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August 18th, 2017

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Gender: Male

Age: 24
Country: United States

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August 12, 2017

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08/12/2017 12:53 PM 

Rules of Engagement (Read Before Adding)

1. I don't want your drama. I don't even want my own drama, stow that crap at the door, or please leave.

2. Comments are for Out of Character interactions. Messages, (sometimes Blogs), and Groups, are for roleplays.

3. I despise comments, so once the initial greetings are out of the way please just ask me for my Skype ID.

4. I am In Character 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time, I am still a prick. Don't like it, don't add me. 

5. I may take a while to reply, as I can be lazy and procrastinate like no tomorrow. I will however try to be prompt in my replies, and if I cannot reply promptly, a status, or bulletin will be posting to address such.

6. I have stuff I like to do aside from roleplaying, like other forms of writing, chilling outside, work, and the likes. In other words, I won't always be able to reply, just please be patient.

7. I reserve the right to add more rules.


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