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Gender: Female

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Name: Soteria Drachen

Pronunciation: So-tear-ee-uh

Nicknames: Sota (give her some.)

Species: Dragon (Air/Wind)

Gender: Female

Age: 708.

BirthDate: Unknown.

Height: 4'11.

Eye color: Dark blue.

Hair color: Light blue.

Tattoos: Clan mark in between her shoulder blades.

Dragon appearance: She is a bit smaller then the average dragon. Her scales start out as a light blue the turn to a dark blue almost black at the tips. 

Skills: Coming soon!

Bio: Many years ago there was a clan of strictly wind dragons. They were proud creatures who were very close minded to any other element. The two leaders of the clan had many daughters but the eldest was named Soteria. The clan lived in arrogance for two hundred years until one day a small dragon came across the clan and begged for help but the clan decided to take him in, not to protect him but to use him as an example to not enter their territory. Sending the young dragon back out after they had tortured him in more ways then one. The young dragon limped away but stopped to warn them that in three months time that he would return and they would regret this day. The young dragon had been from a rivaling clan, the two clans had been fighting over territory for months, when he returned to his home he had died from blood loss but he had managed to tell the elders what had happened. Naturally this would mean war between the two since they technically killed one of their young.

Soteria's clan just laughed off the young dragon's warning and went about their daily life. Soteria herself was worried about it though and talked to her parents multiple times about it, even to the point of when she would get punished. Eventually she gave up trying to prepare for the worst that would come.

Three months later it was like the young had said. The fight was mostly one sided due to Soteria's clans ignorance and their arrogance. Their nature is what lead them to their end.

It lasted only two days and within those two days the whole clan and village were burned to the ground with nothing but ruins left and the eldest daughter of the clan. 

During the fight Soteria was fighting by her youngest sister, as an attack was heading for them her sister sacrificed herself to save Soteria. During the attack Soteria hit her head knocking herself out and luckily was under rubble that hid her from the attackers. When the dragoness woke up she removed the rubble that covered her and looked around in utter confusion, she couldn't remember anything about what happened to this place that she was in or who she was. When looking around tears streamed down her face at the sight of so many dead bodies, she had no idea why she was crying when she didn't even know who these people are. 

Soteria wandered around the surrounding area but still couldn't remember a thing. While walking she came across a man who was just sitting in the forest. Even though he was sitting she could tell that he was at least 6'3, his hair was a dirty blond and went to down to his shoulders and he was lean and muscular. Before she could react the male sensed her presence, before she could see what was coming she was being held up by the throats against a tree. His green orbs pierced into her very soul. A couple minute pass and he lets her down while looking at her with a pissed off expression. "Who the hell are you?" He asked.

Wanting to answer but not know what she could say she tilts her head and opens her mouth to say something, anything, but nothing came out. 

"Are you mute or deaf you stupid girl? I asked you a question." His tone sent chills over her skin and she would shrink away from him. She might remember anything but she could tell he was displeased with her. 

Lowering her head as an apology she squeezed her eyes shut and waited for him to finished her off. 

There was something different about her that kept him from doing what he normally would. Seeing that she was visibly hurt he sighed and lead her to where he was sitting. "Wait here. My name is Savitar Drachen." He said using an annoyed tone.

The two camped here together for a couple weeks. Soteria had eventually learned to speak again and she had even remembered her name. While spending time together the dragoness had slowly began to grow feeling for Savitar. 

All good things must come to an end though. Savitar eventually had to leave and return to his own clan. 

The two wouldn't meet again for many years after that. Soteria had gotten back on her feet and went back to where she first woke up to try to regain her memories, little by little she did but oddly enough she felt no grief. Knowing that they had deserved what they had gotten she transformed back into her dragon form and flew away finally feeling a sense of freedom that she had been missing for many years. After flying for many days and nights Soteria finally landed but collapsed from exhaustion. To her luck Savitar had been wandering near by and recognized her scent. 

Waking up to a more or less familiar sight Soteria sat up and glanced around. A smile appearing on her face when seeing him sitting like how when they first met. For many nights she had hoped that they would meet again. 

To her surprise he had wanted to see her again too.

The two reconnected and Soteria had told him about her memories returning to her and everything that had happened back then. 

Savitar had decided to stay with Soteria for at least a couple months to make sure she was doing okay, even though it was an excuse to stay by her side. 

Months turned into years and Savitar had decided to finally ask her to marry him and become apart of his clan, which she said yes to being his wife. The two went back to his home and got married. 

What was suppose to be happily ever after was short lived, about four months after the wedding a war broke out. Soteria had many flash backs of watching her own clan being slaughtered in front of her, during one of her flash backs she should have gotten killed but Savitar had moved her out of the way so that she could be spared. Watching him fall with tears in her eyes Soteria knelt down beside him and placed his head in her lap as she cried out, wind started to form in a dome like shape around the two as she continued to cry. Placing his hand to her cheek he kissed her before saying 'live for us Sota.' And with those four words her died while showing her a smile. Getting up Soteria fought twice as hard as she ever had to make sure his sacrifice wasn't in vain. 

With the war finally over Soteria took her lovers body and buried it in the place that they had first met. After spending a couple days of saying her goodbyes she had caught word that Blitz was going to be rebuilding the clan of some sorts. Soteria went on search of Blitz to see who else had survived this ordeal.


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