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February 23rd, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 24
Country: Japan

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October 10, 2017


10/10/2017 07:47 PM 

Quick info on adds

Well I was here before I did delete the account but never left the site. ^^ I felt like being another character so I went off to do that. While it was fun and such I had an urge to bring Lenneth back upon having her rp father return as his original character.

Anyway with that being said I know a good chunk of the bad people/pretenders out there. But to be more clear I will not be adding:

Horndog guys: Those who can only think about being sexual or touchy all the time.

White Knight guys/girls: It personally annoys me when I know people are trying to use my character info to get closer to them. And I know a white knight when I see them.

Biased accounts: I try to love everyone and give everyone a chance unless I know for a fact their bad and nothing good can come of it. And because of that I'd rather not have my account friend list contaminated with men haters, trap haters, and so on.

Judgmental accounts: This don't need much of an explanation. You shouldn't have to prove yourself to be able to relax on a site made for just that.

Along them I don't add accounts I know are bad as said above, I won't add any accounts seeking just ero, and I won't add accounts with no information. Multi character accounts are a large if. No offense to those who do mcrp, I'm just tired of always having to choose after being added. Also if you can't keep rl and rp split I won't add you.

Edit: An update, when it comes to deleting people. It's very based on activity time. If I find you largely active in any form or way and you don't reply to me or give me any sort of update that allows me to know that your getting to me. You are gone. Everyone has a rl, but honestly speaking many update and spend more time on the site than I do on my more free days and yet fails to get a single reply/greeting to me.

My other account is full of people who in their prime was popular and flooded in messages ontop of having jobs. I've picked up multi paragraph style roleplays from these people, I would still hear from them and so would their friends. And like 2/5 of the ones I'm thinking about also did edits, so when I hear from these people more than I hear from someone that's just online constantly, their gone. No questions asked.

^^ The reason for this is if I really enjoy someone and they ask for a share out, I rather not send bad/non talkers their way so I try my hardest to keep the best in people on my friend list while any questionable/bad people stay off the list.


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