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05/18/2017 04:47 PM 

r u l e s.

disclaimer Ė iím not, nor did i create, nakahara chuuya from bsd. none of the images on this page (unless stated) belong to me, and all credit goes to original creators. the theme is not mine either. uchida yohei as a character is designed by me. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY WRITTEN WORKS ON THIS PAGE WITHOUT PERMISSION.

one Ė i prefer multiple paragraphs/novella, but iím not picky. sometimes iíll partake in silly one-liners, or short paragraphs that add to character development. iím also pretty fond of memes, and i love when memes become threads, so take that as you will!

two Ė if something about my formatting bugs you, or is hard for you to read, TELL ME. iíll accommodate you!

three Ė i donít have any triggers, but if you have any, please let me know so i can tag Ďem. i try and cover the basic ones, and i always read my mutualsí pages so i know what to tag, but sometimes iím forgetful. donít hesitate to remind me of those things!

four Ė standard rules apply. no god-moding (placing my character in a certain situation for the sake of a plot is okay!), make sure i can read your post, etc. etc. these should all be second nature to role players by now, i think.

five Ė iím a busy guy. donít hound me for replies, it just makes me take longer. if you feel like i forgot your reply and want to remind me, iím cool with that. just be polite about it.

six Ė i donít put up with out-of-character drama. Ďnuff said.

seven  Ė mun is older than 21, but will write with people of any age. however i will not write smut with any mun under 18, nor any MUSE under 18. also please take note that this page/my writing contains mature themes such as violence, swearing, potentially drugs/drinking, etc.

eight Ė although yohei is an original character designed for k project, i love crossovers and aus!

i think thatís all i have for not. iíll add more as i see fit!


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