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09/12/2017 11:28 PM 

A name is nothing..........

Nanashi was never a happy child by any means, born to poverty forced to struggle every day to eat, live, survive he quickly developed a angry streak which only worsened upon the death of his mother (the only person who even acknowledged his existence). Soon bringing him to live a life on the streets to escape his, now more or less non existent father whose only contribution to his life was telling him how useless he was and taking his own personal failures out on. He made money the only way a cold could, dishonesty. Going the route of the thief he honed his skills in the arts that made him sly, and his ability to fit into small places was Paramount to his success<br><br>

That success however was cut short one day when he sees a rather mysterious stranger walking the village with a small boy in tow, and despite his feeling of vast failure he approached the man in black and his hand closes around the pouch and he pulls with a successful well up in his chest, the hand on his wrist however seemed to have other ideas. Holding fast to the wrist no matter his attempt to escape, as a last resort he bites the mans hand and feels the pouch come free and he makes a mad dash for safety<br><br>

"Dammit Takamaru, I will beat you one day" he of course says this from his back "you know we're almost the same age yet you seem to be worlds ahead of me" he pulls himself up with the help of his sworn brother and sighs "Sensei took me in and gave me a name, though ironically enough I found out it means no name, Nanashi. Funny isn't it, that such a name would be so fitting to someone" he laughs and rubs the back of his head remembering back to that fateful day once more<br><br>

His feet pumped as fast as they could cutting through alley after alley until he was sure he had finally made it to safety, his mind wandered to all the things he would buy and he smiles and licks his lips before looking in the pack. A few small daggers, well that's what they looked like to him anyways random other small weapons and a smaller pouch inside. Now common sense says don't meddle too much but he was starving and hadn't found money or food so he would find out what was in the bag. Undoing the string he breathes in deeply as his face is met with a mix of smells and his vision blurs and he sways slightly. All he felt was his head hit the wall before losing consciousness<br><br>

Waking up on someone's shoulder as dead weight bound and gagged is not something anyone wants but the boy wanted it even less, he would most likely be sold into slavery or worse sent to an orphanage. However as they left the boundary of the village his thoughts changed and he no longer knew what the future held for, a nameless boy headed only for darkness, in the future he would be called Nanashi Kuro


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