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10/12/2017 01:14 PM 

Cayde's Magic Skills & Other

-Basic Magic

-Magic Bullets

Fire Bullet: A Bullet/Bullets made of condensed flame magic when hit directly can cause burn damage.

Shock Shot: A Bullet/Bullets made of condensed Lighting magic when hit directly with it can cause the target to be stunned.

Wind Bullet: A Bullet/Bullets made of condensed Wind magic which can cause a strong impact of force when struck directly with it.

-Advanced Magic

-Phoenix Magic 

Phoenix Talon: sharpened and compressed Phoenix magic that takes the form of a long sword.

-It can only be used up to 3 times continuously but 12 times total.
- Recharge time is 3 minutes

Phoenix Feather: A real feather from a phoenix that when placed on the target explodes causing severe damage if applied to weak point other than a weak point it can cause minimal to serious damage.

Conditions: Must be placed on the target once placed the feather will be attached to the target by homing in on his/her magic. 

-Can only be used twice a day

Song of the Phoenix: A buff spell that gives allies an emerald green radiance as well as an increase in speed and attack power.

Conditions: Buff lasts for 5 minutes and has an intoxicating feeling.

Wrath of the Phoenix: A powerful and higher form similar to the Slayer's Force mode this form causes the user's body to emit emerald phoenix magic increasing his overall abilities and magic.

Conditions: Form lasts for twenty minutes and had more effect in sunlight or in hot temperatures.
Immortal Bowstaff: User creates a bow staff out of phoenix magic that on impact causes small explosions making blows with this weapon a critical blow.

Conditions: Can maintain its form for 1 minute its recharge time is 5 minutes.

Phoenix Cry Version 1: Similar to a dragon, god or devil's roar a Phoenix's Cry is a loud and powerful attack that makes a high pitched bird cry when used. This version is fired from the users gun in a stream the attack is not a potent as the version two attack but deals precise damage.

Conditions: Can only be fired twice from weapons without breaking them.
Cooldown time is 2 hours.

Phoenix Cry Version 2: Similar to a dragon, god or devil's roar a Phoenix's Cry is a loud and powerful attack that makes a high pitched bird cry when used firing a large amount of magic from the user's mouth.

Conditions: The cry may cause the target to lose the sense of direction and blurry vision for one minute. The attack, if landed correctly, can be severely damaging.

Immortal Foot Prints: The caster's legs from his/her toes all the way up to the knee cap will be engulfed in phoenix magic giving them a buff in attack power as well as speed. (Only boosts legs.)

Conditions: None.

-Extreme Magic

Re-Birth: The user channels all magic to the core of his/her body compressing it until user explodes creating a devastating blast that has a radius of fifty meters.

Conditions: Once used the caster will die leaving nothing but ashes behind but will be resurrected after 15.5 seconds. The user will also experience memory loss after each resurrection but it will not affect his instincts or combat knowledge.    

Phoenix Burst: Caster summons his/her phoenix wings and fires feathers rapidly in all directions a feather exploding on contact with the target. 

Conditions: feathers don't track and will stay active on the battlefield for five minutes.


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