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OfFire&Ice (gone/retired)

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September 21st, 2017

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Gender: Female

Age: 26
Country: United States

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September 12, 2017


09/12/2017 08:44 PM 


o1. Just because I have two charas doesn't make this a multi-chara account. I am only rping as one chara. My chara happens to be a twin and because these are my book charas the other twin comes with it. Mostly the second chara is here for edits and people to understand her personality and what she looks like. So that does not mean (if I pair up my chara) that you're gonna f*** both of them or try a 3-some with both of them because the second chara hates the idea of love and would sooner rip your balls off than f*** you. Just a heads up.

o2. DO NOT STEAL MY CHARAS/EDITS/COMMISSIONS THAT I PAID FOR! These are my book/novel charas and have been copyrighted. 

o3. RP is RP. RL is RL. Do not assume that because my chara has feelings for your that I actually have feelings for you in rl. I'm usually always in chara until i actually talk about rl sh*t. 

o4. I prefer RPs be done in messages and chitchat/rl done it comments or line. Unless we're close. 

o5. I have a rl job and I play WoW so I'm always lazy when it comes to replies. Even if I do get on a lot I'm 95% on mobile.

o6. If you try and God-Mod or control my charas I will block you. Even Alex and Scout know when to take hits. 

o7. Do not send me random erotica. If I pair my chara up with anyone that is my choice. And you'll be blocked.

o8. I don't care if you hate me or think you know me. I just don't give a f***. Kthanks.

o9. If and only IF my chara is paired off do not touch them. But that is not likely to happen. So no touchy!


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