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January 09, 2017


12/06/2017 04:49 PM 

My rant about ditchers
Category: Blogging

(reposting from a  rp friend on Devaintart )

Why is it that people just like to ditch their roleplay partners, especially when the roleplay is doing good? I mean have we done something wrong? Do you not like something that we did? Just tell us the problem and we can try and work things out. I just don't understand why people would do something like ditching. I mean we all make mistakes but that doesn't mean you have to ditch. I would never do that to you. If I don't reply, it's because I'm either busy or my notes, emails, messages, etc. probably glitches and I would appreciate it if you would ask me to resend mine or just simply resend yours. I mean emails do glitch all the time, but seriously. That's no reason to ditch. Just ask nicely if I have gotten your message. 

If you don't want to roleplay with me anymore, just tell me and I will understand. I would rather you tell me that you don't want to roleplay with me anymore, other than ditch me. To me, I find it rude to just ditch people. If you also have writer's block then tell me also. We can come up with another plot. I would be willing to discuss that as well.

Sorry for the rant everyone. I just felt like I had to get it out....

(so this me going everywhere asking for roleplays cause everyone ditches me not giving a response back )


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