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JoJolossary (Need-to-Know Terms)

Phantom Blood
Stone Mask
The Stone Mask is an ancient Aztec mask made of stone that has the odd ability to turn humans into Vampires when exposed to blood.
Aztec Vampires
Vampires were once humans that were transformed by the Stone Mask. Along with eternal youth, features of a Vampire are wine-red irises, slightly elongated canines, superhuman capabilities, and the ability to control every biological function of the body. Unlike traditional vampires, these Vampires suck blood through their fingers by grappling their opponent. The only way to destroy a Vampire is to either completely destroy the brain or to expose them to sunlight; otherwise, they can feed on more humans to heal their wounds and come back again.
These were either living beings who were turned into a Zombie by a Vampire, or a dead corpse that was given life by a Vampire. They share the superhuman abilities that Vampires possess, along with their weakness to sunlight and their brain being destroyed. However, Zombies cannot heal their wounds and must feed on living flesh to survive.
This is energy caused by precise and unique breathing, and can be combined with martial arts and various objects or weapons to create a devestating fighting style. While it's typically non-lethal to humans, it shares the same wavelength as the rays from the sun, making it lethal to things that are weak to sunlight, such as Vampires and Zombies. Only about 1 out of every million can use Hamon.

Battle Tendency
Pillar Men
Similar to Vampires, these beings have lived for millinea, and are the creators of the Stone Masks. However, they are far stronger than any Vampire, and even consume Vampires for nutrients. Some have even found ways to survive in sunlight or withstand Hamon.
Red Stone of Aja
This crystal was naturally formed, and doesn't have even a hint of impurity within it. As such, it refracts light at tenfold its natural potency, creating something similar to a laser beam when used properly. If combined with a Stone Mask and used on a Pillar Man, it will evolve that Pillar Man, allowing them to stand in sunlight, become truly immortal, and even use Hamon (assuming that the Pillar Man knows how).

