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12/06/2017 02:06 PM 

You're Welcome

I see what's happening here...
You're face-to-face with the ending and it's strange,
You don't even know how you feel...it's adorable!
Well it's nice to see that Thieves never change!

Open your eyes, let's begin!
Yes, it's really me, it's Akechi, breathe it in.
I know it's a lot; I'm protective; collective;
When you're staring at a detective!

So what can I say except "You're welcome",
For the times, the Skills, Robin Hood?
Shhh, it's okay, it's okay, you're welcome,
You'll never see my hidden falsehood!

Hey! Who has two thumbs and pulled up the team while making my plots and schemes?
This guy!
When the lackeys got loose, who was there to tighten their noose?
Well, they all had their use!

Oh, also I'm Shido's son,
I'll hold his head to my gun!
Also I infiltrated the team with ease,
To kill your pals and make my life a breeze!

What can I say except "You're welcome"
For listening to your plea?
There's no need to pray, it's okay, you're welcome!
I guess it's just my way of being me!

You're welcome!
You're welcome!
You're welcome!
You're welcome!

Well, come to think of it...
Honestly, I could go on and on,
I can explain every supernatural phenomenon!
Shadows, Shutdowns, Breakdowns?
Oh, that was me, I was messin' around!
I killed a snake, I tore out his guts,
Now that he's gone, onto the the next klutz!
What's the lesson? What is the takeaway?
Don't mess with Akechi when he's on the breakaway!
And the tapestry here on my phone,
Is a map of those I've killed to attain the throne!
Look where I've been, I make everything happen!
Look at that mean mini-Loki just tikkity tappin'
Singing and scratchin',
Flipping and snappin',
People are clappin', hearing me rappin',
Bring the chorus back in!

Well anyway, let me say you're welcome,
For the wonderful world you know!
Shhh, it's okay, it's okay, you're welcome!
Well, come to think of it, I gotta go!

Hey, it's your day to say "You're welcome",
'Cause I'm gonna need your head!
I'm walking away, away, you're welcome!
'Cause I'll prosper once you're dead!

You're welcome!
You're welcome!
You're welcome!
You're welcome!

And thank you!


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