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08/11/2017 11:53 PM 

Characters 3: Yuta and Yuuto

Name: Yuta Sakata.
Age: 16
Species: Half-human, half-incubus.
Bio: Yuta's natural charm as an incubus has made women bend over backwards to please him all his life. He went through a phase where he loved it, but has now grown tired of it and wishes to find a woman who is resistant to his charms, like his father did. He works part time for a wealthy woman as house staff,
Abilities: Charm, makes women infatuated with him and do virtually anything he says. The effect is magnified by eye contact.
Apperance: Tall, black hair, red eyes, bishounen.

Yuuto Takayama
Age: 16
Species: Human.
Bio: Seemingly an ordinary high school student who goes out of his ways to help others, Yuuto is actually a vampire hunter. He was orphaned when a vampire killed his family. Yuuto was to be turned, but his magic potential awakened, allowing him to break free and slay the vampire. He then dedicated his life to destroying hostile monsters. He is skilled in the basics of both onmyoudo and western magic, but neglected to learn advanced techniques for either. He mostly operates alone, but if a youkai acts up, he'll usually work in tandem with the local youkai hunter family.
Abilities: Onmyoudo and western magic.
Appearance: Roughly five foot ten, light brown hair and brown eyes.


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