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January 08, 2017


01/11/2017 03:33 PM 


short info. 

  • This is an independent Yuffie Kisaragi account from the final fantasy series. I do not own her character nor the series she's from! 

  • Due to the fact that I'm working two jobs, my activity on this account ( & well, most of my accounts ) will be spotty at best for a while. meaning that some replies will come within hours or days & others may come in a week or so. If you, at any time feel as though I've missed your reply just shoot me a message & weíll figure everything out. 

  • let it be known that I have the right to drop any thread I / my muse have no inspiration for. though, just because I drop a thread doesnít mean I donít want to start a new one with you. 


  • let it be known that this account ( & all my other accounts ) ship by chemistry. if thereís nothing between our characters via our threads, then please donít try to force anything on me / my character. I will not tolerate it. That being said if you do try to force a ship on me, i will respectively unfriend & block you.
             mature content.

  • I am 22+ meaning that i am of age for NSFW content. That does not mean that Iím willing to write it though. At most, this account will contain: gore, blood, violence, strong language----pretty much everything short of smut.  Itís not that iím uncomfortable with it, I just donít really want to write it.  


  • I screencap & make my own graphics, unless stated otherwise. So please donít take & use my stuff for your own use. I am more than willing to share my base screencaps with you so long as you ask first. 

  • None of the art that you may see on this account is mine!

secret phrases. 

  • These rules donít have a hidden message / code in them, so donít worry about sending one in. I also wont be sending one in if your rules have one, though rest assured: If I have added you / plan on interacting with you, I have read your rules. I believe doing it this way eases both of our anxiety, I also trust that we are both adult enough to have the common courtesy to look into the do's & don'ts of our pages! 


  • Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. So as long as i can read / make out what youíre trying to say, then everything is fine. Donít worry about it too much. If I stumble across something I donít understand, Iíll politely ask about it. 


  • I actually adore writing with like-mind characters. Just think about all the different possibilities Yuffie could have interacting with herself? There's time loops, different dimensions, visions, KH to FF interactions. There's just so much, and i honestly want all of it. so please, other Yuffie's please come to me. come here & let me love you!


  • I'm one of those select few that still use the "main" system. All this means is that the people properly designated as one of my mains have first pickings, priority over their counterparts ( others who also roleplay as the same character ) and run of the mill over my activity & interactions. 

  • If I reach out to about becoming one of my mains, this does not mean you have to extend the same courtesy back to me. All this means is that I've, for some unknown reason feel a kinship / connection with you. 

  • If we're mains / friends / or talk on a regular basis, then please aware that I have a bad tendency of making photos / edits / layouts / etc and will possibly / occasionally make something for you from time to time. This is merely a warning! It'll happen, be prepared. haha! 

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_sadistic GOD.


Rules are rules. Consider it done and done. But rest assured you'll be one of the many falling in line for the slaughter soon enough.

Posted on Thu Jan 19, 2017, 02:12

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