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10/10/2017 06:37 PM 

Category: Guidelines


Oh, boys and girls. You better believe there's rules. And this little huntress is gonna spell them out, due to some issues Iíve had in the past on various RP servers. And forgive me for being blunt in these, but, again...Iíve been given many reasons to be. Iím not just being a bitch. That is reserved for the chod chugger named Ridley. ;)

First, I may not always reply right away, but thatís because I do have a life beyond my keyboard. If I take more than a few days to reply to an rp, just know I generally will let you know if somethingsí going on. Please donít harass or spam my DM/inbox demanding immediate replies. That gets you BLOCKED.†Also, do not insist on RPing via inbox or private message. See rule 3...

Second, no God modding. Ever. That is the fastest way to get on my sh*t list. I donít play Samus off as some invincible, always wins every fight and never gets hurt thing, and I expect the same in return. No forced kills, no forced actions or writing FOR my actionsÖyou get the idea.

Third...Smut. No...just...NO. Iíll crack lewdish jokes, have a little playful fun, but I will not go raunchy lewd or smut, not even in private messages or private blogs. Itís not me be coy, or playing little miss tease or anything like that. It means keep your libidos in your pants with me. I donít smut, period. Thatís not why Iím here, and if youíre looking to fantasize about banging the walking Category X Apocalypse, there are likely other profiles around here who are willing, or you can just run a Google naughty search.

Fourth; Shipping! Um...yeah, like Rule 3. Not happening. Samus is a very damaged young woman, and also did not grow up around other humans, but raised by a race of alien bird people who were slowly dying out or ascending beyond the physical plane. Sheís not going to be the most emotionally receptive person in the galaxy, especially after the incident that killed Ian Malkovich and drove the wedge between her and Adam. Sheís not going to be one for romancing or anything like that. Sorry. I'm also not comfortable with it as a writer, unless the writing partner is someone I really know and can trust.

If I need to update rules and all, I will do so as needed. That out of the way, other than these rules I play by, I'm more than up for BSing around, fun times, semi-playful rps or total serious writing.||


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