Stardust Crusaders
A Stand is a supernatural power unique to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Generally, Stands defend and empower those that possess them (referred to simply as Stand Users) in a variety of ways, and when revealed may be represented by figures hovering near to them, among a variety of other manifestations. The rules and guidelines of Stands are as listed below:
  1. A Stand protects its user, like a guardian. The name comes from "standing by" the user, sometimes using their powers without direct orders in order to protect the user, and by extension, themselves.
  2. A person can have only one Stand, though their Stand may evolve or gain unique forms. Stands that can switch between these forms are defined as "ACTs".
  3. Stands can be inherited.
  4. A Stand is part of its user, and damage is usually reflected between the two. Usually, if a Stand's leg is cut off, its user will lose their leg as well. Certain aspects of some Stands, such as the armor of a Stand, are immune to this effect. If the Stand is not exactly humanoid, they may reflect damage to their user's body relative to the area of the Stand that was damaged, or are an exception.
  5. Stands may only be seen by Stand Users; the exception being Stands bound to physical objects.
  6. A Stand can only be directly damaged by another Stand.
  7. A Stand's energy or power is inversely proportional to their operating range. The further a Stand is from its user, the weaker it becomes Ė Long-range Stands and/or Stands' long-range abilities are simpler in mechanism.
  8. Stands are usually bound to their user's body, but exceptions abound.
  9. When a Stand User dies, their Stand typically disappears with them, visually crumbling and breaking away; however, exceptions do exist.
  10. When a Stand is defeated, their user is either knocked unconscious or killed, depending on the level of injury.
Stand Stats
Stands each have stats, which are typically decided by what Stand Type they are. The categories are ranked A to E, with A being "Excellent" and E being "Very Poor". These categories are Power, Speed, Range, Durability, Precision, and Potential.
Stand Types
Like with people, there are many types of Stands with many different abilities. However, all Stands fall into at least a single category, which usually sets their Stand Stats.
  • Close-Range
    • These Stands are known for being able to inflict powerful and/or swift attacks or deal close-range effects, with Power and Speed normally ranking between A-C. However, they are only able to move small distances from their Stand Users and/or have short-range attacks or effect radius. These Stands will generally obey their users' will.
  • Long-Distance
    • These Stands follow their users' will and are capable of long-range movement. These Stands normally have ranged attacks and/or attack from distances as far as being measured in kilometers, which is why most Stands of this type are typically ranked A in Range. On the other hand, they generally sport lower Power compared to Close-Range Stands.
  • Automatic
    • Automatic-types are Stands that act on their own. They follow a simple objective without being directly ordered by their Users, though they can be preset to follow orders before they are activated. Said users do not have to be present for the Stands to do anything, as these Stands have a range that is close to infinite, with no diminish in power relative to the distance from their user. The user will not receive any damage if the Stand takes any damage (in most cases). As an offset, since they are remotely controlled, automated Stands often lack precision and complex cognitive ability, and are clumsy compared to normal Stands.
  • Bound
    • Bound Stands, are bound to material objects, such as vehicles or dolls. Said Stands, if bound to fluid objects, may even be intangible. These Stands can be seen by ordinary humans. Although most of them vary in terms of statistics, they commonly have medium-to-no Potential due to these Stands only being able to manipulate the object they are bound to. They typically rank A in Durability, because they often do not take damage themselves, sometimes even having self regenerating ability; or because their ability is always active, being bound to objects.
  • Tool
    • Tool-types are Stands that take the form of an object, used as a weapon, it is up to the User to directly wield/hold them. They may look like Bound Stands but it is the User that calls them, and they arenít visible to non-Stand Users. Damaging them will not wound the User. They have high Durability and low Development Potential for the same reasons as Bound Stands.
  • Integrated
    • Integrated-types are Stands which give the User additional abilities. As the name suggest, they are actually integrated to their Userís body. The Stand User uses the ability without the Stand itself appearing corporeally. As such the Stand itself is never seen. They have high Durability since the ability is effectively always active.
  • Wearable
    • Wearable-type Stands cover their user like armor, defending them along with the use of their abilities. Because they are bound to their user, their Range is often short, though depending on the Stand they may be able to use projectiles, among other long-ranged attacks.
  • Combined
    • Combined Stands refer to Stands that have merged their abilities with another's Stand, resulting in a Stand which is able to use a mix of different abilities.
  • Evolved
    • A select few number of Stands have the inherent ability to undergo metamorphosis and evolve, becoming stronger and allowing their user to use the Stand in different forms with new, enhanced, or different powers. Each stage, or "ACT", has a different appearance and different abilities. Its user may be able to call upon different ACTs at will.
  • Special
    • Any Stand that does not fall into any of the categories above is categorized as a Special Stand.
Diamond is Unbreakable
These unique arrows have the ability to grant Stands to those that are pierced by it. However, approximately 75% of the people pierced instead die. Only about 25% of those pierced by an Arrow gain a Stand.
Vento Aureo
This is the gang that controls the entirety of Naples in Italy. The leader, known simply as "The Boss", is never seen, and nothing is known about him. His orders are given to his underboss, Vinegar Doppio, who gives orders to Operatives, who control smaller groups that specialize in certain things, such as drugs, enforcement, and etc.
Requiem Stands
If a Stand is pierced by an Arrow, it gains a unique ability and can control human souls in a specific way. However, most people cannot control their Requiem, and the Stand will often go on a rampage if the Stand User cannot control it.

Stone Ocean
Green Dolphin Street Prison
Also commonly referred to as "G.D. St. Prison" in writing, this is a maximum-security prison located on an island off the coast of Florida, USA, which is called "Green Dolphin Island". The only way into and off of the island is by a single highway that leads to and from the mainland. There are no ports or docks, and no landing pad for air vehicles. Most of the Stone Ocean arc occurs within this prison.
The main ability of Whitesnake, the main antagonist's Stand, is to turn certain aspects of a person into a rubber-like Disc. Typically, there are only two types of Discs: a Memory Disc and a Soul Disc. Memory Discs can contain anywhere from an entire person's memory (both conscious and subconscious), or a single specific memory (if Whitesnake can pinpoint the memory). Soul Discs contain the life force of a creature, along with their Stand (if they have one).

