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05/18/2017 12:57 PM 

Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Welcome to my shipping information page. Since youíre here, you clearly have some sort of curiosity about me (not necessarily an interest in actually shipping with me). Below Iím going to answer some of the common questions I get as well as information pertaining to shipping with me.

Guidelines For Shipping


Letís go ahead and get this out in the open: I do not ship exclusively. This means, I am okay having a main lover, someone who gets the nice little space on my page and gets the glory of being my most special person. However, this is roleplay and therefore I wonít completely take the option to have some sort of ship-related storyline off the table for my partner or myself. I think it can even add some extra spice (we all love a little drama, so why not make some that doesnít actually having any bearing on us Ė some IC drama).


For those who were interested in shipping and are now worried or a bit turned away because of my non-exclusivity clause: I promise, I would make it well worth your time. I donít want anyone to be deterred because they are worried that by being non-exclusive, the title of Ďmain loverí doesnít mean much. This is not the case and as someoneís partner, I would make them a priority.


I like my ships to flow naturally, chemistry is important and honestly, to me, it seems a little odd to sit down and decide on that sort of thing prior to the storyline. This is not to say Iím going to start pushing things in the middle of our storyline or youíll just randomly end up with me as your adorable, new boyfriend Ė it wonít happen that way, I assure you. If we start getting close to that point then we will eventually sit down and talk about it, you will not end up blindsided and neither will I.  


I am a pansexual irl, therefore Iíve decided that my Jack will also be a pansexual (and this is the only place my orientation is listed, for the record). I, of course, also have particular ships in mind that I like for Jack but since this roleplay, I donít feel thatís important. Anything can happen here and I donít want to limit myself or anyone else. **Also for all my straight bros, before you get paranoid, I wonít hit on you, itís okay, chill the f*** out.  

--I may or may not add/revise information at a later date. 

Commonly Asked Questions:
--These are things I just happen to get asked a lot and I'm placing this here to possibly help reduce the amount of questions I get asked.

"You have sexual/shippy pictures with blahblah, are you guys together?
I get asked about my pictures all the time, please understand my pictures are all for fun and tend to reflect personal jokes more than they do our actual storylines. I also have a nice little space on my page for my main lover, if it's blank, I'm single. 

"Just how many people are you shipping with?"
Well, if there isnít anyone in that little space on my page, then technically speaking, Iím not shipping with anyone. Again, the edits are all for fun (and if fan artists are going to keep drawing smut, Iím going to keep using it). 

"Are you sleeping with blahblah?"
Honestly, this is a super personal question and you shouldnít ask anyone thisóI am an open book and donít mind answering but just, stop asking people this guys, itís rude. Anyways. No, I donít sleep with everyone I have sexual edits with and while I am an open book and donít personally care, I will not disclose the names of who I am and am not sleeping. If youíre not close enough to me to ask about my sex life, donít. (Odd are, if youíre asking, youíre not close enough.)    


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