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05/26/2020 06:10 PM 

Mujo Kina

  MUJO KINA // (SIXTH UPCOMING MALE RIVAL)  -    -    - “Pardon me, but are you feeling okay? Your face is completely red!”   -  -    -  Personally, I don't like the female Rival. I don't like the thought of an adult going after a teenage boy, not to mention he... sexualized her just a little bit in the game. That's my opinion though.     ~BASICS~   First name: Mujo   Last name: Kina   Age: 20   Gender: Male (He/Him)   Sexuality: Pansexual   Species: Human    Occupation: Nurse   Birthday & Horoscope: June 27th / Cancer   Relationship Status: Single?   ---------- ----------   ~PERSONALITY~   Personality: Mujo is a young nurse who desires nothing more than to take care of other people, although, as caring and attentive as he is towards his fellow patience, the man will often create more problems for himself due to his clumsy nature. He is pure and innocent, and is quite smart, despite how much of an airhead he can be sometimes.   Despite Mujo’s social anxiety, he is very brave and heroic, and will immediately act when he sees any sign of potential danger. If he has to, Mujo will fight his opponent, even if it means that it’ll cost his own life. He always puts the needs and safety of others before his own.    Did I mention that he’s innocent?   Likes: Mujo is not very picky, he likes many things, but if he had to pick one particular thing, it would be to serve and take care of others around him. It makes him feel happy and needed.    Dislikes: Although Mujo likes to claim that he doesn’t dislike anything, it is widely known that he dislikes “Anything” that can cause potential harm to his patients.    Favourite colour: Pink, and maybe purple, he doesn’t admit to it a lot, though.   Fears: Mujo has quite a few fears, and most are related to medical. As confident and patient as he is, Mujo will internally begin to panic if he feels like he’s messing something up; the last thing he wants is to cause trouble and/or harm to his own patients. He doesn’t like the thought of being ignored and forgotten by those he cares for, as it can make him feel alone most of the time.   ---------- ----------   ~PHYSICAL APPEARANCE~ Build: Mujo has a thin, muscular body, and as a nurse, he knows how to take good care of his own health. Although, he’s not as muscular as most active men, he is still very healthy.   Height: 6” 4’   Weight: 186 lbs   Hair colour & Style: Mujo has pink hair, almost like cotton candy, which suits his innocent personality quite well. His usual hairstyle is short, with two twindrills on each side of his spiky bangs.    Eyecolour: His irises are light purple, which also complement his hair quite well.    ---------- ----------   ~OTHER?~   PETS: Mujo has an adorable white puffball as his precious, who he loves to cuddle after returning home from a long day at work.   Meet Bonnie   Nicknames: Bun-Bun and Snowball   Gender: Male   Age: 3   Fur colour: Bonnie’s fur is as white as snow, very soft and silky.   Personality: Little Bonnie is very shy and cuddly, however, he becomes hesitant towards new acquaintances, and has been known to squirm and escape from the person’s grasp when he feels uncomfortable. He loves attention and affection, and most of all, loves to play with his owner Mujo.