Along with the two main Disc types, there are also Ability Discs, Sensory Discs, and Command Discs. Ability Discs contain certain memories or abilities, such as the ability to cook. Sensory Discs are typically much smaller than all the other Disks, and each one contains one of the five senses: touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. Command Discs have certain memories contained that, when placed into an individual, forces them to follow a set of commands.

These Discs can be taken from or placed within any living creature. When taken from a creature, it removes that certain thing from them, but if it was to be given to another creature, that creature would gain that thing. For example, if a Memory Disc is taken from an individual and placed within another person, that person would be able to see the memories that were contained within the Disc, but the person whose Memory Disc was stolen will have forgotten it completely.

Steel Ball Run
Steel Ball Run Universe
Due to the actions and death of the Stand User of "Made in Heaven", the entirety of the JoJo universe was "reset", essentially rewriting the universe. Most would call this a "alternate universe", but it is stressed upon by Funny Valentine that the world of Steel Ball Run is the "base" world, where everything originates; this makes it certain that the universe itself was reset. Theoretically, if a Stand with a similar ability to "Made in Heaven" appeared and reset the universe under the same conditions as before, the effect could be duplicated, resulting in a new "base" world.
Steel Ball Run
The Steel Ball Run is a race (set in the 1890s) with a series of checkpoints and routes on a rough course between San Diego and New York City, USA. This arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is named after the race and is hosted by Steven Steel and the President of the United States, Funny Valentine. The champion is to receive 50 million dollars. Most competitors use horses, camels, or even the new automobile. However, any form of transportation is legal, including running by foot. Illegal activities, such as assault and murder, are forbidden during the race and will result in immediate disqualification by the hot air balloon referees.
While very similar to the original Stands introduced in Stardust Crusaders, there seems to be a different variation to the rules for Stands introduced in Steel Ball Run. The only difference seems to be that it seems impossible to be naturally born with a Stand, and the only people who have gained Stands are those who have acquired a piece of the Holy Corpse or those who have survived being inside a Devil's Palm.
The Spin is a physical phenomenon and technique, possibly a couterpart to the Hamon power introduced in Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency. As demonstrated and explained by Gyro Zeppeli, the technique often involves the use of the phalanges/fingers, hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder, to the entire body in spinning a ball and/or launching it with the aim of exploiting the Magnus effect (whereby in flight, a spinning ball, by deflecting air flow) curves from its principal flight path, calculating trajectories with references to golden rectangles in the environment.

Although a variety of objects are shown to be compatible with the Spin, Gyro prefers special steel balls; grooved, steel spheres characteristic of a baseball, which is the near-perfect tool for applying and maintaining Spin.
Holy Corpse
Apparently ancient human remains; the Corpse Parts are first described as belonging to a Saint, a miraculously self-preserving, and disposed to imparting miraculous powers, later coined as Stands. The Corpse Parts are eventually revealed to belong to Jesus. There are 9 Corpse Parts in all, and in Steel Ball Run, the Corpse Parts are the only way to develop a Stand (aside from surviving inside of a Devil's Palm). When completely assembled, the Holy Corpse seems to have its own Stand, known as Ticket to Ride. This Stand takes the shape of a thin wall of light that surrounds either the Holy Corpse or another being near to the Corpse. Those inside of Ticket to Ride can only experience good fortune, with all misfortune being shoved off to someone else in the world (i.e. a disease is transferred to a dying person inside Ticket to Ride, but the disease is given to someone else). It is theorized that whichever nation controls the Holy Corpse can benefit from Ticket to Ride if it is buried under the ground of the nation's capital.

Left Arm
Rib Cage
Right Arm
Devil's Palms
Devil's Palms house and/or emerge around each of the Holy Corpse Parts. When Jesus died on the western coast of North America, a great storm and earthquake tore and reshaped the land, which divided his Corpse into 9 parts that would be carried by animals and other forces of nature eastwards.

