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September 06, 2017


09/12/2017 08:31 PM 

Dierde (Human/Humanoid)
Current mood:  adored

Character Name:
Dierde L. Pierce
Name Meaning:

Dierde: Sorrow, strange for such an upbeat person.
Dier (Dear), Little, others
Reason for Nickname:
Just pet names for fun
May 17
Usually young adult or late teens, depends on storyline. (Will be revealed during the Roleplay)

Student, and working towards being a (Depends on Storyline- usually Detective.)

Social Status:
High Class

Body Build:
A semi-curvy but also fit-ish body shape. 

Physical Description:
(( This .... is not accurate at all normally, just go by what I say or send in roleplays. ))
Pale skin, amber eyes that are a family trait and thick dark lashed that rim them. She often has bags under her eyes, but it has been that way since birth for Dierde. Her eyes held fire as well and she is a stubborn one, not backing down from a fight- even if she knows she will lose. She has several face claimed for different occasions so please, follow below~!

Superhero: Mei Misaki XxXx REAL
SuperVillain: Mizore Shirayuki
Android: Laura Bodewig 
Blood Born: Touka Kirishima
Inu: ****
Neko: Shiro (NGNL) REAL
Usagi: ****
Empress: ****
Princess: Erio Touwa
Experiment: Yoshino (DAL)
Hunter: Alice (PH)
Beggar: ****
Assassin: Eri Shiina
Servant: Charlotte Dunois

Fandom Species Looks:
Saiyan: ****

Her clothing choices just depend on the era and what all she is doing, most likely will be described in a roleplay.

Stance/Walking Pace:
A strong and straight posture, confidence coming from it and her walking stride.

She has a high raised city girl accent- not the squeaky annoying one, but the refined one.

Strength: 5/10
Speed: 6/10
Swimming: 3/10
Fishing: 1/10
Fighting: 5/10
Stalking: 6/10
Social: 7/10
Trustworthiness: 8/10
Independence: 4/10
Resilience: 7/10
Cooking: 8/10
Riskiness: 7/10

[[ Glass Half Full ]] Always positive and uplifting, even in dire moments

[[ Empathetic ]] Can feel empathy and understanding for others. (Can be negative as well)
[[ Resilient... Mostly ]] She can bounce back easily from most physical pains but not emotional.


[[ Empathetic ]] Can feel empathy and understanding for others. (Can be positive as well)
[[ Trusting ]] This could be a bad trait if you run into the wrong crowd.

Study, doodle, photography, explore, practice, repeat. That is basically her life cycle even! Oh... and lots of hygiene- a clean freak.

Weapons/Prized Items:
Carries around Mace. Her prized item would be a small toy fox that she leaves on her bed, it is from her childhood.

Becoming a head investigator and as famous as Sherlock!

Powers depend upon the roleplay, and will be described thus.


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