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08/12/2017 11:40 PM 

The Order

Seek all evil, hunt all evil, kill all evil

Head of the Order: William Bellator (Given immortality by magic purposes) A Hunter organisation whose time of creation is dated back so far in time, that history books have a hard time narrowing down itís origins, William Bellator and the council are the other ones who know of how it was truly formed (Though Kuroís memories are blocked from her human life, hence making her unable to recall when it formed). The Order is fixated on clearing the world of evil, killing and hunting any supernatural being that tries to disrupt the balance of humanity or harm humans. The Order is known for itís brutality against supernatural being, even going as far as to kill beings of innocent if they are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, but despite that, they do find ways to help beings live as human as possible, even creating drugs in substitute for feeding on humans (there most common drug being RED, popular with flesh consumers and blood drinkers, though it last for short periods of time and needs to be taken every 3 or so hours.) The Order is of a Catholic religion and most members believer strongly in God (Kuro is not one of those people).

By order of William, The Order has a Council that go by The Eternals, this council consist of Markus Effundo, Victor Caedis, Eric Peters, Saul Fervere and Kuro Laurent. The members, much like William, were granted immortality, but not invincibility, they all still have the capability of death. Kuro is one of the few not granted such due to already obtaining immortality from her vampiric side. The Order consist of hand picked warriors who the council believe have the power and ability to fight for humanity, these warriors are broken into groups or guilds that serve many purposes. Some of these groups are ordered into fighter/title types, magic users, swordsmen, assassin, tamer, etc. Some groups in the organisation are;
The Forsaken: The Forsaken are the spell users of The Order, humans who have spell books and have been practicing the art of magic from young ages. Forsakers are usually used as shield for the fact their magi can form barriers around fighters to protect them. Forsakers are also used as long distant fighters, enchanters, healers and various other things. Markus Effundo is head of The Forsaken
The Crimson Knights: Crimson Knights are the main combat fighters/hunters of the organisation, the head of the Knights being Kuro since she was the very first Crimson Knight. Knights are usually the first to be sent to battles or to hunt, being that they are raised from a young in swordsmanship and archery. They are trained to be ruthless and to kill their target without mercy, theyíre the ruthless killers of the organisation.
The Black Thorns: Assassins. Black Thorns are usually used if the target that is needed dead is of nobility, royalty or has a important role in the supernatural world, but is still found upsetting the balance of good and evil. Black Thorns are just as ruthless, if not more ruthless, as Crimson Knight. Leader of the Black Thorns is none other then Victor Caedis. Assassins are trained to use one-handed weapons, low-key magic and stealth moves.
The Emerald Tamers: Emerald Tamers are humans of the organisation who through ancient magic and markings, have the power to tame battle/combat demons and angels. They are able to summon demons and angels with seals and through the ancient markings, bind them to them by blood, meaning if the user died, they would die with them, making the demons and angels obedient to the user and become perfect weapons for the Emerald Tamer. Some Tamers of high ranks are also able to tame beast like dragons, shapeshifters and various other beast. Eric Peters is the head of The Emerald Tamers.
The Voiceless Crosses: Voiceless Crosses are the monks of the organisation ad the exorcist, specialising in healing, both physically and spiritually, as well as specialising in the craft of evil exorcising, protective barriers and much more. Voiceless Crosses are usually stay-at-base workers, acting as guards for captured supernatural beings or as healers for injured hunters who are brought back from hunts/missions. Saul Fervere is the head of the Voiceless Crosses.


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