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12/13/2017 07:50 PM 

" Perfection. " Starter ( Dark Themes Applied )

" How much longer do I have to stand like this..? "

Moaned the model who insist on blabbering during the most crucial moments of his drawing. " Like I said a minute ago, JUST a little more Vanessa. " The emphasis on 'just' insinuate the artist was growing impatient as the nude body of the model remain void of movement, her slender frame the total opposite of what was typically accepted by the norm of society which he view as indecent. Sure there were certain perks to having a woman with child bearing hips but beyond that he saw a curvaceous frame as nothing more than a constant reminder of ones abnormality; Than again the norm for him was rather peculiar & even this anorexic women before him showed signs of being imperfect which is what prompted him into detailing her body that night. See in his eyes everyone was flawed & only by accepting that fact could they truly begin to transcend there human limits.

" I'm tired.. Can we take a break? "

Snap! The sound of his pencil breaking under the pressure of his thumb was heard as the women gulped in response, her natural flight or fight response practically screaming at the top of their lungs as she reluctantly denied them entry.. A terrible mistake as she would soon find out. " Did I not just say be quiet? " The tone of the previously compliant man would convert to that of malice as his demeanor distort into something much more wicked than he had previously display. " I.. I know but it's been hours and usually people are done after one. This was a special case cause your cute and all but I really gotta go home.. " Her tender voice was followed by her aquatic gaze that now befell the oddly pigmented artist who she initially found handsome despite the scar going across his nose. " It added character! " She remembered thinking as she accept the job, hell if she knew he'd be so insistent on her staying she'd have brought a pillow & urge for a more optimal position. Still it wasn't as if she told him there'd be a time limit, she just thought it'd be implied, after all who stays still for over five hours?

" Get out. "

His words cut through the air like a knife & as a result she stumbled abit with her words, muttering briefly before regaining composure. " I.. Alright. " With hesitance the women would begin to gather her clothes yet as she began to put on her bra a sudden feeling in her neck yanked her back to reality as the man quickly closed the distance between them. " Did I say get dressed? " The blonde attempt to break his grasp yet the man was too strong, an obvious deduction considering his muscular physique & stature as the difference in height between the two was astounding. He probably stood at around 6'4 whilst she stood comfortably at 5'3; " Please stop! " She yell yet was shut down as he slammed the women against a large glass window that depict the outside world, displaying the cities beauty for all to see as her flushed cheeks could be seen gaining color whilst the deviant slammed a fist into her back, a ringing pain now being sent up her spine as her naked figure stumbled aback before clutching the balcony doors handle for balance.

" A whore like you doesn't deserve to be art.. In fact I reckon in death you will truly blossom into the butterfly your bodies yearn to be! "

A look of horror plastered upon the women's face as the man before her gave off the impression of Death himself as her last method of escape consist of her slamming the balcony door open and shutting it quickly behind her. " Why are you doing thiffs!? " Her lip was busted, hence the lisp that follow as her hues stare awkwardly into the distance. Vanessa grew nauseous at the steep drop & honestly wasn't confident in her ability to scale this building with the current pain she felt in her back. " Hm.. " Was all her assailant managed to muster before walking out of frame toward somewhere in the back & she had to admit if this was a trap it was tempting.. The model could practically taste freedom as she stared at the front-door & imaged herself making beeline for it, sadly all scenarios end in death and she preferred the temporary solace of the balcony despite being utterly trapped.

" He.. Hello? "

Another women had suddenly enter the scene from where the artist reside, her attire consisting of tattered clothing as scars decorate her voluptuous figure. " Oh my god are you ok?! " This other women was the definition of societies ' thicc ' & quite frankly had they met anywhere else Vanessa would be jealous.. " Wh.. Who are you? " It was clear the insanity of that night was catching up to her as Vanessa stumbled with her words, clearly no longer in her right mental state as this pink haired women etched closer to her. " I'm Moira.. I.. There's no time to explain we have to get out of here! Open the door! " And just like that Vanessa had embodied all the stereotypical ' blonde moments ' as she swung the door open with little hesitance. " Alright lead the wa~ " Her words were abruptly cut off due to the fact Moira had plunge a blade into her face, her left eye to be precise & if her strength was efficient she was certain it pierced skull as Vanessa flop to the floor lifelessly as her body convulsed briefly before finally going limp.

" Bravo, bravo! "

Laughter erupt from the shadows as the white-haired artist return to the fold, his hands now clapping as he looked toward the body that lay bloodied on his balcony. " You've gotten so much better Moira! I have to admit for a moment there I thought you'd actually help her escape! Bravo.. " Moira who had now been revealed to be his protege would simply scoff in response, her abnormally purple colored hues glistening in the reflection of the moonlit night as she stomped on the head of Vanessa. " Puuh~lease, as if I'd let this fine piece of ass out of my sight! You did say any kill of mine I get to keep, meaning no parts for you Tamashi! " Only now did the artist revealed as ‘ Tamashi ‘ let loose a groan as he remembered that part of there deal. " Sh*t.. Fine. Whatever. " A hint of annoyance could be seen as the large man sat on his couch, slender digits now clamping down on his house phone as he ponder over a thought.

" Calling a whore for the night? "

Even better! See despite being held up with Vanessa Tamashi had plans to indulge himself in the local nightlife. For starters he'd gotten hold of information regarding a runway show occurring in just about an hour from now, a perfect opportunity to acquire a specimen he figure.  " What time is it Moira? " The women who was now occupied with prodding her new toy simply groaned before pointing at the large clock above Tamashi's head that read " 7:30 ". At this the playboy would nod as he waltzed toward his bedroom, a surge of excitement now coursing through his veins as he enter his room. The large king-size bed the first to greet him as his pet parrot spoke " Kill, Kill them all! " It's tune like a sweet melody to his ears as he toss his trench coat on and button up his vest. With a quick once over  the man would ruffle up his snow-white hair to give it the impression of messy before placing his shades on, " You look like a d*ck wearing those at night. " Moira spat as she walked passed his room, the head of Vanessa making a thud sound as it bounced off his door due to being dragged. " F*** off. " He retort before finally tightening his laces & walking to the front door.

" Aww sh*t Moira call me a cab, make sure it's there by the time I reach the lobby and hun, clean that f***ing mess on the balcony. " And just like that he was gone, his night only just starting despite already having a murder under his belt.


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