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11/11/2017 08:05 PM 

The Professor. [ Thriller/Horror ]

" Did you hear about the new transfer teacher? Apparently he's some hunk.. Kind'a sucks we don't take his class until next year huh Claire? "

A female student gossiped to a friend, clearly referring to the new anatomy teacher that had recently transferred to there school in the middle of the year. Such a thing was unorthodox, especially what led to the job opening in the first place.. See the previous teacher had supposedly taken it upon herself to use all her vacation days and leave without notice, yet rumors around the school quickly circulate that the professor went missing against her will, obviously. Nonetheless that didn't stop the students from bickering over how hot or ugly the new replacement was, what with his uncanny snow-white hair that quite frankly was unprofessional if you asked the principal. Luckily for him he assured the staff that his hair color and oddly pigmented skin was all due to a low blood cell count. 

To his delight the staff ate that sh*t up like chocolate allowing him to set up shop in his new office. To his dismay most of the female students had taken it upon themselves to plaster there flushed cheeks against his window every hour or so to pry; Obviously to keep up appearances he'd flash a smile and waver them off to class yet deep down inside he wanted nothing more than to pick out each of there pretty little teeth.. " Tamashi? " Horrid thoughts were broken by the untimely sight of his neighbor, the math teacher ' Robert '. " You know the whole school's going crazy about you dude.. Kind'a makes me jealous. I mean seriously I do some kick-ass lectures, math raps, the whole nine yards. " Tamashi's crimson orbs simply followed the mans lips as he replied with a nervous chuckle and a nod, a voice in his head crying out ' Cringe '. Still he'd feel out of place if he didn't respond which is why Robert was caught off guard by how soothing Tama's tone was. 

" Yeah? I keep getting students at the door. I really don't see what all the fuss is about.. "

Humble. That's how'ya get them. Over the years he realized being a pompous smart-ass could only get him so far within the social constructs of society. To climb the tier of trust one must be ' popular ' which is why he cut off his old face & replaced it with a more appealing to the eyes structure. His muscular physique also helped along with a stature of 6'3 which made him the ideal candidate for most woman or men he encounter, he didn't judge. Of course not many welcome the pale skin with open arms but that was something even all his scientific expertise could not fix. Void thoughts were once again snapped by the unwelcome voice of Robert who insist on barging in on another man's precious time.. " Yeah? Well I'll tell ya one thing don't get close to the girls man. Crazy little bitches these days will claim rape for just about anything. " Tama simply chuckle in response as the bell rang indicating his first class was about to start. Saved by the bell he suppose as he wave Robert off. " Wish me luck. " And with that his first day had begun. 


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