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June 24th, 2017

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July 16, 2016

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04/20/2017 03:27 PM 

This should be the last bit.

  1. D is a formidable opponent but one thing that keeps his going is his left hand which houses a carbuncle capable of eating almost anything and using it to empower D

    Lefty can shoot fire balls
    Left hand has powerful suction

    Lefty eats a thermal ray and uses the power from it to help D

    D can use it to sense many forms of traps
    Left hand can eat distortion fields

  2. D can bypass the laws of the physical dimension. Collapsed a Black Hole by stabbing it.[Vampire Hunter D Volume 16: Tyrant's Stars Part One & Two]
    Irrc this means he can bypass durability regardless of how durable the opponent is.

    Stands in an area as dense as a black hole with no trouble.[Vampire Hunter D Volume 2: Raiser of Gales]
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  3. There is also a possibility of D being really high Multiversal do to this.
    This people can make sun medals and the heat frome it gets transferred to another universe.

    And they have a bunch of this medals, plus it kinda states that they can make as many as they want.

    So its possible that the Vampire Hunter D verse contains an infinite amount of universes, and sense the Akashic records controls all of creation would it make D a high level Multiversal charter?


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