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獏良 δΊ†

05/30/2020 10:19 PM 


It was a silent day out in the lone, abandoned streets of Domino City.  There wasn't a single peep to be heard from the neighboring chatter of birds. Every now and then, there would be the slightest bit of disturbance that came with a passing of a car or idle chatter. Breathing out a sigh of exasperation, he leaned his back further into the wooden bench.  Age had marred the wood considerably, and it was a metaphor to his own feelings that seemed visibly more complex. "........" Surly, it wasn't proper to sulk. So he straightened his back a little and sat upright, resting his arms over his knees as he watched the people pass along, going about their daily lives. They all had some sort of purpose. But.....Suddenly, he became aware of a small clicking noise. Every click was soon followed by a sudden flash of light. Curiously he turned his head towards the source, only to find it to be some random girl taking pictures. "........." As soon as their eyes met, he saw the slight flush of her cheeks appear when her lips parted in a slight "O". And just as quickly as she had arrived, she plucked what little equipment she had to disappear. It took all, but an immediate second for the young male to realize what had happened. How long had she been there? And, why?He felt inclined to give chase. There were so many questions he had, where he would have usually bothered to just let it all be. It felt even a little silly to place so much importance over something so insignificant. "H-..... Hey wait a minute!"  Picking himself off the bench, Ryou ran - heading straight for the corner he'd last saw the girl run off to. When he had managed to turn around the corner, he just managed to catch a glimpse of her quickly glancing behind her.  Their eyes met before she stepped promptly into a taxi, closing the door shut behind her. 


05/30/2020 02:25 PM 

Poem collection

Behold!  - My collection of love-notes from my precious bro' Kyou ♥ Go ahead! call me faggot, whatever you want!I know what I am, I know what I love!My Sweet Sugarplum Cinnabon, writes me a poem whenever a girl dumps me. You may say; displaying these beautiful tokens enhances my failure, but I don't see it like that. these are my greatest material possessions. My greatest treasures. ♥  _______ #1  I'm a soft guy by skin,and a mean one at heartso if you touch my bromateI will tear your world apartbecause he's the best brofriendthat I've ever hadI love him more than flowersand I think he's really rad~#2.  I think I'm spoiledI'm addicted to your loveYour loving is something spectacularThe caress of your soft hands and the softness of your smile can brighten my dayLike Shakespeare's work this love is timeless#3. I've been thinking this for awhile now.It's the way we interact.The way you treat me isn't how you treat friends.Maybe I'm wording that wrong.Are we soul mates?Are we meant to always be together?Some would say that's a dream but this is our reality.#4It's an amazing thing to receive this kind of gift.A gift like none other.Something ever so priceless.Love, can't be bought but can be learned and earned.Love is something that is destined.You're more likely to stumble upon it than to find it.I found this love by accident.I found myself with your heart by accident.After all that excitement, I was elated by your actions.This love is worth the heartache.


05/29/2020 11:49 PM 

Appreciate The Art.

