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01/11/2017 01:55 PM 

HeadCanons - Minerva


Name: Minerva
Height: 5' 9"
Form: Appears human, only in favour of the Planet's inhabitants and their interpretation. She has no one true form.
Likes: Art, literature, battle, nature.
Dislikes: Obsession, harm to Gaia, greed.
-Her wisdom does overlook a few matters, such as the functioning of most technology and strange humour from humans. Not recommended for cooking appliances.
-Prefers old fashioned ways over modern convenience. 

-Minerva is not a true goddess, but a manifestation; an embodiment of Gaia's consciousness. Despite seeming to be a puppet to the planet's orders she acts as a guiding body to those who have passed on- entering the Lifestream. 

-Of all beings, Minerva speaks only to Gaia. An essence she looks to as not a parent but a mutual guardian. Because of this, she is not favourable of Mako- or Shinra's harvesting of Gaia. Although unfavourable, she will not carry out the destruction of Gaia's -at times- harmful inhabitants. Not unless Gaia has chosen. Despite this she hones a true neutral alignment; holding no favouritsm over any living beings that thrive on the Gaia. She does however respect the Cetra, only those who choose to protect the planet. This does not however exclude those she has developed a soft spot to (due to witnessing one's history.)

-She retains a very stoic expression often accompanied by her observant nature, and a demeanor likely to never to consistently express simple emotions as a human would. While not cruel or stone-hearted her gestures and facial expressions heavily rely on the Lifestream's will- whether or not a person is deemed worthy of entrance or a chance anew.

-The embodiment also appears to be mute. Telepathic communication is her preferred method. She is vocally harmful by energy to anything in the near perimeter. Speaking with her directly from the Lifestream will likely carry additional whispers of others residing there.

-Minerva's presence is strongly felt when in the area, often detected as an "incredibly strong summon signal." She resides only in  the Lifestream and will only depart for the lands under reconnaissance, primarily regarding damage to the planet since she views them as "open wounds." An exception to this matter would result in the change of her appearance to walk among humans in plain sight, though not very likely.

-An interest in the planet's inhabitants often gives her the silent desire of being human. She has a mild interest in the arts and literature crafted by humans throughout history. Minerva's excessive knowledge and wisdom has provided her with a glimpse of such works, but not enough to become familiar with the human nature.

-Battle pursued; she will likely challenge a being whom she considers potentially strong willed. Not enough to fatally harm her opponent unless instructed by the planet. This is a rare occasion only regarding a global threat.

-Though it is her purpose to serve Gaia, she cannot exclude the bitter feeling of indignation over her power's limitations. It greatly upsets her as she is incapable of soothing grieving souls entering the Lifestream. Unable to undo the good left stripped of their goals, and those battling their final acceptance.

To be continued..

Fallen Will soon to come.


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