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01/11/2017 04:24 AM 

Homeworld Home Movies
Category: Stories
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*A shaky camera pans to a small girl with long pink hair, her bangs were in ringlets and the length of her hair was to her buttocks. She wore a dress of pure white with her gem sticking out. She seemed ever so fascinated with some of the trinkets that decorated the shelves that the team of Bloodstone Company acquired during their time on homeworld. She often let out a giggle as she went to one item to the next with a carefree smile*

"Hey Rose! What are you doing?" *Spoke out a masculine voice from behind the camera*

*She looks over at the gem of male form with a gleeful  grin then looks back over to an object of her interest* "You have such pretty things" *She picks up a music box that opens into an image of a male diamond and a female pearl dancing together ballroom style to a whimsical tune. The young quartz began to cackle and clap at the fantastic scene playing out within the music box as stars appear in her eyes*

"Rawwwwwwwwraaaaah" *Obsidian pratically swallows the camera whole from being so close to it forcing the diamond to take a step back. Obsidian begins to laugh after the playful gesture* "What's going on, Red?"

"It's lil' Rose, Obsidian. She decided to come over and play today" *Said Red Diamond*

"Oh did she now?" *a sly grin appears across his face as he arches his eye brow* "Raaah!" *he immediately grabs the small pink haired girl and hoists her up into the air, flying freely for a moment. She laughs excitably as the black gem catches her on the way down. He does this repeatedly as the two gems cackle happily* 

*The gleeful squeal of a young woman can be heard from behind the camera and the camera pans to the source of the sound. The gem known as Tiger Eye scurries over to greet their guest* "Rosieee!!!!" *She jumps up and snatches Rose out of Obsidian's grasp. The child lets out a big belly laugh as they land on the ground at a high velocity. The wind blow's roses dress over her chest, exposing her belly and gem* "Is that your gem? Is that your gem?" *Tiger eye said playfully* "Yeah, that's my gem" *Said Rose through giggles of a happy child* "I'm gonna eat that gem. I'm gonna eat that gem. Nomnomnomnom" *Tiger eye began to tickle her tummy with her lips* "Nohohohoho! Don't eat my gem. Pleease" *cried rose through the laughter. Tiger eye proceeded to give her a raspberry to her stomach which made Rose cackle*

"Heyo Boyos, what's the crack?" *Red Diamond turns the camera over to Emerald who seemed to be in good spirits on the outside* "It's Rose. She came over to play" *Said the diamond* "Ohh well isn't that nice. Well i hope she doesn't mind if i play too" *Emerald pulls out a Uilleann pipe from his gem. He takes a seat and blows up his pipes. He plays a tune that seemed innocent and harmless to a child, but to the matured mind was a mournful tune to the ears. Even still, it attracted the young impressionable quartz as she embraced the leg of the green gem of male form.  Emerald broke away from his bagpipes to greet the child* "Well hey there lil' Rosie Rose. I'm so happy to see ya" *Said Emerald*  "I'm happy to see you too" *Said Rose. Emerald pulls out a little drum and hands it to Rose* "You wanna play with me?" *Rose smile, giggled and nodded, eager to try new things. Emerald set the drum down at her feet. Rose sat down wrapping her legs around the drum. She looks up to Emerald in need of some guidance* "What you need to do tap your hands onto the drum and it makes a beat. That's how you play. You play what you feel. Okay?" *Rose nodded and responded with a simple "uh-huhh".  Rose tapped on the drum with both her hands to a off-beat rhythm. Emerald, being the professional that he was, began to play off what she was giving him. Obsidian and Tiger Eye clapped to the tune to show support for the young gem as she was at an impressionable age. Emerald suddenly began to play faster as having somebody play with him lifted truly lifted his spirits. Subconsciously Rose started to play off of what Emerald was performing. Emerald then hit the wrong note which derailed their silly song. Emerald swore which made Rose cackle. The two of them laughed together as Tiger Eye clapped and cheered for little Rose Quartz*

*Red Diamond noticed in the corner of his camera's peripheral vision that Bloodstone had entered the room* "I thought i heard music up here so i had to come and see" *Bloodstone had a rare disease which caused his form to age due to a chemical that came in contact with his gem that caused deep corrosion. There was no known cure for it. He was bound to a cane as means of getting around. His body appeared as thought he was  an 87-year-old hunchback.  Rose ran into Bloodstone's arms for a big huggle* "Ooooph! Well hello there little Rose Quartz. I wasn't expecting you to come over today" *Jet walks in behind Bloodstone. He stood as tall as a fusion.  Jet's height was roughly two inches taller than Opal of the crystal gems. His long black hair veiled one half of his face as the limpid side of his face peers down at the little pink girl cracking a big smile crossing his arms*
"Well we're glad to see you anyway. You brighten up our lives whenever wander into our base. You must be a real smart girl to find us in these parts of the mountains" *Said Bloodstone speaking to her as if she was his own granddaughter. The shower of compliments made Rose giggle*

"Isn't she now" *Jet suddenly picks the girl up which made her squeak out of surprise* "Now yoo listen here, missy. Yoo didnae go blithering on aboot our secret hideaway. We didnae want the mean nasty gems to take yer friends away now do yoo" *Jet explained to the child as he wiggled his finger in her face. The gem child caught the finger with a big smile on her face giggling as she began to climb the index finger up to the hand, then to the arm, shoulder, grabs onto his long black strands scaling up to the top of his head. Jet grins winking at Rose, adoring her playful nature. He couldn't help but chuckle along with her* "Ay, yer a swelt one ye are. C'mon now" *He grabs rose off his head as she squeaks with glee. His large hands kept her safe and secure so she wouldn't fear about falling in his grasp* "Let's take our fun and games down to the basement. Thar be plenty of room down their for yoo to frollock" *Jet holds the young quartz high in his hand as a child would a toy spaceship* "Weeeeeeeeeeeee" *Cries Jet as Rose cackles uncontrollably. Each of the members of Bloodstone Company following Jet down to the basement where at this point Red thought that this was good time to end the video. He pans the camera down to the floor as the video ends with a soft click*


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