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01/11/2017 11:06 PM 


1. Lets start this off with one of the most important Rules. I'm taken, so don't throw your emotions at me. I'm not catching them.

2. RP is in Messages. OOC is in Comments.
Ignoring this rule once you've been warned is grounds for deletion and blocking.

3. Crossovers are a NO. I'm not comfortable with going out of my lane, and I don't feel happy with others trying to force me to cross it. By 'force' I mean if you are paired with someone from a crossover and try and involve mentioning to Ri in a rp about them. Any Narutoverse stuff is fine(other than Mpreg, I'll specify that down below), but please don't bring outside Narutoverse to me IC.

4. Mind your business. This needs to be specified on what I mean. Don't get up in your feelings about it just from the title, its specific. I'm talking about those who gripe about things going on with my character. If she gets paired with an Obito(not that I expect this to happen anytime soon as most either are gay, manwhores, or jump into relationships faster than you can build anything up to form anything IC with, or get auto-paired with canons that I just don't see this happening anytime soon), and you find it sick because of the age gap, or because shes an OC paired with a Canon, keep your bullsh*t opinions to yourself. Theres no point messing with someone else's rp and trying to ruin it just because you don't agree. Any harassment of myself, or whoever she ends up with, should they be a Canon or otherwise, will result in my suggestion for them to block them, and me definitely blocking.

5. Mepreg is a no no. You best have a good excuse why two men have a baby... I can grasp a surrogate mom, or test tube baby from experimentation, but a man getting pregnant thats 100% a male,(not including Oro, as he no longer has a specific gender due to one too many body swaps and fusing himself with a snake.)... no.

6. I'm gravy with OCs, some have really good/interesting backgrounds. That said... because I'm one who put a lot of effort into doing research for mine, and making her as legit as possible, so I wouldn't be doing anything with her background that would conflict with the main series... I reserve the right to reject anyone who has;

A. A bio I cannot read to determine if they are legit or not.

B. People who are playing SIBLINGS of NOT ALL CANONS, but those that were specified 100% to not have a sibling.

C. Fake Jinchuriki. Aka, those who are portraying themselves as, for example, the 15 tailed snake. Should they have become Jinchuriki through actual roleplay, then fine. But they best have the biju they are linked to in their profile.

D. Those are are using very poor edits. By this I mean they made no alterations to a canon pic other than changing the color. This means they didn't alter the hair style at all, didn't alter the outfit, nothing. Its just literally a re-coloring.

E. Bullsh*t effects. Meaning... those playing Uchiha with BLUE Sharingan. Or playing a non-Uchiha with a blue Sharingan, and claiming its something else their clan has rather than just making their own eye thing. Which... this also falls in with Uchiha that have anything but black eyes. We've already seen that half breeds still have black eyes, so I prefer not rping with people who refuse to keep that trait.

6. Over-powered power players. I dislike these. These are people who ONLY play a character for the aspect of having all that power. Not to say all people who play the powerful characters are power-players. No no. These people are easy to spot though, as power players tend to wave their power around like candy. They tend to get very butt hurt if you get anywhere near hurting them, and tend to god mod to get an edge so they never get over-powered and can continue to act like a god-like being.

7. God-Modding is a big no. This should be obvious from the one above, but I won't tolerate you god-modders. These are people who try and not take damage, and will tend to try and throw auto-hits and expect you to accept being hit when they refuse to. This needs to be said as in my experience of rping an OC... people love to do this to OCs a LOT as they feel being a canon makes them superior and unable to take damage from one. But this isn't to say I'd tolerate an OC doing this either. Should you do this, I'll delete, block you, and will inform others who take interest in rping with you, that you are a god-modding rper.

8. Puppeting will not be tolerated either. For those who don't know this term, it refers to those who try and control the actions of someone else's character. This can be around such as, either controlling their actions in a more aggressive manner, such as them doing something and then making your character react to it in their post, or more passive means, of you posting something, and them twisting what you posted to fit their narrative, to make it look like your character did something else.

9. I expect those who read this to sign it in the way I deem. This is to make it where people who simply scroll down to the bottom and sign 'read and understood' or skim over the rules to be caught in it. Should you ignore this, and do that, I'll delete you right after. I take it seriously when someone deliberately disrespects me, and ignoring my feelings, and my rules, which are here to keep you from doing dumb stuff to piss me off, and make the rp less, or not fun for me, from happening. So for those of you who were respectful enough to read through this in its entirety, please sign this as, 'Read & Understood'  and then sign your character's name under it in your favorite color. This will help me know you read my rules. And yes... it needs to be done exactly as I typed it.

10. Smut is a subject needed to be specified on. I will not allow for random smut. It needs to have an emotional connection behind it, on both ends. Meaning, for if Deidara, or Obito were to push up... maybe. But the moment you push up, with them, you are implying you want an official, romantic relationship with that character, with her. If you try and backslide after, not only will I void out anything that ever happened with them, you will be deleted and blocked, as you will be deemed scum, and any people who have interest in your character will be warned by me that you're a liar, and a manwhore. So if you wish to avoid this, and this was your intent, don't push up.

11. Romance between characters is taken seriously. I don't tolerate playboys, and 'well its a different rp with this other person so the relationship between them doesn't count' won't fly. If you're one of these types, please don't bother with trying to pursue any form of relationship with her. Its disrespectful to my character, and will not be tolerated. She won't cheat on them, so don't cheat on her.

12. Multi-character accounts are not tolerated. I won't be dealing with them. If you're playing a character, please only dedicate that character to your account. IF I feel nice enough to deal with one, don't expect any form of relationship to form. I won't hand over my character to someone who can't even by loyal to their own character.

13. This may be one of the most important rules, but it needs to be said because no one seems to do this, even though its common sense... READ HER BACKGROUND!!! If you come at her, and act like your character doesn't know her IC, and its been said in her background, its NOT on me, its on you! I left her profile public so people could decide if they agreed to it or not, so if you accepted an add, or sent one, its saying you agree to everything in the profile. Therefore if I hear any 'Who are you?' in rp, the rp is over. I'm deleting you off my list right there.

14. For roleplay, please take note, if you do one-lining, if you make it dull, I'll ignore any further responses... I don't mind one-lining, or advanced one-ling(not quite one-lining and not quite semi-para), but I do dislike s dull rp. I know even one-lining can still be entertaining if done properly. Which includes also not repeating the same thing over and over again.

15. I'm not gonna say you can't play a slightly more mellowed version of a character... but please don't pussifi(intentionally spelled wrong) them. Such as for an example, making adult Obito a big, whiny, crybaby that just butt hurt by the smallest of stuff, and whimpers and pouts, and basically acts like a small child or a young girl. The adult version is much more mature and even when being laid back is much more mature. If I see you doing stuff like this, I'll back out fast.

16. Respect me enough to not pester me and push me for responses. I'll get to them in time, I swear, but pressure results in my not being able to think of a reply.

I reserve the right to add any other rules here should I find the need for them to be spoken on.


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