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12/07/2017 02:53 PM 

Salvager's Code (Guidelines )

"Ya, I'm not too keen on keepin' a bunch of regulations about either, but it helps us stay alive doesn't it? So if you could read 'em over I'd be right obliged. Helps keep things from getting messy or out of hand long as we understand what's what doesn't it? Now then...should stop talkin' your ear off so you can read these thing. Here ya go! Everything you need to live by the Salvager's Code:"

I. Literacy is a requirement and not an option.
Seems simple doesn't it, but you'd be surprised how many people say they get this and still send you something you can't work with. We all have mistakes happen, but if I cannot make out what you're trying to send me there's a problem. So let's try to keep things as readable as possible. Also, no one-liners and semi-paragraphs. Gotta have a least a good paragraph here to travel these Cloud Seas--though multi and above are preferred.

II. Discussions are preferred but not required.
Now this is simply because of the complexity of Xenoblade despite the simple heart of it all. I feel a discussion to get things started helps us both get a feel for the introduction of our tale, and makes it easier to prolong our writing together. When we discuss I don't care who starts first so long as it makes sense for that character to open the scene. For random starters--all I ask is you send me something I can work with. Otherwise I will ignore it.

III. Send an introduction if you added me, and I'll do the same if I add you.
Just seems like common courtesy if you ask me. Granted I know we all have things come up, and sometimes you shoot an add before you're able to sit-down and chat. So just get to me withing at least a week of adding. I'll do the same if I reach out to you. Sounds like a deal, eh?

IV. Mains are something earned, but I'll still write with duplicates.
A main connection for me is a fellow writer who portrays a muse in such a way they officially affect your character's storyline, development, and growth in the role-play community. Sure they receive my attention first and foremost, but that doesn't mean I won't do stories with other people playing the same muse. Let's all just love the game, the characters, and even the originals/crossovers. Drama is for stories not people.

V. Romance is earned and not given, and pure erotic is not accepted.
While I understand Rex is madly in love with Pyra--Mythra, it is best to know I won't jump into romance stories with them just because. Much less with anyone else besides the people he is devoted to. The reason is simple--story makes chemistry. A good story that flows naturally builds up a bond that makes it feel the character's have earned such a connection making it feel so good. Naturally, purely erotic intentions will be ignored.

VI. Crossovers and Alternate-Universe Storylines are LOVED & APPRECIATED.
Just seriously--if you're serious about making some good stories in other realms or alternate realities, shoot 'em my way why don't ya? Might be worth salvaging some of my creativity putting something about like that.

VII. Combat is purely for story purposes as I've grown tired of the egos and whining that come in the competitive scene.
Pretty straightforward I think. Don't have much guff about that one now do I?

More might come as needed but for now I think that covers the basics.


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