05/26/2020 06:05 PM 

Ayano/Ayato Aishi

AYANO/AYATO AISHI // YANDERE-CHAN/KUN-   -   -"He will be mine. He doesn't have a choice."-   -   -Ayano/Ayato Aishi, also known as Yandere-chan/kun, is the main character and playable protagonist of Yandere Simulator. Her/His goal is to eliminate anyone who is a potential rival to protect what's rightfully hers/his.-   -   -First Name: Ayano/Ayato Last Name: Aishi Nickname(s): Yato/Yano, Freak, Weirdo, Psycho, Monster, Yan-kun/chan. Gender: Male or Female Orientation: Bisexual Age: 17 to 20 Birthday/Horoscope: 1st April / Aries Occupation: Student, Maid Cafe Waitor/waitress. Religion: Atheist. Relationship Status: Love Sick! Class: 2-1 School Club: He/She changes clubs frequently, depending on his/her mission. ——~PHYSICAL APPEARANCE~ Height: 6"2 Weight: 179lbs Hair Colour & Style: Originally black, but has the choice to dye his hair in any colour; however, his hair will be dyed blond if he joins the Delinquents club. Ayato likes to look natural, as it makes him look like a normal person, and that lowers the risks of him getting suspected as anything. His hair is short, a little fluffy with rather uneven bangs. Eye Colour: He/She has dark grey eyes(or dark red) with a hint of darker shadowing encircling his/her pupils. When he/she's away from the person he/she loves, his/her eyes will appear empty, blank, soulless—like a doll's eyes, as if he/she doesn't have an ounce of humanity left in his/her entire body. Skin & Complexion: He/She has clear and pale skin, which shows that he/she does try to take care of his/her body, despite his/her empty emotions. ——~HEALTH~(Okay, I'm just gonna use he for the rest of it, but you get it, right?) Mental Health: Ayato has very poor mental health, as he suffers a psychological disorder(Mental Illness) that causes him to lack empathy and sympathy—he doesn't feel anything when he hurts people or kills them. He knows how to destroy another person's entire world, which results into mass murder and suicide—which leaves him completely innocent in the end. Love Interest: Senpai Personality: Ayato is exactly like his female equivalent, he is an emotionless male who feels no reason to live until he meets his Senpai, and meeting his Senpai allows him experience and feel the sensations that everyone else can. That's something that he's never had as a child, and because of that, Ayato will start developing an unhealthy obsession for his future love. He will seek to eliminate "anyone" who threatens to take Senpai away from him, because Ayato doesn't want to lose the one thing that makes him feel alive. Yandere-Kun will hunt down anyone who dares to flirt with his Senpai, like it's some kind of game of death to him. He doesn't care how it affects his Senpai when his/her friend disappears, as long as he gets to have him/her for himself. Senpai is his, and nobody will take that away from him. —~POWERS & ABILITIES~ Powers & Abilities: Ayato, just like Ayano, has the ability to bend the laws and logic of nature, meaning that he can just as easily treat a day as an actual video game. He can restart the day, transform his appearance, and possesses a great amount of strength; however, his strength may not be fully superhuman, but it is shown that he possesses great skills in combat. Ayato has a great amount of stamina as he can run indefinitely and is quicker than other students. He has the strength to take down any student in one hit and move heavy dumpsters, which can be filled with trash and a corpse, without getting tired. He is very smart, and knows very well how to make a person's death look like an accident or a suicide. He can easily get another student expelled in a week, and also has the ability for Yandere Vision, which is similar to Assassin Creed's Eagle Vision. That vision allows him to see his rivals through walls, which is available in the game as well. —~BACKGROUND~ Backstory: This was written and made by Ayato's Creator, Yandere Dev, and this is also his original design. However, just because Yandere Dev made a male version of Ayano—doesn't mean the backstory will change.If you wish to watch her childhood, you can watch the video that was drawn and put together, explaining her struggles to understand herself by licking the Youtube Link:

