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January 20th, 2018

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Gender: Female

Age: 113
Country: United Kingdom

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December 06, 2017


12/06/2017 10:01 PM 

RULES (Please read)

I'm not a huge rules person, but experience on this website has taught me that you need them to keep your sanity. We should get along fine if you can just follow these really simple rules. No need to sign or anything. Just read and follow.

1. I do not do smut under any circumstances. I previously stated I don't do romance, but my girlfriend, Fairy Lights, Lotte, said she didnt really have a problem with it so I won't cut that off entirely. No smut though. That still stands.

2. Harass my girlfriend, we're going to have a problem. Not even just her. Anyone on my friends list. Keep your drama to yourselves, please and thank you.

3. I attend school and have quite a few other obligations as well. Please don't harass me for replies. A polite reminder if I'm taking a really long time is fine and I'll likely explain the situation.

4. I'm perfectly fine with dark themes (other than sexual) that's what this character is centered around. Do not hesitate to bring up any sort of idea, no matter how ridiculous it seems. I'm up for more than you think.

5. I'm not mean. Sucy is kind of sadistic but I'm a very nice person, I promise. Not really a rule, more like a bit of information you should probably know.


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