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December 18th, 2017

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Gender: Female

Age: 20
Country: Barbados

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December 07, 2017


12/07/2017 12:43 PM 


Warning: Though my character is technically a villain, she's not truly one at heart, despite her act, and she also doesn't condone murder for sport.

One-liners are completely forbidden. I mostly roleplay multi-para. It is more likely that I'll stretch into Novella than it is for me to shrink towards a one-liner, but if you ask, I don't mind para roleplays; though, that's the lowest I will ever go

My character is always allowed to care for yours(whether romantically or not), but there's absolutely no rule to yours reciprocating her feelings, so please calm yourself. However, if there's chemistry between our characters, I'll very likely lean towards romance. You've been warned.

I am a huge sucker for "forbidden" romances (like age gaps and such), but you have to let me know if you are, as well. I won't bring this up otherwise, because I know it makes most people uncomfortable and I really don't want to put those people in that situation.

I also adore 'monster-like' characters as roleplay partners. By that, I mean the ones with unconventional appearances, like Beast (Xmen and Beauty And The Beast), Ben (Fantastic 4), Hellboy (HB), and so on. I do not mind unique romances whatsoever - it's adorable.

Literate. You're not in grade-school, so use proper grammar. Those include capitals where capitals should be, the fact that dialogue is shown with quotation marks, and then, of course, more than one freaking full-stop in a bloody paragraph! A spelling error here and there is okay - I have typos, too - but even I have limits with patience.

In case you were curious, NSFW is welcome, but only for those who have muns over 18 years of age. I am almost 21 and RPing with someone underage will just make me uncomfortable. Also, I only allow this for LATER in the roleplay, when the two already became a couple or when there's a sexual tension built between them.

No God-Modding

Don't rush my replies and we'll get along splendidly.

One of my roleplays have absolutely nothing to do with another. Yes, this applies to relationships as well. I will not limit my character merely because she's dating someone in one roleplay. Her relationship status will not change from single. Ever. (Multi-verse, my friends.)


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