Bad Reputation

05/26/2020 05:55 PM 

Hina Sokudo - Pink Lightning

  Hina Sokudo “I’m just here to get paid”   Biographical Information:   Preferred Name: Hina Full Name: Hina Sokudo Nicknames: Girl, Tamako Aliases: Assassin, Tamako, Shirone Yukikasa Titles: none Age of Appearance: Teens Real Age: 15 Birth Place: Land of Iron, Mishiko Nationality: Asian Accent: Tohoku (Japanese Countryside) Birthday: December 4th Race: Asian Blood Type: B Minus   Physical Appearance:   Sex: Female Gender: Female Skin Color: Asian Hair Color: Naturally Pink ( currently White) Hair Length: Short Hair Style: Bob cut Facial Hair: none Eye Color: Brown (Red) Body Structure: Short and nimble frame Height: 4’10” Weight: 100 pounds Scars and/or Distinguishing Marking(s): scar over left shoulder from stab wound, multiple small scars over back and arms from shuriken Tattoo(s): none Piercing(s): none   Personality:   Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius  Alignment: Chaotic Neutral  Primary Virtue: Humor, openness and friendliness  Primary Vice: Avarice General Happiness: High Social Level: Sociable and approachable, Hina isn’t afraid of conversation with others Optimistic/Pessimistic: Optimistic  General Personality: Like your typical older teenage girl, Hina gets excited over little things. When she finds something cute she wants to own it, when things go wrong she may throw a tantrum, and she is reaching an age where men are becoming of interest. One key difference about Hina is her carefree attitude when it comes to death and killing; to her, it is simply a fun thing to do. Positive Personality Traits: Friendly, humorous, easy-going Negative Personality Traits: Greedy, murderous, doesn’t take things seriously Greatest Strength: Free from guilt or remorse over her lifestyle Greatest Flaw: Doesn’t find any wrong-doing in her ways, or sympathy for those hurt by them Misc. Quirks: Bites her nails, has a terrible sense of direction Religion/Philosophy: If you die, come back stronger next time Likes: Shopping, meeting new people Favorite Foods: Beef dumplings, donuts Favorite Drinks: Slushies Favorite Colors: Earthy colors, like reds and browns  Dislikes: being made to wait Hatreds: not getting paid  Fears/phobias: being late to Hobbies: Kendo, travel, buying new swords   Background Information:   Place of residence: none; lives in cheap motels and youth hostels  Current Occupation(s): Assassin Rank: C-Rank Former Occupation(s): none Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: none  Wealth Status: Middle-class Social Status: none Sexual Orientation: undecided  Position: she’s a child, ya pervs Drug Use: none Allergies: Peanuts Ailment(s)/Illness(es)/Disability(ies):  Quote(s): “I’m just here for the money.” “If you stop screaming I can kill you faster.” “Extra donuts, please!”   Stats Agility:  140/500 T2 (B-Rank) Speed: 140/500 T2 (B-Rank) Strength:  50/500 T1 (C-Rank) Control:  10/500 T0 (E-Rank) Stamina:  100/500 T2 (B-Rank) Endurance:  100/500 T1 (C-Rank)   Total: 540 B Rank / C+ Rank Average Chuunin / Low-tier Chuunin  History:  Hina was born under normal circumstances; two loving parents in a modest farming village in the country. Her life growing up was peaceful. While the occassional ninja or traveling ruffians would cross through their lands, the citizens were largely unafraid of the greater conflicts in the world. After all, how could one care for political disagreements when the daimyo was two mountains over and winter was coming?    One curious thing about Hina that seperated her from peers was her family's traditional methods of swordsmanship. She had learned at a young age the techniques her Mishiko ancestors created for survival, and taken quite well to the teachings. It seemed like no time at all before the blade was a deadly extension of her reach and speed. During one trip to another town to sell their surplus goods, her family was attacked, and it was here that the child first demonstrated just how deadly a sword really was. And just how much she liked it... From here, picking up work was natural. Her grandfather often said "if you're good at something, never do it for free", so Hina took to heart that advice and began selling her services as a mercenary assassin. Over the years her skills have reached normal human limits, but the young woman knows she can push further yet.

