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Friendship/Roleplay Guidelines & Reminders
Category: Guidelines

Friendship/Roleplay Guidelines & Reminders

These are not meant to be taken in a disdainful manner. They are simply here to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.


1.) Be Respectful

ďTreat others the way you want to be treated.Ē
Thatís super elementary, right? One of the golden rules of childhood. Iíll treat you with respect. Be courteous enough to offer it back, yeah? Unless you get down on insulting one another. Whatever floats your boat Ė Or sinks it. I wonít judge Ė It wonít be tolerated, but I wonít judge. Either way, I will understand if there are things youíre not comfortable with.  I will acknowledge that and not push any boundaries. Please return the favor.

2.) Roleplay Is Separate From Real Life

I enjoy making friends and socializing. If we grow to be ride-or-die homies, thatís great! But, please keep in mind that I am not my character and the relations within the fictional world we create doesnít carry over outside. There is a line that divides the two. I am the VOICE behind the CHARACTER. Iím not the character itself. I will have Leilani speak within quotation marks, if itís not in quotes Ė Thatís me, son.

3.) My Character Is Romantically Unbound

Leilani is a multi-ship character. She is untamable outside of the roleplay because YOU DONíT HAVE ENOUGH BADGES TO TRAIN HER. Haha. Just playiní. Really though, she isnít on the market to be claimed or taken. I will NOT allow her to be restricted by the limitations of being chained down. A connection between our characters is welcomed within a storyline, as long as it remains there. She will treat your character as her lover if the romance genre is activated and agreed upon.

4.) Patience Is A Virtue

Iím unable to reply at consistent times, Iím whisked away by the worldís whimsies whenever it chooses. I DONíT appreciate being rushed for replies or edits. There are times where my responses are instantaneous or are delayed for days Ė Maybe even weeks. For this, I do send out my apologies in advance for the lack of speed, but this is something Iíd like you to know before we jump in so we can avoid disappointing each other. Ending the roleplay or putting it on an indefinite pause is a possibility if that suits our needs.

5.) Edits Are Displayed For Fun

All of the pictures in Leilaniís Albums were edited by me or created with a website. If I have the opportunity, Iíll make edits for our characters together. I donít do it often because it takes me some time to actually perform the task. Iíll only do an edit of our characters if we have a roleplay going or if I feel like weíve bonded somehow. I usually choose the picture to use since I can size it up and see if itís possible for me to work on. If you happen to find one for us, youíre welcome to show me. Please understand that there are some pictures I just cannot do. My skills are decent, though I lack the proficiency to warrant expertise.

6.) Weíre Not Sparring

Leilani can fight. However, her Puppeteer (Pssst! Thatís me!), doesnít like to roleplay sparring. If she is fighting it is because the two of you are taking down an enemy together, you want/need her protection, an enemy is inserted to progress the plot, or she has to protect herself. I donít like back and forth fighting with another character or big one-on-one battles. It makes me uncomfortable. If fighting happens, it wonít be dragged out and will end as soon as I get the chance. If you try to press it on me, it will turn into something incredibly silly and might end in our ruined friendship.

7.) Weíre Not Porking

Despite having a romantic relation with Leilani in a Roleplay, her Puppeteer (Thatís me again!), will not partake in Erotica. After some heated moments/tension gets heavy between our characters, I will be panning the scene out in a silhouette fashion, suggesting that an intimate encounter had taken place. They are now past that and onto other things. Once again - If you try to press it on me, it will turn into something incredibly silly and might end in our ruined friendship.

8.) Letís Play Nice

The common standards of all roleplay aspects do still apply. Any forms of godmodding, powerplaying, lorebreaking, metagaming, and forced retcon will be frowned upon so hardcore that itíll take the saying "turn that frown upside down" to a whole new level. Weíre here to have fun!


Helpful Notations

         You add me, you talk first. I add you, I talk first.

         Messages are a priority over Comments, both are accepted.

         One-Liners and Novella lengths arenít my jam.

         Romantic Advances OOC will be SHOT DOWN and DENIED.

         I donít like to play the number game, either we interact or go our separate ways.

         If you intentionally make me uncomfortable, you will be blocked.


Thank you for your time.

They may sound strict and a bit wordy, but as long as we go about communicating properly - Youíll hardly notice theyíre there!

If any changes/updates occur, I will add them promptly. Any signs of defiance opposing these regulations will result in a removal from the Friends List Ė Or a lecture followed by ten minutes in the time out corner. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.


Please 'sign your name' in the Comments section below to indicate you have read and understood these terms & agreements.

(Bonus Points for including your favorite Pokemon.)


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Maximus Wielder {mcrpoc}


Fair enough guidlines I shall follow them as much as i can, Gyarados

Posted on Wed Jan 18, 2017, 23:10



Lumina Ezaro


Posted on Sun Jan 15, 2017, 12:55

ℒαpis σf Ɯαter


Cyanna Mizuno

Alola Vulpix

Posted on Sat Jan 14, 2017, 21:08

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