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05/19/2017 06:13 PM 

Death of chaos

Posted:  04/24/2017 
On an isolated island in the middle of the Pacific ocean drifted a breeze not originating from the wind but from the arrival of a man. At least what appeared to be a man anyway. The figures face was wrapped in a series of bandages that gave the impression of an Egyptian mummy more than anything else. Upon making its entrance it crossed over to a nearby tree that provided a covering of shade for it to rest under. The being then sat in a meditative lotus position and awaited the arrival of the challenger that it was set to battle with.

The being who awaited the challenger was named Chaos, and he was modeled in the male perspective by his creator the death god Anubis. Up until the last couple centuries Chaos had been focused on a different goal while in the realm of the living. Originally his master set him loose to acquire more souls for Hades but ties were eventually strained between master and servant and the master was thwarted by his own creation. Now Chaos sought worthy challenges rather than senseless killing of the weak. It was through combat that Chaos learned more about himself and pieces of a potential purpose made themselves known to him.

Animals began to flock around his peaceful presence feeling a protective aura emanate off him. The protective aura these creatures detected was actually the power within him building. When in a meditative trance Chaos was able to clear any obstructions from hindering his performance in combat. To his attributes - energy, attack, defense, endurance, speed, and senses - he distributed the ability 25% of his power afforded him. It was in his opinion that 25% of his maximum was a good starting point to gauge his opponents capabilities.
Posted:  04/29/2017 
(ooc-character change, will be posting with this charactewr within the next few days, sorry for the delay)
Posted:  05/04/2017 
(Ooc: Not an issue. Reply when you're able.))
Posted:  05/10/2017 

Oh how the tides have changed

-One Week after revival-

To believe that we are equal is like saying my older brother isn't as trigger happy as his son is as quick to slit a man's throat. In other words, being a Canton grants one with the greatness upon birth. He was the alcoholic, lips always wrapped around the botle, eyes staring at the bottom of the bottle. this didn't hinder how in tune he was  with his abilities, honing and improving them in every possible way, a perfectionist would be a word to describe him. Despite being a calm, cool, and collective individual often seen with a blunt in his mouth and baby blue eyes excluding any emotion. Stoic features and body language and a mouth that barely utters more than five words. There's no reason to talk when the opposite being would meet their demise on short time.

Blue locks hung a few inches above his brow as baby blue eyes glared forward, taking a few steps forward he arched his right arm out and gripped the sheath that held his Sourusōdo. A smirk formed on his face as his aqua eyes stared at the beautiful katana that was five feet in length not counting the half foot long handle. He placed it on his back before looking up at a mirror that was conveniently placed on the wall in front of him. He handsome features were to die for as he gracefully touched his face with a devilish smirk.  

The outfit was already on. Grey timbs obviously on his feet, steel toes to be exact, the letter “v” was patched on the sides, ebony pants rode up his legs as over his torso was black wife beater. No armor would be needed for this event, why? It wasn’t the Canton way, their highly advanced and supernatural bodies which due to the massive amounts of organs made up his skin tight like bio-electric field that naturally covers his body, which gave him the effective immunity against energy based abilities, not to mention protected him from speed resistance forces, this was due to the bio-electric field placing him in a solitary existence. Even without the field, causing damage to their bodies would serve to be rather difficult, still they aren’t invincible. Though in his mind, every Canton are above gods.

“Stay safe Vex, you remember what happened last time?” -Sakkaku whispered within his conscious.which forced the stoic Canton’s lips to betray his emotion or lack thereof and formed into a smirk. He knew what the spirit meant, he could always trust his companion, how could you not trust an entity that shared a body with you for centuries before manifesting into a weapon in form of a katana at its base. Still as basic as the sword may seem,, it was further from the truth than Trump’s presidency. In other words, the sentient weapon held an unbreakable bond with Ecstatic, which was gifted with capabilities of effecting through nearly any situation. This was due to the power of Sakkaku stemmed from the resonance of the two souls. Still within his sheathe, Ecstatic smiled and responded back. “No worries” 

After everything was sad and done, he exited his fleet that carried him to the destination that was given to him prior via the counterbalance database sending it via email to Ecstatic while in Vehemente. Tor began to bubble and build, a silver light glimmered from Sakkaku as its passive was in effect, as recognizing or dawning upon the light would shift reality. His  baby blue eyes were greeted with a magnificent view of the Pacific ocean. In the middle of the ocean was an island which he assumed would be the location, and at the moment there was no one there.


