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September 12, 2017


09/12/2017 10:13 PM 



1) Spelling & Grammar.

I don't care if its a one liner of us humping like rabbits on Viagra. I expect you to be able to spell in a coherent manner. Mistakes are one thing but you better know how to write at a high school level!

(I know English isn't everyone's first language. Aside from looking at other's rules I also look to see where they're from. If this is the case and I added you or you added me, that means I'm fine with it.)

2) All RPs Are Separate.

This mostly pertains to Romance and Adult RPs but I'm here to have fun. If our characters are together in our RP then they are together in OUR RP! I'm not going to suddenly end my other RolePlays or let it affect them. Just like if I lost an arm in a Fighting RP, I'm not suddenly going to be missing one, and gushing blood in all my other RolePlays. That would be weird..

3) God Modding & Character Controlling.

This mostly pertains to Fighting and Adventure RPs but it has come up in others. Don't control my characters whether my main one (Lucien) or minor ones created just for our RP. If I'm bothering to create an enemy for you or us to fight, I don't want you to just say "Punched into wall, dead."
Likewise I know you want to be a big tough badass but.. If you're just going to dodge/block/deflect/negate everything, what's even the point in me replying?

4) RL Friendship and Romance.

I've made friends in rp in the past and even met my ex girlfriends this way. I don't have a problem with it but I do want to make one thing clear. If we only ever talk in character, then we aren't friends. Sorry but I don't know a thing about you if all my interactions with you is as "Lucien".

5) Real Life Problems Are Not My Problems.

Don't bring Real World problems into our RP. If you are going through something difficult I understand. You can even send me a separate "OOC" message and I'll hear you out. But keep our RP separate, even if that means saying "Hey, I got some RL stuff going on. Can't RP for awhile."

6) Who Added Who.

It's simple. If you added me then I send the starter. If I added you then you send the starter. If you're not good at starters then send me a message saying such and I'll gladly make one for us.

7) The "D" Word.

No not d*ck, I love d*ck! Hence me being bi. No I mean that other four letter word that starts with a "D", Drama.. Unless that word ends in RP and is in message form I better not see it ANYWHERE! I can't tell you what to do on your own page but if you're going to post your problems every other day then don't expect to see me on your friends list for long.

8) I Don't Care How High You Can Count.

I shouldn't have to pull fingers to get a conversation out of you. If you don't like how the RP is going, say so. If you can't think of a starter or reply, say so. If you can't think of anything to say, say so! Math is my least favorite subject and by extension I'm not to fond of NUMBERS! If you don't communicate I'm going to assume I'm not worth your time and vice-versa.

9) Rule Breaker, Breaking All The Rules!

I delete rule breakers at the end of the month by which time I might choose to forgive some. However if you break several, or make it clear you didn't bother reading these rules which for the most part is just common sense. I will delete and block you on the spot.


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Read and understood

Posted on Wed Oct 25, 2017, 18:24



understood if i typed to fast ill go back and re-read next time i do that alot. I do apologize ahead of time. 

Posted on Wed Sep 13, 2017, 23:18

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