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November 18th, 2017

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Gender: Female

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November 13, 2017


11/14/2017 12:18 PM 


(Ignore if Pokemon RP)
A power based on a fox's 'maa' or lifeforce. All foxes have this power, but must learn it. Many go their entire lives without ever realizing it exists or can be used. Those that do learn Foxcraft are taught by the ones who learned before them, and can be traced all the way back to Canista(the Dog Star and first Canine). Only the Black Fox can teach all the craft, for she is anient despite her appearance.
Karak: The art of mimicry. Those who are exceptional at karakking can mimic any sound, living being or not. Iskierka is only able to throw her voice and mimic birds or other canine voices.
Slimmer: The art of hiding one's presence and image. Sound, movement of things around them, and scent are not tampered with. This is used in hunting or sneaking.
Wakarn: Shapeshifting. Highly advanced users like Iskierka can take the form of a human or any 'cub of Canista'. The shape must be mimicked and cannot be altered. Meeting the one you are mimicking can cause horrible rage or confusion, even lead to madness. Getting injured does not cause one to change back and can lead to getting forever trapped in another's body.
Maa'sharm: Sharing of maa with another cub of Canista allows for healing by gifting your lifeforce and sharing of memories. Initiated by locking eyes.


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