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01/11/2017 05:50 PM 

'rules' / things2note.

Everyone listed on my profile are people I trust and have proven to be capable writers in some manner. It's not an invitation to ascertain priority over others, especially for the role-players who feel put off after seeing a mirror. I treat everyone who is proactive and engaging about writing equally. Their accounts aren't linked due to issues in the past of being stalked. That being said, you'll see them in passing.

If I feel like you're becoming obnoxious or melodramatic to the degree that it disrupts the role-playing environment, I don't have qualms in silently removing you from my list. I'm not telling anyone to stop being a primadonna drama queen; I'm choosing not to entertain that facet of Role-play. If you agitate my top or attempt to slight me, we'll have an interesting dialogue. That's a promise.

I'm comfortable with establishing an A.U. for the unfinished Versus XIII setting for those interested in what Tenebrae could have been.

I treat sporadic interactions and discussions with neutrality. I don't mind either, but I expect a discussion if you intend to fabricate a tentative plot. I'm a firm believer that minor interactions help bridge the gap between establishing plausible connections.

I'm not interested in 'shipping. There may be times I'll throw a remark (or two) out there, but that's mainly in reference to friends. There's a mutual understanding that the banter which propagates is a joke and shouldn't be taken to heart. Besides, it's Noctis not Prompto, or Gladiolus for that matter. Additionally, I tend to see role-players who don't understand the distinction between the character and the writer.

I'm not looking for 'mains / connections', which sort of goes in-tandem with my first point. It creates too much drama to proactively search for such-and-such roles, and personally, I never held much stock in that sort of thing. If we manage to maintain some level of camaraderie that goes beyond the verse, or I respect you enough as a writer, you'll likely be listed. The rest is explained prior.

Contrary to the memes, rustling, and general sh*tposting, I do write. The impression may be different on stream compared to speaking separately via comments, but rest assured that writing takes precedence over crude entertainment.


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