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05/18/2017 08:51 PM 

I'm laughing at this drama
Category: Blogging

Sora please. Stop lying to everyone on your list about Max. The kid is a good person. You're seriously stressing him out and he's debating on killing himself. 

The kid has sent NO ONE after you. You have sent over 6 people after him. Just f***ing stop. I've seen the messages you've seen him. You're aggressive and a drama starter. Janeru Acrux is part of your skype name. He has told people about what you've done and everyone knew your name immediately and stated that you've done nothing but drama since Myspace.

Now. You're supposedly an adult? Act like one and leave this dude alone before this gets way out of hand and you get sent to court for cyberbullying a minor.

To anyone who is confused: This person who is supposedly roleplaying as Sora is pulling the ole "guilt trip" and "playing innocent" game.  This kid actually has solid proof that Sora is nothing but a drama starter. Before thinking this guy is so "nice nice" because he makes you edits, learn to know the facts.

And Kairi. Max DID NOT start any of this. Sora has been nothing but mean to him on Skype. Your "friend" also talked about you along with this Heartless girl who has an editing site of some sort? Said her edits were sh*t pretty much.

Forgot to add this a**hole's link so everyone is warned: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_profile.php?member_id=330244

And just so any of you that weren't aware, this Sora is actually a girl in real life. Go check out their deviantart. It's full of drama.


P.S. I know A LOT of people who have dealt with his bullsh*t as well. I was actually on Myspace a long ass time ago. Now. Jen. Whatever your f***ing name is. You seriously have a mental problem and I'm telling you this RIGHT NOW. Get HELP. You're mentally hurting people on this website and mental illness is nothing to stir up. If someone is trying to kill themselves because of the drama YOU PULLED then you need to f***ing stop. 

I can tell you have a mental illness. You are NOT PSYCHIC. You think video game and tv characters are REAL. You think you're talking to them constantly along with GODs? Okay. Listen carefully. Max is actually psychic and so are a few of his friends. He knew when you had your MAX GOOF profile before him that you were not psychic. Psychics don't post sh*t in headlines about being psychic. You tried to add his Goofy then when you were denied by him on your MAX GOOF profile, you started having a sh*t. Then you added Max and started drama and messed with his head first thing. No one likes that. Again. I saw the screenshots. He also told me on the phone about you. He sensed your bad vibes but didn't want to say anything to you. 

You also tried to make someone look bad on status with your multiple accounts, which you deleted after he called you out about it. From what I've heard, many of his friends want you gone. He told everyone on his skype list about you. EVERYONE. WITH PROOF. So stop your bullsh*t. Go to a specialist and get your sh*t together. Max already goes to a psychiatrist for his mental illnesses. I seriously suggest you do the same.

And dude. Seriously. Stop stalking that kid's page. We all see you. You're not the only person who has "fbi friends" by the way.. Your "FBI buddy" can't do that "block him out for 24 hours" sh*t. It's against the law to do such things. His brother sent information about you to the police as well, since you clearly bullied him into a suicide attempt.


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