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09/12/2017 03:21 PM 

Getting angry with this website.
Current mood:  angry

My friend has been having nothing but anxiety and depression for the past months. He has been suicidal and then some. He has lost many friends because of his mental state. I need to say this now, before some of you start going "It's his fault.".

First of all, he has athazagoraphobia, you develop this sort of mentality from a traumatizing experience. Something in your life has happened and it sticks with you forever. Some people cannot get over these type of experiences.

Second of all, If you choose to 'leave' said person for not being able to get over certain events in their life without saying anything to them. Such as "Sorry" or even not listen to them, you're only going to make them feel worse. It'll add on to the pain they have already accumulated. 

A few other things I want to get out. If you're considered a 'family member' to that person, that means they think highly of you. Now. To leave that person because they are worried constantly of losing you is a bad move. You should comfort them. Not yell at them for always worrying constantly. 

This is kind of a personal level to a certain person. You shouldn't have LEFT him after he was having a hard time. He lost many people within the span of a month because of certain people. You should've stayed and listen to him. He lost his friends, his rp mom, and a few people died in his family. He was worried about LOSING YOU for many reasons. He loved you like a brother. You even tried to guilt trip him into joining an anime verse, which he didn't want to be apart of. He didn't say anything, instead he cried. He was hurt by that. You then acted as if he didn't care about you at all, just because he didn't say anything about a certain situation. He has a lot of fears. A lot. Now he wants to kill himself, yet again. Right now, I believe you pushed him too far. 

Point being, I'm sick of people LEAVING others because of their mental state. That's the worst time to leave someone and that's just wrong.


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