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04/20/2017 08:36 PM 

Planet Kadara ( Sci-fi, Space Oriented. 18+)

Toxic fumes consumed the small beast that had been unlucky enough to tread upon the forsaken land. Hell it hadn't even lived more than a few hours before succumbing to the poison of the environment as its flesh melt away with each passing second and following its impending doom was a screech so loud that anyone who heard it would know for sure the unbearable pain the beast went through. How anything was capable of living here was remarkable considering the abnormal levels of radiation & random bursts of hallucinogenic spores that spread near the vicinity of the ' Chaos plants '. Chaos plants being a rather subjective term considering not many knew of its scientific name nor cared to learn, after all the only important thing they needed to know was to stay the f*** away from the badlands. Easier said than done I suppose..

In a land where misfits and death dealers strived there was little to no safety on the planet dubbed ' Kadara ', rather it was a safe haven exclusive to the creatures that went bump in the night. Anyone else were merely immigrants in a place where only the adapted few could survive. See there were two reasons a person voluntarily came here. One being they wanted to escape there troubles on another planet and in doing so became a new person entirely and two they were prisoners banished here as punishment for there crimes which nine times out of ten were so severe that death wasn't enough. Guess that wasn't very voluntary but you get the gist.

Kadara was originally settled by a race of Angaran, an alien species similar to ours in many ways yet different at the same time. Before encountering our people Kadara was a sh*thole built for two, monsters & those who were eaten by them; Yet many years of human interference allow it to become a place for three, the third being the bottom of the barrel types who had nothing left to lose. Didn't take long for communities to arise though without law enforcement the only types of ' groups ' to prosper were the ones led by vicious tyrants and rapists alike. Among the many killers was a man dubbed ' Ghost ' for the lack of sightings of him yet numerous cases against him, hell after awhile he became more of a horror story for children to get them to be ' good '. However to those heavily invested in the crime scene of Kadara his existence was far too real.

-- ( Somewhere near the bad-lands in a large base of operations for a intergalactic gang called the " The Trivial ". ) --

" Bring me the slaves, I wish to ' play ' with them abit before meeting the herald sent from the port. "

A soft tone slip past plump lips as snow white hair drooped past crimson hues, slender digits now placing the strands of hair behind his ear as he waved for the three slave girls to enter. " That's right! Perfect. Unchain them. " But sir! his men bellow before being quickly silenced by his raised hand. " I know what I'm doing. Unbind them and leave. " Nothing else was said as the burly guards did so reluctantly, knowing damn well these three girls weren't like the rest.. They were military caught snooping along the coast of Ghost's turf. To think outside law would dare invade his personal sanctum was beyond belief yet here they were, defying all odds.

" So you three are the woman sent by the galactic military to scout out my base? I expected something.. " He paused briefly as his orbs fixate upon there ample thighs and bosom. " More to be honest. May'be men capable of doing the job? Did they think I would succumb to the basic desire of man upon meeting you? Was the plan to suck me off and put a bullet between my eyes? " His blatant disrespect didn't go unpunished as the tallest of the trio rushed at him, palms balled into fists as her lackeys beckoned her to stop. " Natalia, no! " Too late it seemed as a massive scream was heard, Ghost's index and middle finger had been plunged into the woman's eye sockets resulting in quite the gruesome scene as a gooey red like substance splatter upon his face. His slithery tongue quickly cleaning up the mess as it scraped alongside his cheek.

" Well that was eventful. Any other naysayers? "

A large thud sound was heard as the body lay limp upon the see-through floor before him as below an array of radiated fishes bit at the glass with hopes they could feast upon the meaty sac. Now rising from his metallic throne with a stature of 6'5 the vampiric looking don would cast his disappointment over to the remaining woman who made sure not to give direct eye contact, yet were confused at the large tent growing in the leaders pants. " Oh! Look at me.. I tend to get quite the stiff when killing something. My apologies.. I wasn't exactly being a good host now was I? Than again you were the ones who skipped out on formalities the moment you stepped foot upon this fortress. Regardless I know your scared. You should be. " By now he had begun to circle the women who stood back to back for safe measure, a futile effort but a smart tactic nonetheless.

" L.. look. We came here on direct orders from General Creed, he knows we're here. And we haven't exactly been radioing back.. Do you know what's going to happen if we don't come back safe and sound? Hell you already killed our captain! You're already a goner.. The least you can do now is let us go and we'll grant you a cozy cell as you wait out your life sentence. "

At this the deviant couldn't help but let out a laughter that echoed throughout the halls. " HAHAHAHAHAHHO! Oh really? That's what your offer is? Well slap my ass and call me Sally it looks like I'm in quite the predicament doesn't it? " His muscular frame abruptly stopped infront of the women as his nostrils drew a mere centimeters away from her lips as he whispered directly into the ear of the girl who was so brazen to speak out in the first place. " I hope your ready for what's to come, because if this Creed was ready to give me life in prison for that captain.. Well let's just say he's going to hate to see what I do you two. " Nothing left was said as the cold breath from the devil's incarnate left shivers up the girls spines as screams followed.

-- ( Hours later ) --

A knock came to the main doors of Ghost's chambers as a low " Come in. " escape him. His second in command ' Jaqcueez ' made his way in and almost immediately a distinct smell of something horrid burnt his nostrils as he quickly clamped his palm against his mouth and nose, a look of horror the next to come as his aquatic orbs fixate upon the bloody sight before him. " Oh sh*t.. " Oh sh*t was right. Body parts lay plastered against parts of the room as mere decorations as the head of one of the girls lay in-front of the crotch of Ghost whose pants had gone astray, his palms clutching a clump of hair on the lone head as he forced its petite mouth to deep throat his member.

" What is it Jaq? Clearly busy here.. Ya know, getting head.. From a head. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH! "
Jaqcueez knew his boss was f***ed up but to get a blowjob from a bodiless head was something he'd never seen before. Clearly at a loss of words the man would simply shake his head in disapproval before continuing. " Um, well, a General Creed patched in via hologram and wishes to speak with you. He says he wishes to trade for the lives of his cadets. Though I see now that's a fruitless effort.. "

" Now now don't be like that! We can use his lack of knowledge to our advantage. Tell'em we want allot of.. Stuff. Grant them safe passage to our port and than rob and kill'em. K? K. Now get the f*** out, your ruining my nut. "

Not much else was said as Jaqcueez left his disturbed boss to his alone time, a look of joy spreading upon the typically void of emotion puppeteers face. " Oh don't forget the balls.. Ha..hahahahahahahah! "


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