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12/17/2017 10:23 PM 

Post-Apocalyptic Starter ( Warning: NSFW 18+)

The smell of sulfur fill the vast land fueled by the hatred of the accumulated entities rage as the few mortals who still breath frolic gaily to cover, seemingly accustomed to these outbursts of unadulterated power as there knapsacks & attire insinuate they'd been on the run for quite sometime prior. The monsters in question seem to garner inspiration from those too slow to find safety as they took the form of each eaten victim, implying that with each ' kill ' the beasts were evolving, morphing to be precise into what they yearn to be the most.. Human. See the ' monsters ' had no physical form at all instead being made up of mostly vapors & assorted gases as there frame could only be described by sheer imagination, everyone having a distinct description of there encounters with one never quite being the same. Luckily the smell of sulfur was a clear indicator of there presence which meant seeing was only half the battle..

I suppose abit of exposition is needed before delving into the true stem of the problem.. See it wasn't always like this, many even still remembered the days before the skies turned black & the air became thick with the stench of rotting flesh.. Summer was it? Yes, they could recall the times of humility all too well since they had taken it for granted all there lives. I mean who knew the day would come where they'd be stripped of what made them human? Scientist's say it happened almost instantly, like spontaneous combustion as the first reported human to change was some poor lad in Boston who had just finished his shift unbeknownst to him his life was about to change for the worse. Witnesses describe the ' change ' as bizarre only thinking back to one detail that seem to be consistent throughout all interviews.. " He.. He just exploded into dust. " They weren't wrong nor right in said statement, hell half of them reckon they were under the effects of some psychedelic, what with all the terrorist acts in the world it wouldn't be too farfetched.

From then it was only a matter of time before more cases began to arise, quickly becoming a worldwide epidemic as many labeled the beasts " Dust's " in relation to the implosion that gave off the impression of a big ball of filth. With said context in mind fast forward a month and you had yourself a safe haven for all things wicked, with many supernatural creatures finding this moment in history the best opportunity to free themselves from the shackles of the night & whether it was simply bad luck the ' Dusts ' didn't seem to discriminate when it came to lunch as many entities were quick to find out as the revelation of monsters left the humans who remain scattering for means to fend off both dusts and the supernatural. The beasts finding solace in the fact that there only competition would be dusts, unsuspecting of the humans ability to figure out a means to defend themselves within the timeframe it would take to wipe them from the earth.. How foolish they were to underestimate a humans natural desire to survive as the few who had an innate capacity for leadership took to arms, forming fractions and chains of command whilst developing a system of combat to fend off the dusts. 

Sadly defending was all they could do against dusts, not yet finding a way to permanently put them down however in regards to the supernatural that consist of wolves & vampires the lore was endless and it didn't take long for witches and warlocks alike to join the forces of humans. Funny how all this happened in a single month isn't it? One second your skullf***ing your wife in the confines of your home & the next she's being stripped naked by some unnatural force before succumbing to the will of the damned.. If I were a religious man I'd say God certainly had a peculiar sense of a humor. " If god exists anyway.. " Vivid interpretation of past events was broken by the imagery of a man covered in blood, his attire consisting of a gas mask & combat boots alongside military grade armor as snow-white hair spiked up in a rebellious fashion through the straps of the masks. " That's three.. " Red optics peer from behind the distorted frame of the mask as slender digits clutch the bones of what appear to be a child. " Another lost to the beasts.. " His soft tone pair well with his seemingly calm demeanor as he descend into the lower half of the city, half the residents long since evacuating with those remain consisting of those far too stubborn to leave the place they called ' home '.

Such frivolous notions were beneath him and the only reason he still reside within the city was because of his desire to acquire stray subjects. I mean you'd figure a place where humans were constantly disappearing due to the supernatural would lead to a sighting, right? False. Unlike a majority of people who would at least see a dust or wolf twice a day he had yet to see even one since the beginning of the ' purge ' and consider himself to be a walking omen at this point. " I mean why even bother with this get-up? " Tis true, after all he wasn't exactly capable of getting sick.. Not through any mundane means anyway after all despite being a human he wasn't exactly what you'd call ' normal '. For example not many humans lived for over three hundred years did they? Before you spit out ' blasphemous! ' bear with me here.. See Tamashi was a doctor who at his time of birth was already expected of greatness and by the time he was a teen he excelled in all forms of science yet took an interest in mortality, finding it impossible for him to complete his goal with a humans natural life span.

That being said he formulated a plan to create a formula capable of strengthening ones soul and by doing so extending his life exponentially. He didn't expect to succeed to say the least yet when he did a new problem arise.. His body. The body was a fragile thing that not even he could fix as it aged with time leading him to constantly replace his parts until finally physically augmenting his body to the point he could be considered the pinnacle of human evolution. " A.. Achoo! " Guess all that self fellatio of his own success left him sneezing as a brow arch in the direction of a sudden bang in the distance, a flare now shooting up into the sky as the man of 6'4 stature clapped his heels all giddy like. " We got ourselves a live one! " Be it human or not he didn't care, at this point any sign of life was welcome as he scurry to the edge of the city, would he finally get some luck?


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