He uttered to himself before he hopped out the fleet, landing at the edge of the island. Once his boots kissed the ground, his body began to take in information, this was due to his enhanced nervous system  allowing his body to take in a plethora of information from many sources at once and have the neuronic pods filter out and organize the information for them. His body contained sacs that birth micro beings, creatures that are both hyper intelligent and sentient,  no bigger than large spiders. The moment of his landing, he felt the shift in the air, as a foreign energy signature appeared within the area, his passive awareness and senses as well as common sense as he was standing just a mere thirty feet before the man that had just appeared, he assumed this was his opponent.

Enhanced eyes looked at the male before, taking in information as well as analyzing him. Receptors in his already enhanced eyes passively gifted his eyes to see through illusions among other things, truth be told they were rather gifted. Enhanced ears heard the footsteps as eyes watched him walk over to a nearby tree, as if he was stalking his prey like the natural predator he was. A sinister smirk crept across his face as he felt the energy build within the stranger just before his eyes noticed the aura that surrounded him, which seemed to attract random critters within the island. It was disgusting 

The light on Sakkaku demanded attention as Ecstatic began to take steps towards his prey, his malicious presence if seeked, could be felt, Sakkaku was blessing this pathetic realm with its influence as the light continued to glimmer. He would unsheathe his sword, at its base, the katana had a blade that was six feet long and one foot long handle, didn't hinder his physical capabilities as he was far more enhanced than a human, standing at a staggering nine feet tall, the tip of his nearly indestructible blade slid across the island’s earth. Death was inevitable, but for whom? 

