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11/13/2017 10:54 PM 

Euna Trancy (Part Three)

Euna's Demon-Side: While most demons don't tend to have a general "demonic" side to them, Euna does, 'Dark Euna' and 'Normal Euna' tend to fight a lot, the normal Euna often trying to repress and hide her darker self out of fear of hurting others  

and what that darker side does, the one who is more adapt to using her abilities, and the one who goes on killing sprees for fun, and loves to cause trouble. Something which Euna

                                         herself condemns.



Character Sheet Character-Resource & Edited by Holly Cunningham

Fun + Random Facts About Euna:



.          Euna Trancy loves to sleep under the moon

.       She's only 4'7.6 without her classic platforms (which makes her 5'3)

.       - She has a major obsession and love for tea

.   She kidnaps animals that are being abused in any way and finds homes for them (normally with families that can't afford them) and punishes the evil doers

.    - Plays a major role I providing food for the poor

.       - Random acts of magic tricks (mainly with children)

.               Great with origami

Occasional killing sprees & torture sprees

.      Goes to animal shelters and plays with the animals late at night (undetected.)

.     Has a height complex, meaning she loves high platform shoes, and she steals them all. 



(Part Two: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000082223)

(Part One: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000082222)


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