"Fear...radiates from you. It's beautiful, but not yet finished. I am Stefano and now you are my art."      Writers Notes: I am  writing  this  not only  for those of you  who  are  curious  but for those who  seem  to  merely  view and never  add, or those who send requests only  to cancel  them later. Notations:  I write mixed lengths, I  don't  have  just  one; I  find sticking to one boring, much  like  verses. Sticking to one just  seems  like  a waste of a character.  I do not reply  to comments as I focus  more  so on status and message conversations. What to expect: My Interpretation of Stefano Valentini  is that he  charming  and  full of Allure, a successful  War Photographer who suffers  PTSD and Bipolar and goes through  many mental break downs due to his erratic Psychotic  behavior. He is a high functioning  Psychopath who  kills for his art due to  his  own  perception  of  death from  the incident  that had taken  his eye. He not only dislikes criticism  of  his work, but being lied to. My version of him is alternative universe version  as in he is still  alive. Verses:   The Evil Within, Saints Row, Far Cry. Do not know  what  these are- google, bing or use whatever  search engine you use to research them. Genres: Action, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Slice Of Life, Video  Game, Crime, Survival , Horror. Themes: Real life Situations, Parody, Dark. Guidelines:  No God Modding. Do not send  me "Hello", "Do you want to rp with me?" etc. As the first thing you  decide  to use as an ice breaker.  Give me something  substantial that catches my eye. Instead try this: Greetings, My Character  is (Name), From the (series) verse. I am a (Writing Length) writer. Etc. A proper  Introduction  is everything.  Do not attempt to control Stefano in any way, shape or form as I will block you.   Do not request intimate contact with Stefano instantly  as I am not here for that.              The Rules: 1. Writer is over the legal age of eighteen and thus will not interact  with  minors or characters  that are the age of a minor. 2. What Stefano  says or does; does not reflect  me as the writer in any way shape  or form. 3. I Multi ship and I currently  ship Polyamorous wise; don't  like it? Do not add me as you are  obviously  as boring as  you  are closed minded. 4. Do not ask me about  real  life, this is a hobby and  I  simply  have  no desire  to  be your friend.  5.  I am always  in character, so do not complain  if you  do  not  like my portrayal; as I am not writing  Stefano  for  you  or anyone  else  on this site. I am writing  him purely  for  my own enjoyment  and  because  I  personally like him as a character enough to write him.  Triggers:   Kidnapping, Torture,  Death, Mutilation, Corpses. (Those who truly  wish  to write  with  me it is agreed  upon  that there is a safe word  if you're not comfortable  with  our  roleplay and something  disturbs you.)Adult Content: Now, what do I mean  by mature  content? To put it matter of factly; I  only  write  with  those that are the legal  age  of eighteen and above due to the violent  themes, strong language  as well  as in detailed actions  of Stefano. I do not  hold  back  with  this character.  What I do : I let you  know  in status stream if something  is  going  on in my life if it is an emergency or if I happen  to  be busy.  I try to treat everyone  equally  on my list, however  there are some I refuse  due to how they treat others publicly  in stream.  I block  people  who  do not follow  my rules, let alone  their own- no one likes a hypocrite.   I let you  know  ahead of time  if I have  an issue  with  you,  that way we can resolve  it and go back  to  roleplaying  or whatever  it was we were doing. If it cannot  be resolved, I will  unfortunately  remove you.  What I do not  tolerate:  Name Calling Accusations Bullying Attempting  to cancel others Petty Drama Rumors Lies Shade Throwers Verbal  Abuse Guilt Tripping/ Manipulation Harassment Assumptions Professional  Victims Entitled  Peons  Ignorance  These things will  get you blocked  faster than  you  can say "Daddy no". What I expect from  my  writing partners: Honesty Civility Patience Integrity  Maturity Forwardness Compassion  And  Empathy These things will  earn you  my respect and the opposite  willget you blocked.           To cut deep into  the  flesh and get down to business: I expect  you  to  act like  a civilized, mature and  honest individual with  an open mind and not someone  who  is so weak  mentally  that  they attempt  to  tare others down  who  are  merely  comfortable  with  themselves, the way they roleplay, let alone whom they associate with or even interact in character with in public. If you  cannot  be 50% with  me, do not expect  me to be 50% with you.  Do not make  assumptions  when you have  never spoken to me, nor added me as it shows your lack of respect.  Do not steal  from  me in any way, shape  or form, respect  me as a writer, and  you  will  receive  it in turn. Do the complete  

ΚŸα΄Κ€α΄… α΄’α΄‡α΄€ΚŸΙͺα΄€Ι΄ ☾

05/29/2020 04:36 AM 

Guidelines. Follow them.

RULES  - No OOC drama. -Yes, I use foul language frequently. If you don't like that, find someone else to roleplay with.-If I see real life, unnecessary drama within your stream more than once, I will delete you.-Muse is not nice, just so we're on the same page.-I have a Discord, you can add me there if you'd like so, please ask for it or maybe I might post it within stream every now and then.- "I" the "mun" am friendly OOC, but sometimes I will bounce back and forth without warning if we are chatting through Discord. Please let me know if that confuses/bothers you so we can be on the same page at all times.-I will not change my muse for you, don't ask.-Don't edit our muses together without my consent unless we are already good friends then do whatever the hell you want.- Make your posts readable and comparable in length to my own. Don't leave me with -nothing- to respond to.-Rps are in messages only. Comments may be used for disucssing/chatting.-Basic ass ending but let's seriously just have some fun.


05/29/2020 07:18 PM 

Rules and Warnings. Please read loves.

Rule I: Be respectful out of character. In character I know some of you are sick minded heathens, but let's keep it civil in OOC. Thank you. Rule II: Discussions must be made first before any IC posts are made. Please request anything that you might want before we go into story mode. Rule III: Begging will get you nowhere. Threats,Bullying, That kind of thing will be laughed at and posted for my and other's amusement. I've RP'd and played online videos games for a long time now, anything you can call me or say to me in some negative way had been said. You're old hat, go find someone who gives a sh*tWARNING: Certain things are okay here, *Wink*....but know that Lux is a succubus, should activities happen please be aware that she will eat your heart, literally. DO NOT fall in love with her, she will eat your heart the moment "Love is True". You have been warned. 


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