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January 19th, 2018

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 27
Country: United States

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September 12, 2017


09/12/2017 10:18 PM 

Lucien's Character Outline

Name: Lucien
Age: 23
Race: Nephilim
Height: 6'0"
Hair: Black, past the shoulder blades.
Eyes: Sapphire
Complexion: Fair
Orientation: Bi-Seme (prefers women)
Markings: Marine Corps tattoo surrounded by eleven black stars on right shoulder. Diagonal scar across chest descending from right to left, from shoulder to left side.


Outfit 1- Brown Stetson hat, dark trench coat, white T-Shirt, leather gun-belt, blue jeans, knee high black boots fastened with a series of belts. Sometimes has a sword belt that wraps around over his right shoulder and under his left arm.
Outfit 2- Black hoodie, white T-Shirt underneath, leather gun belt underneath, blue jeans, black steel toed boots or tan combat boots.
Custom Outfits- Outfits made specifically to fit the RP. These will usually follow the same color scheme as the ones above. 


Bonnie & Clyde- Two Silver .45 Cal Magnum Revolvers.
Seigyoku "The Wolf Queen"- An intelligent summon sword able to conjure a human form mostly for communication but capable of wielding "herself". The sword itself appears as a Celtic claymore with a blade made from a single piece of polished sapphire. The hilt is silver and decorated with etchings of wolves with a more dynamic design of a pack of wolves on the hunt cast in silver along the blade face. Seigyoku takes on a form that reflects her wielders personality. Even Lucien is unsure of her "true" form.


First Aid- Moderate
Two Handed Sword- Expert
One Handed Sword- Adept
Throwing Knives- Moderate
Side Arms- Expert
Rifles- Marksman
Destructive Magic Arts- Expert
Healing Magic Arts- Skilled
Illusion Magic Arts- Skilled
Transmutation- Novice


Regeneration- Small cuts will heal in half a day, under distress almost instantly. Burns take a full day to three. Major injuries require medical attention but little after care. (Example: Broken bones need to be set, to heal.)
Blood Properties- Lucien's blood can heal others by spilling it directly on the wound if external, or ingestion if internal. Excessive use can cause addiction, especially in vampires even if not ingested.
Blood Rain- An eye ability that consumes energy in order to increase Lucien's visual perception. At higher levels he can even see the displacement of air caused by movement giving him a slight edge at predicting strikes. At this level his energy is depleted quickly and must be used sparingly. A side effect of Blood Rain is the eyes turning a vibrant crimson with concentric black rings forming around the pupil.
Wings- Limiters placed on his body can be removed when facing strong opponents. As a result his body sprouts wings to help deal with the excess energy and function like normal wings. More wings sprout as limiters are removed however excessive use can wear on the body causing damage. In the short term exhaustion is a usual side-effect. Prolonged use can begin shortening his life span.

Bio: Lucien to his knowledge is the last of his kind. A remnant of a ancient and forgotten history. Born in 1990 in New York his biological parents gave him up for adoption. It was in the foster-care system where he would learn he wasn't exactly normal and a cycle of torment would soon begin. Not able to understand or control the abilities granted to him by his heritage. He struggled with his Blood Rain ability activating on its own sending his still developing body into seizures, unable to deal with the amount of information his eyes were receiving. There were also the paranormal aspect to his power, mostly in the form of poltergeist. By twelve Lucien could no longer deal with the cycle of being welcomed into a family only to be chased out of it to begin the process anew, and ran-away.
Hitch-hiking he eventually ended up in Kansas. Use to transferring schools he knew what he needed to forge to get in and used what little money he had to bribe a drug-dealer to act as a parent for the application. Once in school he began working at a corner store in the small town in exchange for a room and a small allowance. The seizures now a thing of the past and his powers more or less under his control Lucien felt he was finally making a life for himself. Then at fourteen he was accosted by four unassuming men. Their rage and violence seemed unnatural for people he had never met or known. In the struggle it was revealed what he truly was. It was also the first time he ever summoned his wings.

With foresight he had saved up a small amount of money, paranoid he would slip up and earn the scorn of others. With his savings he moved across country and transferred schools beginning a new cycle where now, he was now the one abandoning his friends. At seventeen Lucien had learned to embrace his powers and train in their use. He also had a long enough history of getting legal documents with use of his fake ones it was easy to get past background checks. Armed with this he enlisted in the Marines. Something he felt was the only way to escape his pursuers but also a place he could feel he finally belonged.

Enlistment had a whole new set of problems but Lucien reveled in the challenges the Marine Corps gave him. He excelled in the military, quickly joining Recon soon after basic and rising in the ranks quickly. The Corps also gave him a body physically capable of handling his burgeoning powers. Having reached a plateau in civilian life.

After four years he returned to civilian life in the states where his pursuers were waiting. However now with a new set of skills and greater command of his ability, Lucien began going on the offensive. Setting traps, ambushing, kidnapping, torturing his pursuers for information he learned they were a group known as Ordinis flammeum gladium, Order of the Flaming Sword. Ever since Lucien has been waging a one man war against this secretive Christian order. Constantly moving, striking out when he can, but this obsession comes at a cost to bonds. Every time he moves, it's another partner to bid farewell, friends to leave behind, contacts to cut ties with.

Personality: Lucien can be difficult to read. With new people he can be seem as cold or distant but always tries to be friendly. He also likes to play the flirt particularly with girls though these aren't usually stable relationships. Those who get closer can see him open up more and actually see what is perhaps a glimpse at the true him but it is very difficult to do much more than scratch the surface. He'll sometimes share things about himself. Where he was born, how old he is, his time in the Marines, mainly superficial things. However when it comes to question about his past he is very guarded and might be provoked to anger if pursued.

Likes: Bonnie & Clyde, Seigyoku, Uke, Women, Confidence, Autumn, Metal Rock, J Rock, Books, Meats, Horror Novels, Open Minded People.

Dislikes: Arrogance, Stubbornness, People Who Lack Confidence, Chocolate, Religion.


- I mostly Para and Multi-Para but I do, do Semi-Para, and one-liners if that's what you prefer. Just keep it interesting.

- I am flexible with Lucien's character to suit the RP. For example if you RP as Asuna from SAO I can remove the Nephilim back-story and make him younger.

- For Romance and Adult RPs, I am ok with most fetishes aside from blood, scat, and gore. If there is something you would like to be in the RP that isn't stated somewhere on your page, let me know.


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