Kill or be killed 

Posted:  05/11/2017 
A light breeze strolled by him and his eyes lept open with it to view the figure he knew was to be his opponent on this day. The creatures that had amassed in his presence fled quickly to escape sensing with their intuition something dangerous was about to commence. Chaos unfolded his feet from the lotus position and stood to his feet to face his challenger. The bandages that were wrapped around his face could be seen crackling with sparks of electricity as his power began to flare with his eagerness to test his ability on a worthy foe. 
    His own attire was different than that of his challengers, due to it being less formal. The shirt he wore was black and emblazoned with a DK written in crude text. Along with that he had a pain of slim black jeans and a pair of black Dr. Marten boots. His appearance gave off the impression that one would have thinking of the punk subculture that humans participated in. The only visible indication that he was a warrior was a sword he had strapped to his back that stood out unsheathed glinting in the sunlight.
    Once facing his opponent his optics took in a cursory glance of his challengers immediate features. The six feet long katana that the warrior held struck his sights immediately with its impressive size. Along with the size of the katana, Chaos observed his opponent was of above average stature himself while Chaos was only around 5'9" himself. When his challenger struck the ground with his katana a smirk spread across Chaos' lips from beneath those tightly wound bandages. That enthusiasm for combat was what he sought today and seeing his opponent reflect that made his excitement even greater.
    Since Chaos was the one who set this event into motion he figured he should be the one to start this dance. With the lithe grace of an expert ballet performer Chaos took off towards his opponent. On his way towards his challenger Chaos moved in an erratic zig-zag motion making tracking his movements more difficult upon his competitor. When he crossed 15ft of his opponent Chaos had zagged towards the left flank of his challenger and then leaped into the air and thrusted his right arm downward firing a ki blast at the ground 5ft before the warrior. Instantly a huge cloud of dirt and smoke arose from the ki blast exploding on the ground obscuring Chaos from his opponents vision. 
    The moment the cloud had arose Chaos had teleported behind his opponent crouched slightly to deliver a series of strikes upon what he believed could be the warriors vitals due to his anthropomorphic figure. What heightened Chaos' chances of striking from the back was the placement of the smoke cloud. Having brought it up before the warrior it would be suggested that Chaos intended to strike the warrior from the front using the cloud to obscure just how he would do it. Appearing from the back gave him the advantage of surprise thus raising the likelihood that his strikes could land successfully. 
    After appearing behind the warrior Chaos coated his hands in energy and then shot out his hands with his index and middle fingers extended towards the warriors back. With his fingers coated in energy and protruding outward he had a much greater chance of doing heavier damage to his opponents vitals than from a standard punch. Strikes were made with surgical precision as if Chaos were some kind of expert in anatomy. Chaos aimed blows at where he assumed the warriors kidneys would be and along his spinal column. If either of these two areas would hit hardly enough serious injury or death would soon follow. Had Chaos not been crouched he would've concluded these strikes with a sharp blow to the back of the head at the base of the skull. A successful hit there and his opponents life could potentially be ended very quickly. 
    Having completed his barrage of attacks on the warrior Chaos would have to quickly maneuver himself to avoid a counter. As soon as the final strikes to the spinal column were made Chaos swiftly dashed backward 50ft from his opponent and assumed a defensive position readying himself for whatever the warrior may have prepared. While Chaos stood in wait he generated within himself energy that could possibly be used in the battle.
    Prep: 1
Posted:  05/11/2017 
The Cantons were a rather interesting race, racist in every way, their loyalties lied within their family, despite his older brother Spark leading the rather most dangerous organization within the realms name Vehemente, the members were skilled, their passion was heavy, but in the mind of Ecstatic? They were less than slaves, living out their means with the blessing of the Cantons.

Much like the tiny man before him, he held nothing but pure hate for him, funny because he couldn't decipher this man from the other victims he left behind him.  But the past was meaningless, what was important was how he should, could, and will end up killing this man in various amounts of ways. one was already in effect, as a  second and a half passed, Sakkaku radiance enjoined attention engulfing the body of Ecstatic, a smirk crept across his face as he stopped his steps five feet from his original position, he stopped the exact moment the male started to open his eyes. Simultaneously as his eyes opened and as the critters fled, tor particles started to exit out of his mouth  forced the temperature to drop at a rapid pace in the immediate vicinity and spreading five paces a second in an omnidirection a result of his build of power, influence spreading eight paces a second as well in an omnidriection, the smirk never faded..

Before and  during the couple of seconds it took for the stranger to stand up, the aforementioned influence of Sakkaku had presented itself in form of  the exact same silver light mentioned earlier shined bright like the sun in all directions, engulfing the entire area, and upon glancing or taking, all progress and activity will cease, natural eyes would be unable to see through such shine.  His right hand holding the sword, within the grasp of his left hand a blue orb made of tor unseeable to the natural naked eye engulfed his hand. The light seem to be harmless, however that assumption would be false due to the lies hidden inside the truth. Of course information will still be taken in, actions if performed would be traced, and he would follow up with an immediate reaction, but what happened next would be a mere faux. the air will shift as storm clouds cuddled the sun as if it they were already there, rain dropped from the heavens above, tor began to manifest into an energy ball that would launch out of his mouth traveling forty paces a second, however contact wasn't planned to be made as it would explode once it reached about five paces...

“Reach for the stars”


His voice echoed through the air just before the explosion occurred. So lovely, as the basketball sized blast of pure tor would simply detonate causing thousands upon thousands of crystal spikes(one foot long) made up of tor traveled in all directions, and upon impact? Lack of movement? Or an attempt to simply eat the attack would result in a number of things occurring. The physical aspect of the attack i.e the crystal spikes would pierce skin like it was butter, but with the infusion of tor, it would also cut  through weaker energy based defenses, The scattering of ice was mere half the speed of the actual energy blast prior, however connection was a possibility.

