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08/12/2017 01:38 PM 

Writing Example.

Question that was asked..sorta~Write a Short-Story: There's a Vendor selling a vial that can change your past, it can right your wrongs and steal even the memories from those close in order to change it favorably.~

She sat at the window, staring out into the rain as her fingers rolled the vial between them. Emerald hued eyes turned down to stare at it for a moment, lips pursing into a thin line in thought. What had the merchant told her? It could change an event from the past, from her past. It could reshape how things were today. That very thought made her lips quirk into a bitter and pained smile before she pushed her fingers through her hair, the choppy locks falling around her face for a moment. It was something she’d have to think deeply on.

Body leaned back against the window frame, side resting against the window itself as a low, thoughtful sound left her lips. If she could change things…what would it be? Would it be one of the more recent hurts, the meeting with Declan, the feeling of having her heart broken as once again she was used and cast aside by someone she had started to grow some for of affection and attatchment to? Her gaze shifted, looking towards the black strip of leather that had been placed into a box for safe keeping and that bitter smile crossed over her lips again, a faint sigh drawn from her lips. It was still an ache that she pushed to the side, she wouldn’t admit to missing him, no. Twice he had abandoned her, stupid enough to let him back into her life but it was a mistake that wasn’t to be made again.

A heavy breath escaped her before she shook her head to clear those thoughts from her mind. Fingers tapped against the vial, staring down at it once more before her gaze went hazy. Would it have been the loss of her first love that she would change? Perhaps that was one thing that had mentally shattered the midlander, a event so tramuatizing that it stuck with her for all these years. The screams still echoed in her head some nights, when the night terrors were at their worst. How she had failed to help him, how she had been to weak to even help watch his back. People made excuses about how it wasn’t her fault, she was just a young woman. She could have done better, had a better grasp on being able to cast, being able to protect him. She didn’t even get a chance to tell him. He would have been so disappointed in what she had become today.

Silent tears rolled down the red headed rogue’s cheeks before one hand lifted to scrub them away. That loss had cost her dearly. Not only the life of the man she had loved, but when she went back to try and sneak in and collect his belongings…get his body…she’d been captured by the beast men. A collar fit tight around her neck, locked into place and linked to shackles that bound her wrist and ankles. Years…it was, from a young woman to an adult grown. She spent her time locked in captivity. Beaten, trained, abused and used. The scars had faded but they still were there, the addiction that she had formed, coming to crave the pain as an ability to cope with it. She did not become docile. She did not roll over easily and take the abuse. She fought back, tooth and nail to try and get free. It was a struggle but now…Now she was free.

She looked at the vial, staring at it for a moment before she rose from her seat beside the window, bare feet carrying her towards the box that housed the strip of leather. Perhaps it was cowardice…or selfishness. The past was just that. It had forged her to what she was today…and for now it worked for her.


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