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November 17th, 2017

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November 09, 2017


11/14/2017 02:12 PM 

The Troupe

This is simply some quick facts of Iris's family and fellow performers!~ 
Pictures can be found in albums~
Names are in order of joining

Ringleader - No one knows his name, his age, or even what he looks like without the mask. He began the troupe an unknown amount of years ago, and has been around since any of the current members were. 
His primary concerns are money and customer satisfaction, but this is only to ensure he can keep the others fed and safe. He is aware of each of their pasts and dark secrets, and ensuring no customers figure out is highly important. In his dealings with others, he is occasionally referred to as "Mr. Lynch"
The others know this, but he has yet to properly answer if this is just another alias.
His mannerisms are generally very calm and formal, save for when aggression or tension rises between the others.

O'Connell - The strongest of the group - obviously considering his position as the "Strongman" - O'Connell was a criminal the Ringleader found in Ireland, convicted of a crime he was certain he did not commit; the murder of his wife. 
The Ringleader believed him, for unknown reasons, and broke him out specifically. His original name was O'Connor, but after failing to find his wife's killer, he changed his last name and erased his first name out of shame. 
He is generally calm and collected, save for when he's drinking. In such cases, he is still not violent. 
Iris and the Twins had even taken to calling him père or father. 

Mother Dearest - Her name was primarily given to her on her own terms, calling a reference to the final movie she remembered watching before she lost her sight. She was a mother of six, and lost all but one of her children in a fire caused by unknown means. Her final son was always mentally unstable, but fully snapped and attempted to kill his mother at age 15. He gouged her eyes out with a pencil, but ended up running away, leaving her blind and alone. 
In her 'eyes', she failed her children. She lived for three years alone, lacking her ability to see. The entertainment she had access to was the movie Mother Dearest. She felt as if the title suited her.
She met the Ringleader after him silently living near her and restocking her home with food. After many failed attempts by both O'Connell and the Ringleader, she agreed to join them. 

Miss Iris - Irina Brugière was found in france, at the age of six. She was alone, beside a still-burning building. The cause of the fire was unknown, but her parents were either gone, or had not returned for her. Despite the language gap between the others, the Ringleader taught her english over their years of travel. And the name she grew up with, and the only one she had known, was born from the small crystal she had pressed to her forehead upon a circlet. Since then, the circlet ceased to fit, but she still wears the crystal upon her head, bound by stitches now. She referred to it as her 'third eye'.
Aside from the Ringleader and O'Connell, she is the only bilingual member of the troupe.
Her personality is primarily chipper, with certain mood swings occurring at random. 
For each of the members, she refers to them primarily with a family tone, such as mère, père, soeurs, and frère.
After bringing Iris with them, Mother Dearest was almost immediately connected to her. Although from the very start, she was frightened by her lack of eyes. And due to this, Mother went as far as stitching buttons over her eyelids, in an attempt to calm her down.  
Iris loves her, but still tends to feel uncomfortable looking into the makeshift eyes.

Alma and Amla - The conjoined twins Alma and Amla were always close - pun intended -, and generally the center of attention to many. They were born to a wealthy family, and as so were still treated with respect rather than ridicule. The two would often fight over things as simple as a hairbrush. Alma was always ladylike, and took after their mother, whereas Amla was more akin to a tomboy, and commonly grew annoyed at her sister's desire to avoid everything she enjoyed, as her sister had more control over their movement. 
The two both agreed that their lives were worse after their mother passed away from a tumor in her brain, and were left to the care of their drunk and mourning father. On their sixteenth birthday, the Ringleader came, having somehow avoided the security, and offered to take them with him, to join a new family. They changed their names to Alma and the mirrored counterpart Amla. They embraced their role, and actually found recognition for their physique enjoyable. 
It was far less fake than their previous status earned.
Alma is a dancer, as she controls the body easier, and Amla is a singer. 

Selin "the Great" - William Thomas was the bastard son of a murderer and an upper-class woman. Although not excessively rich, he was spoiled from a young age. Despite this, he would grow tired of everything easily and sought only adventure and whimsy. The Ringleader did not come to him, but accepted him once he asked to join, after boasting about his skill in magic tricks and performance art. 
He is generally rather full of himself and competes with Iris, while also regularly attempting to find out who the Ringleader is. Despite this, he accepted the others as his family - of a sort - and regularly performs his own tricks on them. 
He is rather full of himself, but nonetheless enjoys the others' company. Although he bickers with Iris often times. 

Pipsqueak - The current youngest of the group was also the newest to join. She was found at thirteen, and only recently turned fourteen. She is almost completely silent about whatever happened to her, but her clothes signified that she was on her own for many years. And the few times she was able to open up, all it revealed was her strange knowledge of explosives and ability to calm and tame animals.
Along with this, she commonly speaks to people no one else can see. And when asked who they are, she almost never answers. And if so, only with a "they" or "them". 
Despite this, she does show small bursts of happiness when the others work to cheer up. 
Only the Ringleader knows her name, and obviously none of them would know how.
Her name came from Selin's nickname for her.


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