Ecstatic watched as the spikes flew past him avoiding him altogether, left hand holding no hidden shine, but in truth his power was still building, traps were set as one was hopefully taking in effect, Sakkaku demanded attention, though Ecstatic demanded death, light still shining and engulfing his frame, temperature continuing to drop, the sun shinned bright upon the new burial ground.  


Posted:  05/17/2017 
A blinding light emanated from the blade held in his opponents hand and immediately he began to feel a strange reaction occur within his body. It appeared that his body had been rendered immobile and that attempts to alter his perception were being made from the light, however thanks to his meditation and raising his senses dispelling the effects of the light did not take much effort to accomplish. Soon after though Chaos saw that he had another obstacle to mount from his challenger.

The warrior had formed a sphere of energy that he unleashed from his mouth towards Chaos. After witnessing that the warrior had abilities that relied on illusion Chaos was not going to wait to see what this attack may have in store for him. Quickly he drew his sword from his back and dashed backwards as the oncoming attack made its way towards him. Since Chaos was an inter-dimensional being he was able to use portals similarly to how he used teleportation to move. With great haste he opened one behind him and continued his backward dash into it holding his blade so that it pointed out behind him from his right side, narrowly escaping the blast that his challenger had fired towards him.

As the blast exploded into a countless barrage of spikes, a second portal appeared behind Chaos' challenger with Chaos still moving with the momentum of his backward dash and his blade directed towards the opponents lower back region. If the blade made contact it would pierce through the opponents body given Chaos' momentum of his backward dash and given that the opponent was anthropomorphic in structure inflict damage on the area that would be his kidneys. Chaos' likelihood of contact was greater given the surprise element of his attack and that his opponents focus was on the area that Chaos was formerly located.

Following the strike at the back, Chaos would leap up slightly and bring his other hand to the hilt of his sword. Swinging with a great force he would attempt a 360 degree slash at his opponents upper back area attempting to damage his spinal column rendering him immobile and potentially dead. After this he would thrust his left arm forward and unleash a pressure wave that would send him back 30ft and if making contact with his opponent send him hurtling towards the ground. Once Chaos had reached his destination 30ft away he would return his sword to his back and begin to generate energy to use for the match.
Posted:  05/17/2017 
***Prep: 2
Posted:  05/17/2017 


Listen... Please listen... Any living thing that cannot co-exists with a Canton must cease from existing, little boy now listen. Do you hear me? Do you see the shinning bright light? Can you feel your very palms getting sweaty? Your knees getting all weak like your mind, and your arms getting heavy? Acceptance is a hell of a thing, oh how the petty and weak fall face flat... Its beautiful....




Now lets rewind, and despite the odd choice of words, he had no such ability to manipulate time. That wouldn't be needed, you see the male before him had failed. Now please pay attention as Chaos was nothing more than a puppet.. Let me indulge. The male obviously had no illusion awareness, and quite frankly he had no chance in hell. His body was locked up, not able to move,as Chaos came under the influence of Sakkaku. He got out for a split second but due to the light never fading as well as the timing, he fell rigth back into the illusion. The influence was just to strong.  Now chances of getting out again?? Nearly impossible. Let that sink in




Now him exhaling tor particles, his natural element cooling down the air in his immediate area, those were all truths coinciding with the lie. What lie? Like stated before, the very very genuine light shinned casting Chaos inside of an illusion. That was the truth, and now the lie that was within the truth was a cloudy day, rain dropping from the heavens, but more importantly, the tor blast coming out his mouth was also just part of the lie. .. Oops

