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04/20/2017 07:23 PM 

That time I stopped the angels jusy by showing up

They were free. Those horrid monsters had managed to let themselves out of the higher realm and into the mortal multi verse. This was a disgusting turn of events , those of this immaculate world looked down in the mechs. This world one reveled upon by the inhabitants. This was universe 250z, a world devoted to advancement of science. Of course there was an earth 250z, called Othello. There was also a Krypton 250z, called Ivarstead. There the Ivarsteadians flourished as a divine race. They had the distinct advantage of their planet being closest to the sun.

They were a tan race, all the complexion of red clay. There was the normal set up of hierarchy. Elections, schools, science, politics, war, and regular to exclusive rights. One of those was combat training, obviously anyone could fight. But none were as disciplined as those who were in the Academy for gifted elite. They were highly disciplined and schooled in a multitude of styles, able to defend their home at a moment's notice. One such man was getting a call none wanted. 

The only son of the electorial family was a specimen of a man. He stood six foot 3 inches tall, a muscular build sculpted from marble. His hair long to just past his belt line, it's color a near chrome metallic silver. His skin nearly maroon from his drawing energy from the sun, also from other stars whild traversing the galaxy. His outfit was something you'd expect from a justice league spin off. Black, tight to his muscles. Grey metal forearm guards, strapped under. His boots the same with straps up the side. His eyes looked like any humanoid, but red rather than blue or brown. He glided to the negotiation room before landing and entering on foot.

He wasn't greeted by his parents, no doubt solving a taxation issue. Instead the elected advisors met him with concerned looks.-"Who died gentlemen, I've seen graveyards less grim."-He chided as he stepped to the middle of the room. They all sucked their teeth, it wasn't funny to them.-"They got loose sir..."

"They you say, as in them?"-He said clearly giving this man a hard time, Crimson made light of everything. -"Sir the angels have come, the multiverses need you to intervene. "-One of them blurted out, not amused by Crimson's approach to the situation. Crimson turned to him, he smirked before turning to the door. He scoffed as he opened the door.- "You all are a bunch of kill joys, but yeah I'll handle it."-At that he left before walking back down the long hall, he turned left at the end before walking to a set of doors. He opened them to a balcony before taking off and flying into space towards where the angels had come.-


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