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June 24th, 2017

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Age: 27
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July 16, 2016

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04/20/2017 02:36 PM 

More on Vampire Hunter D and his verse(mostly insane technology)

  1. Castle Guards that are conglomerations of electrons
    The guardians from above

    A reactor that creates the purest energy known to man
    They have a megaquake generator
    An exosuit

    Some of the Sacred Ancestors work
    They have heat rays that shoot billion degree heat rays

    They have something that produces darkness that if left unchecked would cover the entire universe
    General Gaskell and his abilities
    Lawrence Valcua Uses Planets as Weapons
    Sacred Ancestors A/P unit

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  2. Amm0vamp1r3

    Amm0vamp1r3Composite Vampire

    D being very old knows many different skills.

    As shown here he uses some skill to shatter some armored mens arms beyond repair
    Also with skill alone D closed a hole in space

    D cuts off a guys fingers but it doesn't even look like he moved

    D in a fist fight with some big guy

    Here D beheads a few soldiers while on horseback

    Here D uses his sword to knock out a knight by shoving it through the thinnest part if his armor
    Here D uses some unknown skill to dispatch some guards that where nothing but conglomerations of electrons

    D can alter the Akashic Records
    Here D cuts a guy, and his blade is so fast no blood gets on it

    Here fake D breaks a spell previously though was only able to be broken by another spell
    D cuts through a guy without leaving a single mark
    Here Valcua cuts a whole in space
    D is able to deduce the attack of the red knight
    D can do things without making a sound without a sound
    Here D is breaking out of a sealed dimension
  3. Amm0vamp1r3

    Amm0vamp1r3Composite Vampire

    D also has had to deal with attacks on his mind.

    This next feat shows him being hit with an attack that would drive an entire population of a city mad in a milisecond

    to continue that feat D had to fight an illusion

    D vs some illusion wolves

    Here D uses his will to crush something he is fighting

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