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Super! Sakurako.

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October 19th, 2017

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Gender: Female

Age: 22
Country: United Kingdom

Signup Date:
October 10, 2017


10/10/2017 07:05 PM 

Sakurako. MAIN.


Sakura, Hime.


Computer, Humanoid.

Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Glasses or contact lenses?:

Skin color:

Style (Elegant, shabby etc.):
Girly, Elegant.

Favorite Sayings:
"Sakura is Sakura!"

Personality traits:
Sweet, Kind, Upbeat, Energetic, Emotional, Happy go Lucky, Naive, Slightly an airhead, hard worker, Charming to people around her, crybaby.

Greatest flaw:
Being Naive and a crybaby.

Best quality:
Her personality mostly.

Things he/she likes:
Music, Dancing, Singing, Cheering people up, Making new friends, Learning, Cooking food even though it isn't good, Pleasing her master.

Things he/she dislikes:
Stupid boys, Being touched by anyone other than her master, pain mostly, being teased to much, being called names. 

Learning a lot of things around her, Cooking, Singing, Dancing, Using her new poses in the mirror or walking down her catwalk.

Cooking, Learning quickly, charming people on the first meeting, Singing, Dancing, Modeling.

Model, Singer, Dancer ect.

Educational Background:
Sakurako was the first one to be made in the company, as their best work yet she was made to speak for there company at first. Then they became famous for her and there work. Creating the game for them and website. Obviously, when she comes out first, there are issues with her speech and personality. None of them know what they can do until they learn and watch.  Over time she might become a good Humanoid after learning the things she needs to. Her loyalty is what made her famous and her charming personality. 


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