Carrying the Corpse Parts while migrating around the country and appearing in seemingly random places, Devil's Palms occasionally ensnare people, occasionally granting them Stands, or, still less often, a Corpse Part.

Aside from the Corpse Parts, surviving a period in any of these locations seem to be the only way to develop a Stand in Steel Ball Run.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
This is Funny Valentine's Stand. Its ability is to send objects across the multiverse if it is fit between two objects. For example: a flag and the ground; two pieces of bread; a door and a wall. If someone (or an object) other than Valentine meets their alternate-universe self and is within 2 meters of each other, they will rip apart and cease to exist from both universes.

Upon Valentine's death, provided that he is in an alternate universe, he can pass Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and his memories onto the next Valentine. Like the Holy Corpse, there only seems to be one version of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, so if Valentine is unable to reach an alternate universe before his death, he cannot pass his Stand onto the next Valentine.

While the timeframe of JoJolion seems to take place approximately 120 years after the events of Steel Ball Run, the rules of Stands seem to revert back to the original ruleset of Stardust Crusaders.
Wall Eyes
After the Tohoku Earthquake, odd geological phenomena, known as Wall Eyes, sprang up in random locations around Morioh (the main setting of JoJolion). For currently unknown reasons, when someone visits or lives near a Wall Eye, they occasionally gain the ability of a Stand. In addition, if two things are buried in the ground, they seem to "fuse" together to some degree. Much about the Wall Eyes are still unknown.
Rokakaka Fruit
The Rokakaka was a fruit found in New Guinea approximately in the Edo period, and it was very rare even then. Nowadays, it's simply a legend to those who do not know of its existence. While it can cure any disease or wound, an Equivalent Exchange occurs within the consumer. The effects of this Equivalent Exchange vary, but the simplest way to think about this is to think of the laws of Alchemy from FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Eyes of Heaven
Eyes of Heaven Universe
Eyes of Heaven is a unique "What If?" story arc that combines the entirety of the current JoJo universe, brought about by Funny Valentine's discovery of DIO, Gone to Heaven. Herein, some of the normal rules of Stands and Vampires don't apply, depending on the circumstance.
The normal rules of "only Stand Users can see Stands" and "only Stands can hurt Stands" disappear completely, allowing any and everyone to see and attack Stands. This might be due to The World Over Heaven's main ability, but it is never fully explained.
DIO, Gone to Heaven
This is an alternate universe version of DIO from Stardust Crusaders. Remember what we discussed in the Steel Ball Run section about Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap? Well, after Valentine's defeat by Johnny Joestar, he continued to go from universe to universe, hoping to erase the effects of Tusk, ACT 4. Eventually, he met a DIO that had eradicated the entirety of the Joestar bloodline, preventing the universe reset caused during the events in Stone Ocean, and also evolving his Stand even further.

When DIO, Gone to Heaven discovered that Valentine had come from a different universe, a universe in which the Joestars had defeated him, he traveresed there using The World Over Heaven (his Stand), and begun a plot to conquer the "base" world.
The World Over Heaven
DIO, Gone to Heaven's Stand. While its initial ability was to stop time for up to nine seconds, it evolved using a method discovered in Stone Ocean, which had evolved Whitesnake into C Moon, and C Moon into Made in Heaven.

Now, with The World having evolved into The World Over Heaven, it can now overwrite reality. From traversing the universe to bringing the dead back to life, anything is possible when you can rewrite reality to your liking. This is presumably why Vampires like Vanilla Ice can walk in daylight and why non-Stand Users can see and harm Stands within this story arc. The World Over Heaven is arguably the strongest Stand to date in JoJo history.

The rules and limitations of The World Over Heaven aren't discovered until near the end of Eyes of Heaven, and so, to keep it like the story, I won't reveal any limitations of this Stand until someone discovers it in a RolePlay.


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