. -   -   -~PHYSICAL APPEARANCE~Build: Ryoba is fit and thin, and works out daily, making sure that her Senpai remains hers. She will continue to feed her strength, so that someday, she will be able to kill her new rivals.Appearance: Ryoba's default appearance has black hair and eyes. Her hair at back reaches to her hips, and are tied info ponytail at the bottom of her head, with use of white hair tie. Her hair at sides reaches to her waist, and one of the strands from her bands reach to her nose. Her face is normally gentle, but when her true nature is shown, her eyes become empty and soulless, and her smile become very disturbing. In the Story Mode, Ryoba appears as an adult woman in her late fourties (40s). As seen in the intro, in the flashback from Ayano's childhood, she wears her current outfit since Ayano was very young. Her outfit consists of dark purple t-shirt and dark blue pants. In her house, she also wears bright purple apron and dark purple slippers. In her clothes dominates purple, because it's her husband's favorite color. In the 1980s Mode, Ryoba appears as a girl in her late teens (17). As seen in the intro, in the flashback from her school years, she wore the same high school uniform as Ayano's wearing now. However, YandereDev considers making more "strict" uniforms for 1980s Mode, that would have longer sleeves and longer skirt.[11] Ryoba also didn't wear the same black stockings as Ayano's wearing now, but a default white kneesocks. In a Yandere-Chan's Childhood Story, Ryoba appears as younger than in Story Mode (probably around 30s). As seen in the video, she wore a white shirt, pink skirt, and pink heels.-   -   -~POWERS & ABILITIES~Just like her daughter, Ryoba has the ability to bend the laws and logic of nature, meaning that she can just as easily treat a day as an actual video game. She can restart the day, transform her appearance, and possesses a great amount of strength; however, her strength may not be fully superhuman, but it is shown that he possesses great skills in combat. Ryoba has a great amount of stamina as she can run indefinitely and is quicker than other students. She has the strength to take down any student in one hit and move heavy dumpsters, which can be filled with trash and a corpse, without getting tired. She is very smart, and knows very well how to make a person's death look like an accident or a suicide. She can easily get another student expelled in a week, and also has the ability for Yandere Vision, which is similar to Assassin Creed's Eagle Vision.-    -    -  


05/26/2020 06:25 PM 

Oko/Oka Ruto

  OKO RUTO // 4TH RIVAL    -   -   -   “Are you… really interested… in watching our ritual…?”   -   -   -     Oka Ruto is an upcoming female student that will attend Akademi High School and the fourth upcoming rival in Yandere Simulator. And this is her male counterpart Oko Ruto, who was recently introduced by Yandere Dev in a video for male rivals. You can request having her as a female too.   ~BASICS~   First name: Oko   Last name: Ruto   Age: 17   Occupation: Student, Club Leader   Club: Occult Leader(But becomes a substitute of the Club when someone else takes the role)   Crush: Ayano Aishi    Relationship Status: Single, or possibly complicated   Residence: A house he calls his home    - - - - - - - - -    ~PERSONALITY~   Personality: Oka is a stalker, but not a yandere, however, Oko is another story. In this universe, there’s a theory that Oko’s personality will be shifted juuust a little bit, as he’s shown to have feelings for Ayano Aishi in the introduction video of the male rivals. He will become a Yandere and start fighting for Ayano’s attention, despite her having deep feelings for Senpai(Taro Yamada), and might try to harm him in order to gain her attention.   His mannerisms are meant to make him look shy, timid, and socially awkward. He has been obsessed with anything paranormal since early childhood. His female counterpart doesn’t have to strength to harm others, however, Oko’s personality appears to be different from hers, making him much more capable than he appears.   Believe it or not, this Oko could be a potential threat to Taro Yamada, meaning that Ayano will need to protect him.   Likes: Oko has a deep fascination for anything dark and creepy, such as ghosts, demons, and dark magic. He loves to perform satanic rituals, always hoping that it will provide him with dark magical powers, or perhaps allow him to encounter an actual demon. He likes to be alone and enjoy his solitude.   Dislikes: Oko is a Loner, which means that he doesn’t like to be in crowded places. He doesn’t like to open up, as he’s convinced that people will leave him once they know what kind of person he really is. He doesn’t like it when other students take pictures of him, and certainly doesn’t like watching Taro Yamada interact with Ayano.   Favourite Colour: Dark colours, such as black and possibly dark purple.   Fears: Oko fears that if he opens up, then everyone will leave him, although he appears to be quite happy within the Occult Club, since they seem to accept him for all that he is. He fears that Taro Yamada will win Ayano’s heart, which always seems to drive him a little more insane- not literally, of course. Yet.   - - - - - - - - - -    ~PHYSICAL APPEARANCE~     Height: 6” 0’   Weight: 171 lbs   Appearance: Oko has messy, shoulder-length hair that is dark navy blue. He has a fringe hanging down the middle of his face, flowing across his left cheek. His eyes are light purple. He has large black rings around his eyes due to lack of sleep. His lips and skin are pale, and the upper half of his face is slightly shadowed. Since he is a club president, he wears a "Red Armband of Leadership" on his left arm.    Like all Occult Club members, Oko wears a black choker. However, instead of having a crescent moon on it, it has a silver spider. He wears the default male uniform with spider web arm warmers, much like his female counterpart; Oka.   - - - - - - - - - -   ~BACKGROUND / BACKSTORY~   Background: Oko is the president of the school's occult club. He is completely convinced that ghosts, demons, and black magic really exist, and wants to dedicate his life to proving that these things are real.    Oko is absent for school during the first three weeks of gameplay for mysterious reasons. As soon as he returns to school, he is immediately smitten by Ayano Aishi. Due to the fact that he falls for her in an extremely short span of time, he believes that there must be something supernatural about her, and begins studying her intently.   He is an awkward guy who is regarded as 'creepy' by the majority of the school, but he is actually quite harmless(that’s what they believe), and some people even find him to be endearing. Perhaps Ayano will think that there is something charming about her unusual nature? Or must he destroy his rival, Taro Yamada, is order to really gain Ayano’s attention?   - - - - - - - - - - -    ~OTHER~   PETS:     Name: Salem Saberhagen, which was inspired by Sabrina The Teenage Witch, obviously.   Species: Black cat   Personality: Salem is very lazy, although he doesn’t hesitate to come to Oko when he senses that he’s in distress. He loves the attention, and will even bother his owner during homework to get it. He loves to sleep in Oko’s bed, sometimes on the couch, but prefers to be near him at all times.  

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