Elvish Twins Kiri and Kira

05/26/2020 05:41 PM 

Rules/ Guidelines

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Writing Level/ Time frames:What I will write I do have a full-time and a part-time job and time is an issueMulti-Paragraph to Novella  2 paragraph Minimum16 Paragraph  Maximum Average Wait time for Roleplays  1 day Minimum14 day  Maximum Any more then that shoot me a message. I try not to be so delayed-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Main Story Types. ;Either alone or combinedMedieval Fantasy | D&D | Modern |Mature |Lore |High, Dark Fantasy |Custom world|Cross overs.  Please note some events may be triggering, please let me know if you have any limitations or things you would prefer not to have happened, or mentions. I for one do not set any such limitations, I enjoy complex long-running tales.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Getting a Roleplay GoingIsn't this why were here? Any plot point can be played and I am open to discussing Roleplays. Just let me know, and note Abilities and personalities may be modified based on selection.   In my gallery, I do have several starters you can choose from If planning isn't your thing. Don't worry I kept them short only averaging 4 paragraphs!  I also accept Relevant Premade/Random starters Relevant meaning it is feasible for one of my characters to be in the provided instance, if it's not somewhere they would be or something they would do I will send a message to discuss it with you.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Communication:It's important I am a firm believer in open communication when it comes to writing be it plotting, or be it a premade starter. Honesty is key when creating a mutually interesting story, if you don't like where a tale is heading. Say something, we can discuss it and change the course.That being said roleplay is a multi-player game, if we are discussing I expect 50/50 in planning at the very least a meeting point. I don't care who added who, Both parties are writing, and though one requested,the other still accepted said request, making it a mutual understanding of interesting in writing.Roleplay going stale:Remember Communication is key, If you are tired of the story, don't like where it's heading, or writing was subpar in the last reply you got. Tell me. I will not get mad, or defensive. we can discuss why, or course corrections, even start another RP or decide are don't mesh well and go our separate ways. This is normal just like IRL needs, wants, and desires change over time. I'm a pest: Yep, I'm being honest. If it's been 2 weeks with no response I will reach out, and check your profile for your last log in. I do keep track, After a month I will message again. Then at 4 months after that, I won't paster anymore. Either you're gone, or you will reply to my concerned spam eventually. I treasure my stories and worry for the authors when they vanish. This won't change. Discord available after 1+ months of active dialog and upon request.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In conclusionNot that there were many anyway  I am pretty laid back when it comes to things, just communicate, be willing to work together. I do not mind you being mute when you first add, I do the same. I do not make contact until I have fully read a person profile and am able to provide some semblance of a story concept Of course no you don't have to accept that one, it's just my first thought together it's highly probably we will come up with something better.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

