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June 13, 2016

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01/11/2017 06:16 PM 

Elena Lockheart

NAME : Elena Lockheart

Age : 20-22
Height : 5'7
Weight : 50 kg
Race : Human (Vampire hunter)
Personality : Tough, serious, feisty, brave

Long time ago, the European feudal population was under control of vampires as they ruled all around.  Fortunately there still were half of the people that were fighting against their tyrannical governance. People call them vampire hunters.  There were several names, clans, families of vampire hunters.  Each of them had different  combat method and strategy. They almost destroyed all of vampire families but hardest was fighting with pure bloods as they were strongest vampires in the world and not many vampire hunter dared to stand against them. 

At the end of the middle ages there almost were no vampires, as many of them got killed by vampire hunters while few of them were hiding at different places. Whoever many vampire hunter got killed in those battles but fortunately that wasn't unsuccessful as people felt safer and calmer after that. But it wasn't end yet as pure bloods were all around the world.

Elena Lockheart was part of the vampire hunter family as her father James Lockheart was most famous vampire hunter around the England.  As a child Elena didn't aim to become vampire hunter like his father as also her father doesn't wanted her to be one as he claimed that it was too dangerous for her as she was just a girl and girls should be busy with other matters. Elena also thought the same way until her beloved mother got killed by vampires. As she tried protecting her daughter and gave her life for Elena.

From that moment everything changed in her life as she become cold, as people called her heartless person that doesn't cared for love but only money. But money wasn't her real goal. Her goal was from where she was getting money and it was for killing vampires. Some strange person would thought that it was just her business but no one really knew what was going in her heart.


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Thank you Aiden ♥ I tried my best ^-^

Posted on Tue Feb 07, 2017, 14:02

Nina replied to Comment:

Good job sis! She sounds pretty cool and badass XD ♥ 

Posted on Tue Feb 07, 2017, 14:26



Good job sis! She sounds pretty cool and badass XD ♥ 

Posted on Tue Feb 07, 2017, 14:26

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