Chaos was under complete control due to his failure of successfully exiting out the illusion completely. What a waste of energy that he tried to use but fell just right back inside of Ecstatic's world. Since everything he's seeing is what he thinks is real... But in reality??? He was standing completely still, mind under a rather powerful influence. Stupidity to say the least.. He wasn't aware the first presentation of the light, and now he wasn't aware of his failure. Now with the mind under his influence, that pathetic aura he held? Gone, since he never stated it was a passive, one would assume he'd need focus to keep hold of the aura. And well with no brain activity being used, how could one focus? Energy usage? Since he never stated how his energy works, its safe to assume that he'd need brain activity to utilize it. And well same song and dance

No word was uttered. With the influence building entertainment within the illusion was increased. With the build of influence it would cement the control of Chaos's mind. Since no obvious defense towards such tricks was able to combat such. Such influence would instantly  overload Chaos's brain with millions upon millions of false information, upon overloading it would cause the brain to shut down completely. If no defense was held against that? Well his likeliness of him walking out of this situation was slim to none. Because what occurred at the same time, was Ecstatic's body suddenly vanished. Teleportation ? Nah he was utilizing his big brother's move, light step and no expulsion of energy was utilized... At least not yet. Light step broke the distance of twenty five feet within an instant, the tor that engulfed his hand now also coated his already powerful blade in tor infused crystal ice. Able to penetrate flesh like hot butter, due to the tor it'll also pierce through lesser power energy barriers, but nearly anything physical would be utter futile. Now did his opposition have any strong armor? Nope. Did he have any energy defenses? Nope. No energy passives was located, nor were they mentioned. This man was naked

Witin the faux events, time was pathetically slow, rain was dropping from the sky as if they were sliding down a car window. Ecstatic's body would simply vanish from the area leaving only a puddle of water in his wake. The real events was occurring within reality. As now, unless by the act of God that Chaos got out of this? Well if he did he would not be quick enough due to the aforementioned mistakes. Ecstatic, immediately following his arrival, he jam his weapon into the chest of Chaos.  The tor would begin to eat away at this man's existence and essence,  the rate of that would be rather swift. A smirk crept across his face as he assumed the overloading of information would cause the brain to completely shut down. Since the mind was already under his influence,the results should be high. That didn't matter to Ectstatic, as the tor was devouring Chaos' essence, the crystals would begin to spread its frost inside Chaos, exploding every time the frost covered an inch. Th explosion would cause Chaos's body to result in nothing but chunks of flesh. 

With the influence growing, and Ecstatic utilizing his tor to attack. The event of Chaos surviving was slim. Why? Well he couldn't move, he wasted energy and still fell under the beautiful influence. And now, if he doesn't hold a defense against the growing influence attacking the internal mentality of him overloading the brain with countless amounts of false and useless information placing Chaos in a vegetative state. And if that wasn't enough, the man was wide open for an attack that would happen in a near instant. If he didn't have a defense or react accordingly to Ecstatic thrusting his amplified and enhanced blade into his chest, then he'd be no more than lunch food... If everything went according to plan, and the chances of that was unlikely. Then Ecstatic would simply shake his head placing his blade back into the sheathe just before he teleported back into his ship, watching as the critters came back to eat the chunks of leftover meat. Death is a good dish best served cold....



Ecstatic-0 (1 used for final attack)

 OOC- 1. You only have 1 prep at the end of your turn because you wasted your 1st prep to break out of my illusion. But since you acknowledge my fake attack you fell right back into it. Meaning you wouldn't be able to prep due to being under my influence

2. Good game


Posted:  05/19/2017 

You are ridiculous lol. How are you going to say that I failed to break an illusion that was powered up by a single prep and is essentially an auto-hit? The only thing you mentioned in the judges panel and in PM was that this move caused an "illusion" which was vague as f*** and that physical movements were rendered immobile. 

I don't consider this match valid so the outcome is nullified. 
Posted:  05/19/2017 
(ooc- Dawg ma hints were in the post, you responded to a fake ass attack meaning you never broke out of it . You wasted ya prep so I went in for the kill. Don't be a sore loser


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