Elvish Twins Kiri and Kira

05/26/2020 04:44 PM 

Kira and Kiri Childhood to Teen

     FULL NAME: Kira and Kiri FaejanRACE/HOMELAND: High- Elf of Morilain born of the Kiazare clanHAIR: light blue in youth- Darkens with ageSKIN: PaleEYES: Gold (Kira) / Silver (Kiri)HEIGHT: 5'2WEIGHT: 95 Lb'sFAVORITE FOODS:Youth: Grilled Carrots, Onion, and Potato Soup.Teen/Adult: Grilled Fish, Pie, Chocolate, Jerky, Oranges, Banana's, Roasted BoarFAVORITE DRINKS: Water with lemon.ENEMIES: The Floriger Elf Clan:(Youth: Betrayed Their homeland and lead to its destruction)Ergin, and his men (Youth: The Leader of the army who helped the Floriger)Bloodzenith (Adult: The Group that captured and enslaved them )   Please note these can be modified, and even an AU version can be made to divert from the original story I have no problem doing this!   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A SWEET YOUTHChildhood in the elvish village Kira, born with the healing powers of her mother, is learning to fight, and hunt. To become a member of the defensive border force when she grows as her mother and father do, while her sister studied and dutifully completed her tasks. Kira was a wild spirited person from the get-go. She learned young how to use her bow, and handle a sword, though she was nowhere near as good as her mother or father, she could always best Kiri. Her younger sister not skilled in healing tended to fear the cut of the blade making her hesitate.Kiri's days spent with the elder craftsmen learning to use her mystic eye training on what different powers and abilities looked like, her life was spent studying and working the mind, as well as how to manipulate and nullify magic with her gaze, a difficult skill to master, and she worked hard every day. She spent time around the elders, they taught her to think ahead, teaching her the importance of being smart, that those with intelligence were in truth stronger than those with a blade as they lead, and when she grew she would be among them when her powers reached a suitable level.The girls however when spent time together, played out in the forest, and enjoyed time with their family. In their small house just inside the barrier that protects the realm of high elves in the cold mountains. Happy children excited to have time by themselves, even if they knew, they were trackable, their father able to locate them with his magic. Safe in this knowledge. They explored further and further as they grew. However life couldn't stay so peaceful, with power comes those who would seek to claim it. That day came when the girls were still but children visibly 8 years old, they had just hit their 26th humans year of life. They very much still children in mentality and appearance. Though intelligence they were well beyond a human child.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   THE ESCAPE:Surviving the attack The attack came just after the noon hour, the girls were out playing before lunch. Deep in the forest, A new energy spotted by Kiri glowed in the distance, a color she didn't know black and red, like embers burning in a night's fire. Fear drove her to compel her sister to come home, The girls ran. As fast as they could, but not fast enough. The children's legs didn't carry them as fast as the hellhounds that dashed behind them barely had they gotten to the barrier passing easily with their elvish blood. A small lead gained there father however met them. Upon the back of a caribou, he scooped them up. jumping off he sent the creature off, a Teleportation spell cast sending the girls and the mount beyond the barrier. Protecting his children and sending them out into the world. A call that he would come for them, and to stay safe.The twins blinded by a sudden light, unknowing the fate of their home. scared and now alone. They found themselves in a green forest, unlike the icy forest that covered the village of birth. The caribou out of place a creature of cold climate, let alone the blue-hued elvish children. They were in lands unknown and clung together. Tears and loss tore through them. However, their father sent them here they only had to wait..right?So they did for days, eating the bark off of the nearby trees, and plants Kira going to gather water, as Kiri made a fire to keep the howling creatures that skirted their spot. Two weeks passed, the girls grew hungry for real food, they needed to move, no longer could they wait.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   FINDING A NEW LIFE:Adapting to the Realm Together the children explored, taking to stealing from clotheslines, and skirting villages, humans were something they had never seen before, in fact, they had only seen creatures of the ice, elves, and the occasional bear in their sheltered life, this world was new, and strange to them. The rules they did not know, but in time they would learn. Leaving on the fringe biding time for their kind to find them. The hope ever held in the children's minds. Ever a thought, they would be rescued. taken home where they would fit in it was just a matter of waiting a bit longer.Months then years would pass, the girls would grow, their aging through childhood sped by no longer being within their homeland, the children would learn how to steal, they use the fact they looked the same. To steal in youth one purposefully getting caught Kira who was fastest would pickpocket, for meals, they would catch birds to sell, and Kiri would use the money to buy undervalued items of magic and sell them again when activated to a higher price.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEEN YEARS:Hustlers and thieves The girls after so many years had not heard anything of their village, in truth they had given up, living to survive now, they were hustlers. Kiri working with trade keeping her ears covered her hair within a hat she played a foolish noble with stolen clothes which she tailored to fit her, she bought may items to resell. The girls had eaned some coin, they had money, Kira had taken to gambling and card games, where her need for adrenaline could be sated. She even joining small parties of adventures as a healer. She ever needed more than simple stealing, and just getting by. She didn't calculate risks as her sister did no, she just wanted to have fun.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LATE TEENS:Catching the wrong attention It was Kira's mistake, she had attracted attention in the tavern while she played cards, she had grown lovely over the years an elvish glow upon her flesh, and the regal gait of her breed could not be hidden even with the best hiding of her ears. The rare coloration of her hair, it was a poor thought to go straight home to the sister's home in their cabin outside the city. She was followed.She spelled the undoing for her and her sister's freedom. That night would be the last night they would sleep easily in the bed. The girls now no longer children were around 18 years old and had kept to themselves. all for naught.A sudden burst of sound rung through the air, as their door was broken in instant caving in under powerful hooves of a horse before twelve men rushed the house easily subduing the twins both grabbed and bound and dragged out of the house fighting and screaming to break free. Gagged to silence them they were pressed into a cart where they would meet their fate. They would not lay eyes on each other again separated to help weaken the resolve.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE SISTERS TALES DEVIREGE FROM EACHOTHER NOWYou can select which sister you wish to know and click to the side -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        

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