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11/08/2017 07:18 PM 

* Saw Inspired * Starter. ( Not for the feint of heart.)

What is the definition of god? Is it fair to say the term originate from fantasy? As with the notorious butt f***ing duo Adam & Eve? Or would that be too presumptuous? Suppose in the words of an atheist that line wouldn't be overstepping the boundaries at all, simply stating the truth.. Ah but his very existence defy all forms of atheism didn't it? After all he was the living, breathing incarnation of time; Or in short, a god. Guess in his own little way he too was against the beliefs of religion which only bound man with pointless rules.. For starters who started that no pork bullsh*t? He loved that sh*t! Well f*** it, if he wasn't getting the 72 virgins in heaven he'll settle for the 42 cumbuckets of hell. Wait, was it 72 virgins or 40? The number always did seem to vary now didn't it? Figure the terrorists needed ample motivation to strap a bomb to there chest.. So f*** it let's say 100 tight lipped pussies waiting beyond those pearly gates!

Though why on earth he chose now to dissect these thoughts was beyond him, suppose having nothing better to do was a sufficient enough answer. Did he really have to be the only living deity? Surely the others were sick of Olympus & wished to enact revenge? Probably best he didn't rile his hopes up considering it'd been over a millennia since he'd last made contact with his brothers.. To live a life of constant hunger was his own to live, no room for friendship the voices insist on saying. // We're your only friends, remember that! // They'd yell repeatedly as they jacked off there transparent d*cks like the animals they were. Was almost a shame he agreed.. Without the voices he'd have gone crazy, well more so than he already was anyway. Then there were days even he ponder the thought of suicide yet whenever he attempt to enact it he'd always awaken with no recollection of the last twenty-four hours.

Regardless nowadays he found himself wandering the land of the roaches, or so he called the humans anyway. Not one to shy away from breaking a few eggs along the way it seem since the deity manage to capture a livid specimen whom snapped him back to reality with her constant screams. " YOU F***ING FAGGOT LET ME GO! " Now that's odd, if he recall correctly this woman was a mother of two and a frequent church goer yet here she was swearing like the devil.. The things people resort to when thrown into the arms of death never cease to amaze him. Probably why he used this particular method of ' testing ' this victim which consist of locking her up in a square room with no food nor water whilst being given a specific task. Throw in a bear trap strapped to the head and fear was sure to ensue.

The Reverse Beartrap was one of the more notorious traps in the saw series which implemented the use of a mechanical contraption that stay attached to its victims' head whilst being secured by a padlock. The timer was attached to the back of it. Usually the victim had 60 seconds to find the key however in Tamashi's version the victim had 30; Had to throw in his own recipe ya'know! If the victim failed to do so the trap would burst open and rip the victim's jaws apart as the frontal part of the trap was hooked into the upper and the lower jaw.. Just the thought of it made his manhood bulge with passion, just imagine being dowsed in the blood of another.. It was almost orgasmic! Still she had 25 seconds left and if she was smart she'd simply look in her pocket.

" Oh lord.. What's that ticking! Oh god.. Jeremy.. Adrien Momma loves you so much babies.. Oh god. "

The woman proceed to recite some form of prayer which only amplify his anger as his clenched fists bang onto the small window which allow him to peer inside. // Foolish mortal there are no gods but he! No mere prayer can save your pitiful life! // Pointless. " Ten, nine, eight, seven.. " The timer had finally reached it's final moments before Tama spoke through the loudspeaker which connect to the cube. " Oh by the way the key to that thing on your head is in ya pocket.. Oh and as an extra bit of info your sons are dead. " And just like that her jaw was torn in two as blood decorate the previously void of color room; Meanwhile her tongue spew red wine whilst wiggling back & forth instinctively, almost as if to scream for help one last time.

" Well that was damn near worth the wait! " He'd scream as he enter the blood bath, his first course of action being to remove all clothes but his boxers as he toss himself onto the floor like it was some sort of slip & slide. His pale frame soon covered in crimson as snow white hair turned a darkish tint of red.

" WEEEE! "

He'd yell as he play, the sounds of cars outside his lovely home beeping at oncoming traffic as he did so. Luckily for him he'd recently applied soundproof walls eh? Otherwise this little city would have quite the midnight show.


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