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Female, 25
Tampa, Florida
United States

Last Login: June 16, 2019

Layout Tester


Female, 20
Towada, Aomori

Last Login: June 16, 2019

♛ MᴀᴋᴇAWɪsʜ

H +

Female, 26
Tōkyō, Tokio

Last Login: June 06, 2019

Characters: Daela Styxx
Verses: Open | SPN
Playbys: Hello Bitch, Imma Female ;D
Lengths: Novella
Genre: Horror, Supernatural,


CAPTAIN AMERICAthe first avenger

Male, 114
Brooklyn, New York
United States

Last Login: February 12, 2019

𝒯𝑒𝓂𝒶𝓇𝒾 💕 𝒟𝒶𝓃𝓉𝑒

"I could live 100 life times and never deserve much that comes my way"

Female, 27
East Nassau, New York
United States

Last Login: May 31, 2019

Verses: Fantasy, All Crossovers Welcomed, DMC, Naruto, Inuyasha, Wolfs Rain etc
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,

The New Breed of Hunters

Your soul is mine!!

Male, 25
, New York
United States

Last Login: May 17, 2019

Characters: "Dashing" Soul Eater Evans
Lengths: One Liner,Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Science Fiction, Video Game,


Other, 32
Mutsu, Aomori

Last Login: May 12, 2019

Characters: Ryu Hayabusa. Others (Befriend and find out).
Verses: All are welcome. Story-driven. Comedy. Macabre. DISCUSSIONS FIRST.
Playbys: A simpleton with a passion for shared creative writing reminding all that it is just... FICTION.
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella
Genre: Any, Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Science Fiction,

Merc B-04891

Male, 30
United States

Last Login: June 15, 2019


Female, 25
, Cumbria
United Kingdom

Last Login: June 10, 2018

Characters: Princess Peach, Peach, Toadstool.
Verses: Nintendo, Smash Bros, Sonic, LOZ, Kingdom Hearts.
Lengths: Multi Para,One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Horror, Open, Video Game,

©Ƶhan Jiao-long

Crossovers welcome

Male, 25
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Last Login: May 31, 2019

Characters: Zhan Jiao-long
Verses: Dragon Ball Z/GT/Super
Playbys: Son Gohan (visage) Johnny Yong Bosch (Voice)
Lengths: Multi Para,Para
Genre: Any, Action, Adventure, Crossover, Spar/Fighting,


Deer Servant

Male, 26
Cairo, Cairo

Last Login: May 11, 2019

Characters: Ankh
Verses: Furry, Egyptian
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Supernatural,

♚ ʘf ♞

Fate Zero

Female, 39
Anton, Colorado
United States

Last Login: April 11, 2019

∞ Solar Flare ∞

Literate ✓ Elitist ✓ Storyline ✓ Multi-Para+ ✓

Male, 27
Goshogawara, Aomori

Last Login: May 19, 2019

Cyandog Lupus Rex

The true essence of madness, is the delusion of being the only sane one in this world

Male, 27
El Paso, Montana
United States

Last Login: June 16, 2019

Characters: Cyandog, Cyanide, Cy
Verses: Unlimited verse. will cater to almost any verse
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Comic, Fantasy, Supernatural, Video Game,

Akashi Seijūrō

Male, 27

Last Login: June 18, 2019

Characters: Akashi Seijuro, Emperor
Verses: Yaoi, Knb, Kuroko no basket, crossover, mafia, yakuza
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella
Genre: Action, Drama, Manga, Slice of Life, Sports/Tournament, Thriller/Suspense,

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