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Starter 1. Wolf's back.
Category: Stories

It seemed like hears since he had been free, no it seemed like life times. Wolf found himself on the outskirts of a city. He was looking for anything familiar to lead him to the club. He kept repeating its name in his head. 'Clubbed to Death Night Club.' It was one of the little.jewels he had left behind. Things werent the same anymore. There was something else Wolf wished he could leave behind. He had recently found out he had a brother. They had run into each other at a bar where Max introduced himself, and seemed to know everything about Wolf. Max told Wolf he did not deserve to be the alpha of the family then attacked Wolf. The bar was trashed in the fight. Wolf narrowly made it out alive. Wolf had never been hit so hard. That was why he was having trouble remembering half his life or more. It was like running away crom a bigger meaner and maybe even stronger version of himself. Wolfs thoughts were inturrupted by the blairing of a car horn. He caught her in a split second avoiding the oncoming car by a hair. In the blink of an eye they were on the side of the road where Wolf beld her in his arms. "Are you tryi g to get yourself killed?" He asked her before letting go of her. Luckily his reflexes seemed uneffected by his injuries.


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